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  1. That looks exactly the same as the cheap ebay one I ordered think it was about 14 quid, did yours have throttle control or was it just full power all the time?
  2. So from what iv learned after ordering a few different models is the ebay one is fine for small hands but none of them have epa adjustment so it's just too fast for him, iv ended up with a cheap full size pistol grip from the local model store so I can slow it down for him, he just can't reverse it one handed
  3. I missed this one when I was looking 😕 looks bang on, may have too order it along with the ebay special and see what's what with them both
  4. That looks good, better than my controller even 😂 but I can see it getting dropped more than once, but if he takes it serious that is a good option. That's my thoughts exactly. Just ordered this exact one 😂 thought for 14 quid it's worth a punt,
  5. Hi guys, Iv ordered a lunchbox mini for the 4y/o for Xmas but I still need too get a transmitter sorted. He can use my normal pistol grip tx for most things but struggles with reverse, does anyone know if you can buy a small form factor tx, cheap Chinese stuff is an option as he ain't gonna be racing it anywhere 😂
  6. I'm gonna have a punt with a bit of ally and if it fails I'll hit you up 😂 might have a go at making a couple of suspension towers 🤔 got a sheet of ally in the garage,
  7. 😂 Didn't rearlise your selling them, how much posted too the UK?
  8. That looks exactly like what I was thinking, don't suppose youve still got a copy of the cad file for them iv got access too a 3d printer 😁, Just had a look on ebay and can't see any, found them for the wr02 tho, but at 16 quid 😳 I think I may grab a bit of square ally and make it fit 😂, but iv just seen some shock extenders 😁 are they worth having
  9. Hi guys, recently I was at my folks house and pulled these 2 out of storage, I'm quickly realising everything has moved on alot since these too were last on the road 😂, went too my local model shop too see if I could get a couple of crystals for my old am radio gear and got laffed at 😁, my 3 yo has insisted I start off with getting the "monster truck" up and running fist, iv picked up a cheap and cheerful ikonnik steering wheel tx thing (never used a wheel in my life) but wanted too try it out before committing too something. Iv chucked in a quickrun 1080 and made up a couple of y leads for the duel motors and all seems OK so far. Ordered a new nimh battery as all my old nicads were dead, and now it turns out my old charger in dead as well 😁 so iv picked up a cheap one off amazon for the time being untill I decide if I'm going too upgrade too lipos (are they worth it?) I had it out the otherday and it seems a bit sluggish even with the new battery think I'm gonna strip and regrease the gear box, hopefully it's all good in there, can I still pick up new bearing and gears for this if needed? Next plans are new shocks, (any recommendations) and figure something out for the awful steering servo mount, never rearlised how much it flexed before. Then it's time too start on the dirt thrasher but that's a much bigger job, it's had a very hard life and looks very sorry for itself, can I still buy a new shell for it?
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