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  1. NWarty

    The Day eBay Killed RC

    Mark, you're absolutely right. Craigslist and even Ebay used to have a lot of vintage cars, now there's nothing. Everything seemed to dry up overnight. There's so little inventory, anywhere, nowadays. I can't even look at rctech as everyone wants exactly what they paid for it. No deals, no nothing. I just picked up an F103 accidentally. I got the friend discount because he wanted it to go to a good home vs. trying to sell it. I lucked out. This is the crap that absolutely drives me nuts: https://portland.craigslist.org/clc/tag/d/portland-80s-kyosho-c10-rc-truck/6873643343.html ($145 for this POS with rotted tires and no radio gear??? Oh it has a VALUABLE red bag too) https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/tag/d/portland-vintage-rc-car-parts-etc/6874329142.html ($75 for this lot of s***???)
  2. NWarty

    The Day eBay Killed RC

    I agree that it will when we start running out of retirement money at the old folks home But, it hasn't popped yet after three years of hugely inflated prices. Not only on ebay, but SOOO many Craigslist/Offerup doofuses think their busted up POS is worth big bucks. Gone are the days of $40 Grasshoppers and sub-$100 vintage restoration projects. Not only Tamiya, but look at the other OEMs also. There's no snowball's chance in H.E.Double Hockeysticks, that I'm finding a decent, unmolested RC10 for restoration under $100 USD. They made a TON of RC10's. So what gives? Uninformed sellers? Greedy collectors?
  3. NWarty

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    So a F103 just fell into my lap with a gorgeous NIB Williams FW18 body set, complete for $50 USD. Ho...Lee...smokes....I've never had an F1 car. It's equipped with a Novak ESC, Sanwa Rx, and Hop-up Heatsink motor mount. The foam tires are cracked, but the chassis is in wonderful condition, and the runner body is in excellent nick, just a little dusty. A co-worker wanted it to go to a good home. He found out that we both love plastic models and Tamiya RC cars. I got the friend discount. Yay!!! Pictures to follow tonight
  4. NWarty

    2019 Supra in Tamiya's pipeline?

    Shhhh. That's insulting, the BRZ/FR-S is a beauty queen compared to the Monkey-nosed Sooprah
  5. NWarty

    What's your greatest barn find?

    A 58002 Martini 935 Porsche for free from a local hobby shop that was dropped off by an older lady. I have a thread in the vintage section dedicated to its restoration.
  6. I thought that was our recently-in-hot-water-college-scandal-actress Lori Loughlin? Oh send me an Angel. Right now.
  7. Hope you're well Ben! 


  8. NWarty

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    I got a tube of Tam threadlock about a month ago. Upon opening the tube and sniffing while inspecting, 10-year old me was happy as a clam
  9. I still wear my Bones Brigade t-shirt and Vans with pride even though it's been 30 years since I've been on a board (1985 Madrid John Lucero).
  10. NWarty

    2019 Supra in Tamiya's pipeline?

  11. So now I have something to contribute to this thread unfortunately. This happened two days ago. Copied and pasted from my other forum haunt. So I've lived in my home for nearly 17 years. I have run my Tamiyas a lot on our quiet little street over the years. Kids usually smile, I'll usually get the Gen-X'r who's friend had a Grasshopper/Hornet once, I've even had the occasional old-timer war vet talk about my Tiger I tank. I had the little WPL 1/18 truck out in the yard yesterday. It's a small mini-rock crawler. Goes super slow and has the two-speed transmission and 4WD. Yesterday I ran into Hippy-Dippy State Worker, Earth Conscious, Entitlled Bicyclist A*****e. I'm running the car on the side of the street and see a bicycle approach from the right. I stop and pull off, because you know, that's the polite thing to do and I don't want it to get run over. So bicycle lady circles my little truck, then proceeds to reach down, grab the truck and drop it into my neighbor's yard. At this point, I'm absolutely gobsmacked. I start yelling a string of profanities at her that would make an entire US Navy Carrier Battle Group proud. Called her an a******e and told her don't ever come back. Her response: "We use the road too"...Sure. Sure you do jerk. So, I've charged up the battery in the bigger Bigwig, which goes like an absolute missle. Kids' super soakers are cleaned and ready. Touch my truck and you get wet. Then I call the Po-lice for harassment while I have you on video.
  12. Football/Soccer parents are the scourge of public parks
  13. Sometimes, I often wonder about clowns like this and how on earth they survived long enough to procreate and have little clown offspring.
  14. NWarty

    My Grasshopper II, 25 years later.

    Welcome from another GHII fan!
  15. No, and I have no desire to. I think it's sort of weird to buy a toy you can't play with and I don't have enough disposable income to buy a luxury purchase like that. Someone does have to do it to keep some examples preserved, I guess