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  1. Football/Soccer parents are the scourge of public parks
  2. Sometimes, I often wonder about clowns like this and how on earth they survived long enough to procreate and have little clown offspring.
  3. NWarty

    My Grasshopper II, 25 years later.

    Welcome from another GHII fan!
  4. No, and I have no desire to. I think it's sort of weird to buy a toy you can't play with and I don't have enough disposable income to buy a luxury purchase like that. Someone does have to do it to keep some examples preserved, I guess
  5. NWarty

    Tamiya spares box

    Was going to say Tree Fiddy
  6. NWarty

    Dying Wild One and CRP parts?

    I'll tell you from experience. Dying Wild One wheels is a crapshoot. I've ruined two sets trying to do it.
  7. You both have MG's. You had me at hello.
  8. NWarty

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    I love Tony's Tamiya Parts. Less than a week from my order, to posting in the UK, to my doorstep all the way over here on the left side of 'Murrica.
  9. NWarty

    I'm satisfied...

    There are very few models left that I'd like to collect. The ones mainly from the mid 80-s to 1990-ish. I'm working on the Avante, but the Bruiser and maybe two more are the only Tamiyas in reach. Then an RC10 and Bolink Eliminator and that's it. Fin. I like being married.
  10. I knew you'd get the reference
  11. An MRE heater bag...
  12. I don't disagree with you Willy, but yes I would totally do it. My vintage GH cost me a whopping $45 USD and I spent another $25 on vintage decals, 15 on springs and about 15 in paint and a lot of elbow grease. She's a beautiful model that now is a shelf queen. This was roughly 2-3 years ago. My Falcon, a $65 wreck to begin with and the most expensive restoration to date. But it's still pretty. I'm not saying that full-restos aren't cheap, it's that the baseline model has increased A LOT over the last 2-3 years. The inventory of old cars on Ebay is drying up, and those that are listed, are expensive. Just some thoughts.
  13. NWarty

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    This weekend I got the Avante body and cockpit finished up. Super happy with how it turned out. First time in a LONG TIME that I've used the soapy-water method to lay down decals, due to the intakes, cockpit piping, etc. being complex.
  14. Well, everyone seems to think that their Piece of S*** grasshopper is worth $200 nowadays on Ebay, Craigslist and offerup, so finding a wreck for a restoration project, at a reasonable price, had become near impossible.
  15. NWarty

    Educate me GH2 please!

    Grumpy, What color are the wheels? Fluorescent Yellow, Green, or Pink?
  16. Nice! I'm a big fan of the GHII having restored two Super G's and a stock one.
  17. NWarty

    Lazer ZX restoration finally complete

    What a gorgeous restoration Well done Champ
  18. Well, that's an original Frog black MSC in the bottom photo with original resistor plate and ceramic resistors.
  19. NWarty

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    ^^^ Looks fantastic!
  20. NWarty

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Well...I've gone and done it and I've finally bit the bullet. I'm building an Avante.
  21. Just finished a runner Wild One with a mix of vintage and re-re parts last month. I'm looking for a new "First 100" resto-project, preferably a buggy. Need to find the right basketcase.
  22. I spent 20+ years in the Army and still can't sift through the civilian world of firearms I'll just be over here with my .303 SMLE, tea, and strumpets.
  23. Step 1: Buy case of Budweiser Beer Step 2: Buy high-caliber firearm Step 3: Chug can of Bud while firing an AR-15 into the air and shout "Murrica!" as you attach said USA flag Step 4: Profit???
  24. NWarty

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Final pieces came in last night for my 1/16 WPL C24 kit. So all in all, here's, the options I bought for it: Metal upgrade axles Metal axle/diff housings Metal driveshafts Metal servo and steering rod Aluminum steering knuckles Aluminum wheels Full bearings 2-speed transmission with larger motor and servo 10A ESC and FlySky GT3C receiver Custom decals from Nathaneal at MCI Still would like oil dampers at some point. But, I finally got to drive it around last night around the living room and up/over the dogs' beds. Transmission works great and much quicker with the larger motor. Can't wait to get it out in the yard with some better weather, to run and take photos