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  1. Thanks, I’m aiming for a full restoration. I love how over engineered everything is!
  2. Thanks, I’ve just looked on shapeways and it’s on there already. Wouldn’t have thought of that if you hadn’t mentioned it!
  3. Interested in the answer to this as well. Finally managed to grab some big bores but no springs available!
  4. And finally, the wing mount plastic parts E1 and E4 were n the picture. Would the equivalent parts from another chassis like a top force fit? Thanks
  5. One of these B8 stabiliser rod holders. I’m sure i e seen them on other Tamiya models but cannot find any!
  6. Ok, so after a bit of research I’ve managed to source most of the parts but there’s still a couple of bits I can’t get. One of these chassis stays. Possibly also used on the avante and egress?
  7. I’m after a few parts if anyone has them. Happy to buy a parts tree if necessary. D1 and D5 MD13 and MC15 Thanks
  8. A shiny new Avante with a bonus TBLE-04 in the box! 🤤
  9. Can’t answer that I’m afraid. This will be my first arriving on Monday. Mega excited though!
  10. A few websites have them due in tomorrow or Friday. Found on Time Tunnel Models and Wonderland. Be quick!
  11. The top pic is from @Mechanic AH he may be able to tell you.
  12. Thanks. I’d already pre ordered from a uk store which I will still buy but when I saw the Tamico price I thought I had to jump so ordered one from there too! I then remembered about import tax etc. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  13. What’s the position with taxes/charges when ordering from Tamico to the uk?
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