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  1. I cannot unsee that driver's immensely tiny head LOL
  2. My heart goes out to you and your family MadInventor. Thank you for spending time with us hobby nerds and sharing your passion over the last decade. As my Navy friends say, Fair Winds and Following Seas. Wishing you a peaceful journey .
  3. Finished the left side of my Bolink Schkee body, riding on an Eliminator 10. Nathaneal at MCI did a wonderful job printing my custom decals.
  4. - Traxxas brought too many yucky methheads and unsavory customers into the Hobby Shop who couldn't even begin to learn how to fix their cars. This trend morphed into Crawlers and other RTR's. - Local hobby shops are typically terrible and severely lack customer service (I avoid the two of them in town like the plague) - Soccer and Travel Ball parents destroy any chances of running your RC in a park or field. They're like locusts and consume any park and recreational area.
  5. Just a nice, gentle runner. I did put in a 2.4 FlySky receiver so that I can stretch its legs every so often
  6. Finished my Madcap restoration. Huge thanks to @Saito2 for sending this lovely old gal my way.
  7. Bbq or beef jerky, Mexican spices, Cowboy boots, Red Solo Cups, a Harley Davidson t-shirt Oh wait...you meant RC stuff
  8. That feeling when you find 2.0” front tires for your Madcap (happy dance)
  9. Almost finished with this one, so I'll just post it up: Bought from a friend as a rolling chassis with no motor or electronics. Although missing the original MSC, I installed a Hobbywing 1060 brushed ESC, Tamiya Dirt-Tuned 27T motor, FlySky gt3c receiver, and front Futaba S3003 steering servo. I replaced all the bushings with bearings. Gave it a nice scrubbing and clean/re-lubed everything. Tore apart the Mini Yellow CVA's and re-built them also. I did get new Egress rear tires, but since the fronts are the weird 2.0" size, finding new ones is impossible. So I went with a 2.2" Astute wheel from JC Racing (Looks OEM), and front Schumacher pin spike tires (which are not installed yet). One swaybar end was missing, so I got one printed up thru Shapeways. Body is TBG with MCIRacing decals. Nathan hit it out of the park with the color in the decals. Incredible to see in person how rich and vibrant they are. Cockpit windows are Tam PS-31 Smoke. A very handsome buggy, and yes, it's not a shelf queen. I plan on driving the heck out of it
  10. Strictly box art. The Madcap most likely also, but it'll get the Mini CVA's. My RC10 CE will be non-box art.
  11. Made a lot of headway with the Astute's TBG body/undertray/wing last night. She's definitely a looker.
  12. After not having a restoration project for some time now (other hobbies and life being difficult), these two little guys have come home with me in the last couple of weeks. Many thanks to TC members @mtn bkr and @Saito2! The Astute is fully alive and nearly done and waiting on 2.2" front wheels from JC Racing, left gear box joint from the UK, and the TBG body/undertray. The Madcap is a wonderful rolling chassis in excellent shape. Other than the bald tires, the body is fantastic and it'll be a fun runner. I have nearly all the parts ready to go for that resto also, other than sourcing 2.2" dish wheels or something similar. Funny enough, an online seller accidentally sent me an entire set of Yellow Mini CVA's instead of the servo saver parts tree I ordered. So the Madcap will get them And lastly, a RC1O Teams B-stamp gold pan decided it wanted to come home with me last night also. So, for the first time, I'll work on something other than a Tamiya car Edit: I was able to find 2.0" Pin Spike front tires for the Madcap. Yay! I can use my original wheels since I have new Egress rear tires coming in the mail.
  13. A lot of the fun in it, was that each and every Pumpkin was exactly the same. Same batteries, chargers, motors, etc. All sponsored by Tower Hobbies. My Midnight Pumpkin (which is in my showroom link below), was bought to compete in the league.
  14. I raced in a league back in 2004 while deployed with the US Army. A Midnight Pumpkin league. Seeing 10 pumpkins on a road course, going full-blast, is something I’ll probably never see again, and it was absolutely glorious to watch.
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