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  1. Looks great , just needs some better wheels to go with it. just out of interest how did you hydro drop that effect? I’d like to experiment with this sort of thing in the future
  2. I’ve heard people talk about repositioning or centering their LB’s servo to get a better range of steering and handling, however I cannot find any pictures or videos of how it’s been done Has anybody done this? and if so can you include a pic? thanks in advance
  3. I did look at the front arm conversions, but just don’t think it’s worth it for a park basher, I don’t want to spend silly amounts on it , I just want some cheap shocks to land some jumps front servo sounds easy enough..... save that for a future project. Presumably the steering is much the better for it?
  4. So is that one in the pictures your 'stock' shocks? How'd you get it to handle and take jumps better than oil filled shocks? I've heard about moving the servo to the center, is it easy to do?
  5. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/etronix-14-awg-silicone-wire-blue-100cm-/rc-car-products/412888 this is the link for the cable, obviously you need the same stuff in red and black
  6. So after a few months of persevering with standard shocks, I've decided I want to upgrade to oil filled shocks. My reason for this is simply to be able to stay on four wheels when I land jumps, I've got a 13.5 T motor installed and even if I have a fairly smooth landing it will invariably bounce up and end up on its roof. Other than the tamiya CVA's, which I'm not against by the way, has anybody used other sets in their LB's? And also what length? I think I heard somewhere it's 75mm front and 80mm rear although I may have that the wrong way around. I know there are plenty of shocks about varying in prices but Id prefer to go with something that someone would recommend. Any direct links would be greatly appreciated, I'm looking to spend about £20-£25 for a set of two, obviously I need 4 in total! Thanks in advance
  7. I've bought a similar motor, I found soldering tricky to start with but with YouTube and a bit of practise I'm getting better. I bought red, blue and black cable, bullet connectors and shrink wrap from modelsport. They were really helpful when I emailed them and they recommended the right parts I bought a cheap soldering iron off of amazon which does the job. I'd recommend getting a good quality solder as the solder that comes with kits is normally not great quality
  8. In terms of the rear window, I did think about losing the 'seal' if I cut the window but to be honest I'd rather have the correct shape window minus the seal. I know if I left the oval window on it would drive me mad everytime I saw it driving away! At the risk of asking a stupid question but here goes..... If I use a sealer would that not prevent yellowing or discolouration? I really really don't want to paint this shell if I can help it as Herbie is not actually white and this colour is pretty **** close to what it should be
  9. I’ve got an ABS beetle shell from kamtec, which I’m planning to turn into herbie and mount it to my lunchbox. Firstly, it has an oval rear window which I’m not too happy with, I’d like it to be the regular shape rear window. So I was thinking I could cut out all of the windows making the rear window the normal shape and mount clear or smoked lexan from the inside. I’d have to paint the windows as they’re not precut (see pictures)Has anyone ever done anything like this ? Would like some advice on this Secondly, I’m not painting the shell as it’s already a pretty good herbie colour. Do I need to clear coat it? And if so before or after applying the herbie decals? I’m a bit confused on this as I’ve heard conflicting things TIA!
  10. No it’s a sensored motor. I’ve heard of the clogging issue, although never experienced it first hand
  11. No it’s definitely the teeth of the spur and pinion gear. I’m going to run it a few times and see what happens, if gears are getting damaged then I have a spare set ready to replace but there’s no damage or stripped gears at the moment. I’m going to solder up the new motor and put it in my blitzer, will be interesting to see if it makes the same sound in that car
  12. many thanks to @Busdriver for taking a look at the conundrum that is my lunchbox’s gearbox. Nothing untoward going on with the gearbox, as most of us know it’s a simple design with little that can go wrong. It would appear there’s some sort of characteristic with this motor where there’s this click for the first few turns. It will be interesting to see if the same clicking occurs in my blitzer beetle which will have the identical motor installed
  13. Oh I will.... as long as it’s nothing embarrassing 😟
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