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  1. So I had the car out this weekend for the first real run. What happened though was the CVD kept popping out of the Differential cup. Seems with the original Super Saber Rear shock mounts it extends a bit too far. When i put on the new one I think there is slightly less travel and sits the car slightly lower. Either way it does not really matter as I cracked the two upper control arms (33 years old) and after a crash managed to break the front shell for the differential. Question: Can or has anyone skipped using the upper control arms and instead used turn buckles. If so then part two would be what other lower arms could fit the same mounts on the differential as maybe there is something in alloy that could fit? Actually aluminium gear box shells would be the best if anyone ever made them as I think that is the area most likely to fracture.
  2. The rear dampers on the bigwig are they the same size as the Boomerang/super Saber? When I mounted the new shock mount it seems like the dampers are too short. Actually way too short. Soon I will have the DF03's but I am doing some mock ups to determine the spacers I needed.
  3. I hear you on the weather as even here in Berlin when I am out testing after a few moments the hands get really cold. Also not good for the old plastic if one runs into anything. So far though and actually going forwards this machine will not get abused with jumps and stuff. He will though go fast down the street (and does). My universals are done in the front so I am going to also replace them. Seen some after market ones that seem to be a true universal. I am trying to figure out which these are or what fits. I must say though it is a nice break from working on our new ERP system at work and all the daily grind that entails, and much smaller than a real car
  4. Did the first run this weekend (2X) and the machine is stupid fast. I am only on a 3200 so your Hobby Wing 4K must be insane. 17Tooth now fitted correctly. What I notice is the tires (old originals) do not hold at all. Especially on turning. Running a Futaba 3PV with Telemetry, and a Savox Servo. Still need to decide on dampers and if it is worth going for the 3 Tamiya or if something like this is ok? https://www.ebay.de/itm/272596195714 Or others? The GPM Front Knuckles do look nice compared to the plastic but the ball joints came undone testing today. I used some thread locker now. also have the 12mm hex adapters from GPM for the wheels but the first wheels I ordered ended up being too small. I would like to find something alloy if possible. Biggest question now really seems to be the dampers and wheels. So close yet so far
  5. Tamico shop which has been greatly helping me out and I highly recommend had mentioned that on the gear being .8 not .6 like some of the newer models and likely what the Hobby Wing pinion is. Still I wasn't sure about the bore as the Hobby Wing seemed really thick. I upgraded to the Alloy Supershot drive shaft it seems far more solid. Itching to get this machine going but there is always a small part or two missing. When closer to ready I will post pictures. Thanks again for the info.
  6. Glad I found this thread as it showed a lot of parts to questions I have. One question I do have though is I got my Hobbywing 3200 with the Max10 ESC. On the pinion gear it say 16t and beside my old Trinity Brushed Monster it looks the same size in diameter. However the teeth or different and well things will not mesh at all. I can't take the pinion off the Trinity as the shaft is much thinner. Did I miss the obvious here on what am I looking for if it is not tooth size? BTW great job on the car
  7. What is the actual suspension series that works? DF-01, 02? I managed to get the new battery door but of course not with the actual Pin to close it. Not sure what part for this as I been also searching. Got a new prop shaft from Hop Up. Really nice but too long so I will have to exchange this. But I see YEAH Racing has a bunch of suspensions in alloy that look really cool if one could fit.
  8. Thanks that gives me a good direction. I noticed there is an aluminium Rear Shock and Front shock Big Wig mount. When I was comparing the Big Wig Manual to the Super Saber I noticed the part that connects to the Differential is slightly different. I think A6 on Super Saber for the Strut mounts vs C6. Is that the only real difference in the differentials ? Searching the other parts
  9. So I am going through and cleaning this car and noticing and marking down missing parts. Most seem to be there but the Battery Door is totally gone and of course the Pin to hold it closed. What is an alternative or upgrade option? In LIPRO what size battery would fit? Seems there is so many more options these days. Last question for the moment if anyone can answer is in regards to the propeller shaft. Is there a better option? My Trinity motor also does not seem to be working as I tested it with some batteries here just to see if it still moves. Big Wig suspension upgrade does this require changing the whole front Universal? My understanding the Big Wig had geared steering?
  10. I will go with new batteries and charger and eventually will also go for a brand new build. Maybe an Team Associates 4WD in the future. Still I like the challenge of making older stuff go as far as it can in performance. I do it also with Turntables, Speakers, synthesizers which is more my main passion. But anything mechanical and much cheaper than a real Porsche
  11. I don't need to be that cheap I am expecting about 160 euros or so for the Motor, esc combo if I can get it to perform. Reading through the Big Wig upgrades people have done now.
  12. THX guys for the replies. As most parts of the SS are removed I will somehow figure out how to get a Brushless in. I know an ESC is needed and other parts. Interesting on the suspension. Question is the Super shot suspension the same parts for mounting on the rear as it seems it looks similar with the shocks more towards the rear instead of mid body? That could in theory give more clearance for a larger motor. I will also search out higher torque motors, and maybe even try to find a hobby shop here to go down to. The Grass Hopper/Hornet seems to have a lot more space for motors but I expect a lot less performance due to its solid rear axel, etc. You can only go so far with that design. Worst case it gets the old Trinity (if it works) as I originally had it on there. Don't have the old analog speed controls or pretty much any parts though, so not so worried.
  13. Sorry for bringing an old thread up but I been searching all around with out some answers. I just came back from Canada after many many years in my old home town. There I found I had a Grass Hopper that was modified to a Hornet with all the new bearings, and my Super Saber. It had a Trinity Monster Motor (not brushless) but I think I want to restore this guy. Will do new Servos and motor but it seems all the modern Brushless are around 54mm. This poses a problem I believe in clearance to the rear suspension shocks. Any mods or motors suitable? Here I am a bit lost at the moment. Also if you know of suspension upgrades or better alloy shocks (maybe?). I will also do the Grass Hopper as I can work with my 3 year old on this. I doubt I will be racing this though at this time but I think it will be a fun project(s). Thanks, Shamus
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