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  1. LTH, I have a Falcon as a restored shelf queen and wanted to say thank you for sharing this, even if you are selling it. Your Falcon is a nice, unmolested original. Goes to show that many examples that were loved once upon a time, are still out there hiding away in attics and basements.
  2. Should have mentioned that my Tyrrell P34 is model #49154 ABS hardbody version :/
  3. I'm interested in this also, as I'm looking for a spare rear wing. Tyrell parts seem very difficult to come by.
  4. Oh my goodness, I can't believe I missed this Thank you Chris
  5. Whoa...I've never even seen ANY of those buggies other than the Kangaroo! I learned something new today!
  6. Oof, that's one homely looking buggy :/ I have an Aristocraft Challenger II radio setup in my vintage Frog. I use it because it's vintage and brown and horrible looking, but still somewhat charming
  7. You mean that godawful pile of poop "The Striker"?
  8. This was the very first two group of cars that came to mind.
  9. I've used a bunch of citadel paints for my drivers' faces. Works well.
  10. I'm across the Pond, but just wanted to say that you have a wonderful collection and thank you for sharing your story.
  11. PP Bones Brigade tech deck....NOICE!
  12. <off to Googles Arma Outcast> Jesus Christ that's an ugly truck....
  13. Stranger at professional slotcar race: "Hey, Who's winning?" Me: Anywho, not my cup of tea, but I can appreciate the technical aspects of the hobby. Kind of like my grandfather, who built engines for control line speed racing. He didn't fly the planes, his expertise was in the mechanical details in getting raw speed out of the engine.
  14. x2 Would love to have the Wendy with the hat and boots
  15. @Hibernaculum I've watched that same youtube slot car video and was left with a very confused feeling akin to "how the heck is that even fun?" I still love that shot of the 959, lord what a beautiful car. And that was the draw back then, R/C's looked like miniature dune buggies. If you wanted an aftermarket body, you had Parma and Bolink giving folks semi-scale representation of full-size cars. Heck the first time I raced competitively was with a Kyosho Optima running a Bolink 63 split-window Corvette body. You also had the unobtainable Robbe stuff that was gorgeous, but out of the reach of most 12-year old kids at the time. Modern-day R/C's don't excite me whatsoever, which is why I've gravitated back to the vintage stuff. I've even gotten into the more modern Tam's, such as the F103, M01 Mini and Ferraris because of their scale-like appearance. I'd would LOVE to do Rally Cars like Truck Norris's commissions.
  16. I knew you'd reply Truck Norris. I've been a huge fan of driver figures and I spent an incredible amount of time getting my Wild One's Ray painted correctly and looking good in April 1986. As a modeler, I take a lot of time to make sure that the driver is painted well as it really does set off the body. Today's offerings are weak and look like blobs of polycarbonate at best, if they're included at all.
  17. Bought a B-parts tree for my TT-01 to get the body mounts last week. Except the auction site seller (online hobby shop) forgot to ship it last week...So much for that "Fast N Free" BS. With the "Murrica Freedom! Holiday" happening this week (, I'm sure I'll have to wait to get them on Saturday.
  18. This thing has come up so few times in the last 15 years I've been here at TC, I have to be a part of the sale thread
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