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  1. Ideally looking for both the rear hubs and tyres for a Blitzer beetle
  2. Thanks for the responses people, I cannot seem to find a new case but the servo doesn’t look expensive to replace ( this servo came with the truck) I’ve seen in another thread people recommending cheap ones from banggood so I’ll probably go down that route as it’s only for bashing
  3. Has anybody had this kind of thing happen to their servo? And if so how did you fix it? Can it be repaired or just a new servo? Noticed the steering was a bit weird on my stadium thunder, particularly in one direction so opened up the front end to have a look and realised the bracket part on the side of the servo had snapped......
  4. Thanks for responding ive ordered some 500cst oil off of eBay, I’ll see how I get on with that all round then make changes if needs be, like you suggested
  5. Hi all ive bought some cheap oil filled shocks for my Lunchie from Aliexpress , I say oil filled..... the reviews say you may not get much oil in them when they arrive but the shocks themselves are very good! so I’m wondering what weight oil I should get? Obviously I know how to install the shocks etc but I’ve not got any experience experimenting with shock oils so I wouldn’t know where to start with the weight. Is it worth getting 2 or 3 different weights to see which one works best? And if so which weights? The shock lengths are 75mm and 80mm if that helps thanks in advance
  6. Sounds like a plan! Love the stadium thunder, taking some getting used to in terms of putting the power down and not spinning off. It's a lot more responsive than the lunchie, although that's not difficult! Hope you and your family are well
  7. This is the stock shell that came with the kit, so I have a runner......
  8. Finally finished my ‘Lunchbug’ shell!! reasonably happy with the final result, to run or not to run?!?!
  9. I can only comment as a lunchbox owner as I’ve not owned the others.... yet..., they’re on my wish list! I bought my lunchbox mainly because I’d be able to hand it down to my kids who are 3 and 5. I’ll list the pros and cons below as I see them, I’d strongly recommend ball racing whatever model you decide to go with ➕ great fun from the box, arguably most fun to drive in stock form ➕Fun to upgrade and tinker with if you choose, I’ve currently got 13.5 brushless in mine ! ➕requires less maintenance and upkeep than some other models ➕pops wheelies, what kid wouldn’t love that!!!! ➕cheap- I paid about £150 and got everything, radio gear, batteries ,chargers etc ➖ Not an accurate car to drive, especially tough if you upgrade the motor ➖ stock shell does make the truck quite top heavy in terms of alternative shells, you can get some but you will have to be creative in terms of mounting them, I myself am in the process of finishing a herbie shell for my LB. Pete Wylie RC has a YouTube channel with lunchboxes on there with various shells as well
  10. Im seriously itching to get the black clod! I have the money, found one well priced then the wife said that with all the Covid-19 situation would it not be better to save any money we can?! now I’m in a moral dilemma, my head says she’s right- you never know when you might need that money for essentials. My heart says buy the clod, you’ve got an indefinite amount of weeks stuck inside! does anybody else think like this or just me?
  11. I'm planning on buying the super clod black edition, so I'm wondering what else I need? Obviously I know I need x2 motors, esc, servo, radio gear etc but I'd like some advice from clod owners as I've never had a 4 wheel drive 4 wheel steer twin motor car. I'm planning to run it fairly standard setup at least in the short term, although open to suggestions on this. I will also be ball racing it, but these are the specific questions that I have really...... 1) which motors work best? I want more power/speed than the standard silver cans but I don't want something that will be too powerful for the standard chassis to handle. For example would the sport tuned motors be suitable? 2) ESC- do I need a certain type of esc as I'm running dual motors? And if so any suggestions 3) I presume I need a good servo as it's dual steering from a single servo, so again suggestions would be welcome Any further advice, tips or things to look out for would be appreciated TIA
  12. Thanks for the responses, I’m sure it’s based on educated guesses rather than true knowledge as to know what tamiya will do. in January my plan was to get a monster beetle (childhood dream rc car) and wait a while to get a clod, but no rush. Then February came and the black clod shows up and i was like ..... wow! I’m not a big fan of the Standard super clod blue colouring so now I’m thinking the MB can wait but this black clod may not hang around!
  13. As the title says, how long do the coloured variants stay on sale for? I’m seriously interested in the black clod but don’t know if I need to act quickly or if they’ll be available for a while. I wasn’t in the hobby when the monster beetle or lunchbox colour variants were released so I have no point for comparison
  14. Finally got around to finishing the prep and positioning for the Herbie shell to sit on my lunchbox, what a pain in the ****!!! Next up ..... primer, paint, windows and decals - weather permitting of course 😬
  15. Looks great , just needs some better wheels to go with it. just out of interest how did you hydro drop that effect? I’d like to experiment with this sort of thing in the future
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