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  1. I've seen a good deal on a King blackfoot and wondered what they're like, potential issues, upgrades etc. I must admit I'd not given this variant much thought but a rere blackfoot has always been on my hit list but this potential deal could cost only £100 for what looks like a decent kit in pretty good condition and seems too good to turn down Thoughts anyone?
  2. Thanks for the response, yeah I think a longer screw will solve the servo issue Loosening the screw sounds like a good idea, sticking some sort of washer on there might stop dirt building up under the screw head
  3. No problem, thanks for responding I'll look into sanding the arms and pins, I'll have an experiment and see what I can do 👍
  4. If I'm completely honest, I don't know. I looked at other threads on here and YouTube videos and the vast majority of people used 75mm on the front, it also helps with the camber
  5. No problem shock length- I went for 75mm front and 85mm rear , eyelet to eyelet. Had to put some rubber on the shaft at the front to stop it bottoming out and rubbing on the body ( see picture) I also did the front brace/body mount mod, albeit mine is the lunchbox body. It’s easy enough to do, I used aluminium knitting needle! theres so many mods for these trucks, I’m dubious as to whether some actually make a noticeable difference but it’s fun trying!
  6. Aluminium body mounts all the way! As for axle slap, I initially used a 5th shock but didn't like it as I don't think I used a firm enough shock. I now use the fishing line mod and I've got the tension just right and it works perfectly for a fraction of the price. I heard on a video somewhere that the fishing line/5th shock mod are better than the chassis brace as they still allow for some movement at the front of the gearbox which helps when the rear shocks compress. I haven't actually used the chassis brace so can't comment on personal experience
  7. Thanks for the response- I’ll investigate the servo and horn so with the bump steer mod, do I have to sacrifice some travel like you suggested in return for getting rid of the bump steer?
  8. I need some help trying to improve my blitzer beetles steering, apologies if these are beginner mistakes but the steering is the only thing I’m not happy with on this car! i have two issues that I’m not sure how to solve.... Firstly, my servo horn always seems to come loose if a land a jump slightly dodgy or if i clip a curb (it’s been known!) is this just me or does it happen to others? And is there an upgraded servo horn to use? secondly , I’ve done the reverse front axle mod to improve the bump steer, but the ball joint connectoon for the steering linkage rubs on the screw that connects the knuckle to the front arms, has anyone else had this? Hopefully the picture below shows you what I mean again apologies if these are newbie mistakes 🙄
  9. Yes I added a spacer on each front shock that I had spare, they did make it much better. The spacers are not from the kit, it's second hand and I don't have the instructions so not entirely sure if they're the kit springs I'm looking to use it for jumping, at the risk of asking a stupid question..... Is there a difference between adding spacers or having stiffer springs? The spacers obviously shorten the springs, stiffening them in the process
  10. Maybe I need stiffer springs as oppose to stiffer shock oil?
  11. Fellow blitzer beetle, stadium blitzer or stadium thunder owners- what weight shock oil would you recommend for this chassis? During lock down I did some maintenance which included changing the shock oil, I only had 600 cst left but now it feels too soft. The front end actually seems to droop slightly when you put the car down on the ground. I'm just wondering how much firmer I need the shocks?
  12. I've done this fishing line mod and I've used a 5th shock mod, and honestly I couldn't notice any difference. I'd go with this mod if its just for bashing like I do, and it's cheaper than sourcing a brace or extra shock
  13. I'm after some rear wheels and tyres for my BB, but I can only find them outside the UK, on ebay at least. I'm a bit of a newbie with the BB so are there any alternative wheels and/or tyres that are more easily available? I know the front wheel width is a slightly different to the rears but a have front wheels with tyres. Plus I was considering a different look to the standard orange wheels Any suggestions and advice is much appreciated
  14. I haven't actually got an MB yet but it's on the hitlist. So can I order one of these? And if so how do I go about it? I'm in the UK too 🙂
  15. Ideally looking for both the rear hubs and tyres for a Blitzer beetle
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