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  1. Hey Guys! I was about to install my Servo, ESC and Receiver in the Avante, when I did a function check first. Everything is new, so I thought it should work. But it doesn't. The receiver light is on permanently, meaning it has connection to the transmitter, but the servo does not turn and the tamiya ESC is blinking, meaning no transmitter detected. How can that be? The transmitter is a Carson Reflex wheel. Thanks in advance!
  2. Well I just rebuild the center diff and it turns out I used the wrong spacer for the tiny screw that comes on top, I feel kind of stupid :/ A few 1/10s of mm really make a difference! Now it fits all smooth, thank you very much!
  3. Thank you guys very much for your replies! The problem seems to be indeed the center diff, without it the gearbox closes perfectly. Also the back of the center diff is rubbing against the back of the gearbox. I tried getting the center diff closer to the metal plate, but I do not know how. I build it exactly like described in the manual, I also tried tightening it all the way, that did not help. Can I just leave out the little white plastic spacer? or is that a bad idea?
  4. Hey Guys! I am building the Avante Rerelease right now and when I put in the last gear in the rear gearbox, the fit was very tight. The gears still moved, but a lot harder than before. Also the gear box cover fit only very tightly. Will it still run normal or should I open it back up before I assemble the rest? Sorry If this is sort a dumb question, but I have not build any kit since my youth :D I attached an image, the gear I am talking about is the last one on top. Thanks in advance!
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