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  1. Which repro one did you use? What’s the quality like? Are the decals also reproduction? I’m trying to get an original but seems likely I’ll need to go repro myself.
  2. Brand new Avante re release for sale £500 delivered in the UK.
  3. I think it would be too expensive. Just had a very quick look and it’s about £50
  4. Decided to let this one go from my collection. Looking for £425 posted
  5. Brand new Top Force Evo for sale. The box has a mark on where a sticker was removed but other than that it’s in mint condition. £400 all in. Uk only.
  6. Hi, I’m also after these if you’ve still got them?
  7. How do they differ from high-caps? Presumably they had less capacity for oil in? We’re they built up with different seals and pistons etc?
  8. Hi, I’ve just bought an original Avante that looks to have a lot of hop ups installed. I thought it came with hi-caps as standard but a bit of research tells me otherwise. What were the original shocks?
  9. Really nice job and some great photos too. what did you use to clean the parts? Did you do any touching up on the outside of the can?
  10. What’s that red tool you’re using and what does it do?
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