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  1. JeepNMike, If you have trouble finding someone, hit me up with a DM. I'm down the road in Olympia. You can check out my showroom if you'd like. I'm also ex-military so I'm pretty familiar with BDUs and the 9th Infantry Div here on JBLM back in the early 80's.
  2. This can be applied to every day American life with "Keeping up with the Joneses", having the latest phone/SUV/McMansion, clothes/TV/, etc. etc. Traxxas and RTR's succeed because of the Veruca Salt "I want it nowwwww" attitude that has infected modern life everywhere.
  3. Nice topic Saito, I always joke that Traxxas is the realm of meth-heads, and people who want a toy but can't be bothered to learn how to put it together. There's no investment in the hobby for many of these folks, and I think that sometimes translates into a cold shoulder to others. (I've seen way too many tweakers at the hobby shop who can't figure out how to fix a suspension arm when they took their nitro-douchmaxx off a six-foot jump and launched it a 100 feet in the air). I run my RC's in front of my house, and considering the amount of sidewalk foot traffic we get, am always prepared to talk about RC's if someone shows interest. In the 17 years I've been running them in front, only one time did a gentleman stop, and oddly enough, I was running my Heng Long 1/16 Tiger I thru the front grass. He was an old tanker from the 50's and we chatted about five minutes or so. I was pretty giddy about that interaction. 99% of people are going to view them as juvenile toys. I'd consider model railroaders and club flyers as the worst of the gatekeepers.
  4. That's amazing! It's where I started out racing before moving to the bigger stuff out in Cahokia. The shop is long gone, and so are the owners, Clyde and Debbie. That area has gentrified a lot from what I can see on Google maps.
  5. @Flare65 I saw your thread title and was immediately transported back in time to A-Hobby in St. Charles back in 1988. At the time, I lived in St. Peters, I raced an MRP-10 against, Frogs, RC-10 Frankensteins, etc. Some of the best times I had as a 13 year old kid. I then moved to Bolink Eliminator 10's and raced out in Cahokia when Ace Anglum was running the show out there at the outdoor track and indoor track across the street. Very fun stuff. I stopped racing competitively around 1989 when I moved to Atlanta. Funny I was talking to my kids the other day about A-hobby, Mark Twain Hobby, and the old D&D shop in old town St. Charles right there along the river.
  6. Restoring my original Falcon was a lot of $$$ and I welcome the ability to have OEM red wing decals again
  7. Interesting topic Saito and thank you for posting this. For many of those here who don't know, I'm transgender. I've lived in the Pacific Northwest of the United States for the last 24 years (After escaping the South). After retiring from the US Army, I stayed here and raised my sons with my spouse. My family still resides in the South, in both Atlanta, and in North Carolina. I came out five years ago, so I was here on TC long before I was out publicly. I have not gotten rid of the hobbies that I grew up with, but I've changed in how I interact with some of the people involved in those hobbies. I no longer do many things in person, that I used to do. i.e. I've switched Games Workshops 40K stores to a more laid back and chill crowd because of toxic dude-bro talk over games. I no longer run model trains at a train club patronized by grumpy boomers. I no longer fly RC's at a field. Some hobby forums I've stayed on, some I've left entirely. I no longer visit American football forums or fan sites due to the amount of hate leveled at the LGBTQ crowd. My politics/identity has put me at odds with my traditional Republican family (sans my younger brother who is my biggest cheerleader). I rarely speak to them anymore. My dad and mom are glued to Fox News 24/7. And I tolerate their political crap even though my livelihood is hanging in the balance in the near future. Long story short, my father and I raced cars together, flew planes together, talked hobbies together, but he doesn't call anymore. Neither of them call anymore other than my brother. I've discovered new hobbies and met new friends in my life (women). Although I don't do the old hobbies as much anymore, I'm enjoying new things with like-minded people. It makes me sad sometimes to see so much vitrol in our country. So many people just can't leave each other alone and let people be.
  8. I'm in my late 40's, like many here. I haven't picked up a controller or charged a battery in nearly two years. I can't get the motivation to fix little broken things. I've done pretty much all the collecting that I'm going to do with vintage RC stuff. I've gotten what I wanted from my childhood, minus the 959, but that's okay. I go down to my bonus room every so often and rotate the tires so I don't get any flat spots. I'll pick one up and admire it. My sons aren't interested in RC (we do have similar hobbies though), so my collection will die with me. Maybe one day the passion with return, maybe they'll just keeping collecting dust.
  9. @Mokei Kagaku Talk to me about the wheels. Are those sprayed silver?
  10. Nope. Not an umbrella here in Washington either
  11. Mine are 1/6 "Sand/Dust/Wind" goggles from Ebay.
  12. Do it! The wire frame is just a coat hangar bent to shape, with a small bracket bent into a U-shape at the base. Here's a better look at my Willy
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