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  1. Worth keeping an eye on the servo too, mine works loose. Have stuck some double sided foam mounting tape under it which has done the trick so far.
  2. If it’s of any interest I run a modified TT01 61t spur. Currently have a 30t pinion and 3800kv 3660 motor fitted. Torque is daft so it may work. Previously ran a 4300kv 3650 and 25t pinion, was silly fast but more is more right?
  3. Tried them on the car, to make it work I’d need to open up the hole on the wheel to allow the pin to slot in. Also seems the front wheels use a smaller hex so all in all that didn’t go too well!! They seem fairly rare so probably best to sell them on rather than attempt to modify I’ll order some DF03 wheels then!!!
  4. I do have it shimmed, I did notice that if you put too many shims in it binds so if it feels free it may be ok. The wheel is much thicker at the mounting do hopefully that’ll make up the space the hex takes. I’m running one wheel with a glued in hex at the moment, I can’t think of it being any different to that. We’ll soon see I guess!!
  5. Bit of a faux pas in that the wheels I’ve been waiting weeks for have arrived (54664 Hard dish) but I didn’t check the mount on them. Fronts are fine (54663) so assumed these would be the same. I can’t see there being any difference to the way the wheel is supported if I just remove the hex and attach it to the pin as the hex doesn’t ride on the bearing but perhaps I’m wrong?
  6. It’s an Overlander 4500mah 55C 3S. Low profile so only 24mm, there’s a tiny amount of space to spare on the tt02b so hopefully it’ll be all good! Thanks for the info.
  7. For anyone that sees this in the future I now realise a 45a esc is no good for that motor and a 3S. My theory was I believe wrong, the current draw is constant and not related to voltage so the 56a motor is over the ESC’s capability. Naturally I’ve fixed it by ordering a 3800kv 3660 60a combo, the 3660 will squeeze into the TT02B with its 120a esc, it didn’t need more power but soon it’ll have it. That leaves me with a 60a esc and a 3100kv motor for the DN01 and a 45a esc and 4300kv motor for the spares bin. I am concerned it’s too much on 3S but I don’t want to buy another battery at the moment so we’ll see what happens.
  8. I didn’t really want premounted as I already had wheels on the way but maybe I’ll get some so I have options. I looked for a long time for the bandito, they were my first choice.
  9. Had an email from fed ex, should arrive on Friday. Struggling to get my hands on any road style tyres so it’s looking like dual block k’s will have to do for the TT02B, hope they last as they’re far from cheap!
  10. I’ve spaced my servo forward a bit as I had the same issue with the servo saver that I chose. I have also used an m3 bolt to connect the servo horn to the arm, it was working loose same as everything else, didn’t want it coming apart and turning the car into a 3S powered projectile? Think I have the FPS steering set but can’t remember now!!
  11. I’ll look those up thanks. I pretty much used up the kit tyres on one session practicing following a circuit of sorts. I have a set of hard dish hop up wheels coming which are 2.2”. Stripped the hex out of one of my blue star dish wheels, may have been my fault though
  12. Zanhaak ordered from asiatees, the 201 would have been nice but this is more in keeping with my budget. Decided the overpowered TT02B will be for paved roads or anywhere reasonably smooth, that’s getting lowered and some road tyres if I can actually find some. The DN01 is going to be for rougher stuff.
  13. Hadn’t spotted those either! I’m running brushless too with 3S, gradually sorting the weak points. Looks like a sensible place to do some preventative maintenance. What servo horn and arm is that?
  14. Have had a refund for what I ordered, no explanation. Back to the drawing board!!
  15. I’ve just ordered a 201 with upgrade set from there so will let you know what happens. I’ve gone miles over the budget I had in my head but that’s hobbies for you! I’ve probably spent far more on the tt02b with upgrades and I still need tyres for the new wheels, the 201 will need tyres a wing and electronics too. It won’t be a roller any time soon but as long as it turns up I’ll be pleased to have it.
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