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  1. I have my main super duper project that is 90%+ parts complete for the build. I will not say what it is for fear of some jerkweed buying up the remaining parts. - Sauber C12 F103 - I need to paint the replacement Williams FW15 body for it. - Tyrrell P34 F103 (ABS body) - Needs new ABS rear wing
  2. I don't have anything to add other than, ho-lee-smokes that's a beautiful survivor!!!
  3. Back several years ago though, I had two good Craigslist experiences with sellers. One said he chose me because I wrote him a grammatically correct and coherent email, the other seller and I became friends and he's a member here But. I generally try to steer away from Craigslist nowadays in 2019. It seems all the vintage RC stuff has dried up on there anyways. Offerup is ridiculous because every dude-bro thinks their RC wreck is worth a goldmine. I saw an RC car on there for fairly cheap and made the seller a reasonable offer about $10 lower than his asking price, because you know, it's called "Offerup". Guys says he's got a full-price offer and meeting the guy tomorrow. Less than a week later, the same car is up for sale again. At that point I just laughed and kept looking.
  4. I have no issues driving to Corvallis. You should probably snag that before I do
  5. That 1st buggy is fascinating looking and awesome.
  6. My radio collection is getting rather large. And not by choice :/ But it is cool having stuff from overseas that we here didn't get in the States.
  7. I'd love to have an unmolested gold pan RC-10, but the prices on them have gotten ridiculous in the past five years. I'm about done gathering parts on my next project. It's taken a long time and I'm at roughly 85%. I printed out all extra manual pages with the parts layout and have laid out the individual parts on top of the pages and marked them off in green highlighter as I've collected them. I have the body completed painted in box art colors, along with the driver. The electronics are all ready to go along with the motor. I refuse to say what the project is until I have every last part, as to not jinx myself in not being able to find the last remaining parts, and to keep "Parts Investors" from jacking up prices and gouging collectors. Then it's "build weekend" where I get to enjoy two full days of assembling this thing. But for other projects it's: - M01 Mini bodyset - McLaren MP4/6 body for my F103 - ABS Wing for my Tyrrell P34 six-wheeler - WW2 roll cage with lights
  8. Psst. I'm an hour and a half north of you. What are you getting rid of? As for me, I'm kind of in a lull right now after tackling two projects, but am collecting parts for an "un-named project"
  9. LTH, I have a Falcon as a restored shelf queen and wanted to say thank you for sharing this, even if you are selling it. Your Falcon is a nice, unmolested original. Goes to show that many examples that were loved once upon a time, are still out there hiding away in attics and basements.
  10. Should have mentioned that my Tyrrell P34 is model #49154 ABS hardbody version :/
  11. I'm interested in this also, as I'm looking for a spare rear wing. Tyrell parts seem very difficult to come by.
  12. x3. That's gorgeous! Well done Ferruz!
  13. Oh my goodness, I can't believe I missed this Thank you Chris
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