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  1. Exactly what I was going to say
  2. It's a homely looking brick, ahem, pardon me, I mean truck, that many people have an infatuation with. Tamiya didn't sell many of them, so there are fewer in the wild to be had. Oh, and welcome WLDOR!
  3. Oh the glorious scent of blue Tam thread locker. Boy, that's a good one. This is the very first thread I posted here. Although it's from 2004, I raced that Midnight Pumpkin into the very early months of 2005.
  4. So that's where that gigantic Airfix kit ended up? LOL
  5. That's a sharp looking Hotshot! Really like the color scheme and black wheels
  6. (sees thread title and immediately starts singing "Hairdresser on Fire")
  7. It's why I hesitate to run my vintage Hotshot anymore. Three, very gentle runs, and I broke the roll cage, shock mount, and front steering knuckle. All original parts that were just super brittle due to old age. I replaced them all with originals, but it's made me think twice about ever running it again.
  8. I want to restore a Gold Pan RC10 as I had one as a kid. I feel like I can't even get into a decent rolling chassis for under $200. And there were A LOT of RC10s made. I went looking on ebay for various Tamiya chassis' this weekend and was shocked at some of the prices. Like @Saito2 said, the days of finding a bargain roller to fix up are LONG GONE. I've got what I wanted to collect, the RC10 is a "nice to have" part of my collection. I can be choosy and patient in looking for one.
  9. Didn't realize Ant left, but I loved Edd back in the day. I knew they were going back to England, but didn't know the mechanic swapped out. The show in later years was more commercial and all about ads & product placement, than it was flipping a car for minimal dollars. "Oh Look, they made a rusted out POS, into a $50K sale in just under an hour" (eyeroll). I miss the WD's of the aught's and probably why I've enjoyed "Flipping Bangers" so much (even if it is a bit unrealistic in terms of time frame).
  10. @Willy iine They're actually scratchbuilt from a button and some coat hanger wire.
  11. Interior on my Wild Willy 2
  12. I'm on my 3rd career. I work for a college in Procurement. So I buy things with other people's monies.
  13. @junkmunki If you EVER get rid of that Tyrrell P34 rear upper wing with the "Goodyear" decal, please let me know. I have a vintage P34 and have not been able to find that piece for years. Photo of my P34:
  14. As a GHII nerd, this thread is great!
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