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  1. Massive haul today, lucky the wife is out 😂
  2. Absolutely, will be a while before it’s built though
  3. I think so, not for a little while though!
  4. Absolute beauty of a kit arrived today
  5. This is such a beautiful car. I’ve got a new in box dynastorm on the way. Im so torn as I really want to build it but it feels like sacrilege to destroy the blister packs!
  6. Really interesting thread. I have 1 brushless set that I haven’t tried yet but all the rest are brushed. Have a couple of modern super stock motors but really like the look of the vintage ones. Have a load on their way to me and plan to speed test them all with different batteries etc.
  7. It’s very strange! I’ve ordered 2 new in box kits through them, one seems to be fine but this one has been stopped.
  8. Strange question here! I’ve bought a new in box kit from Japan but they say they can’t ship the oil or grease! I have the option to have the whole lot posted to someone in Japan or split the parts and they’ll send the prohibited parts to someone local and the rest to me in the uk! Anyone able to help? Thanks
  9. As the title says. Ideally new in box but will consider anything, original or re re. Thanks
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