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  1. Two GHII's and a Super G...a man after my own heart
  2. When I restored my original Hotshot, I was running it on its maiden voyage after a full rebuild/restoration. I broke the rear shock mount, broke one of the wing mounting points, and broke the shock travel swivel. In one run of under 30 seconds, I broke three parts. That was an expensive repair since I didn't use re-re stuff. I'm nearly certain the previous owner had this thing in a hot Missouri attic.
  3. You guys should have seen what the US Postal Service or Canuckistan Mail did to my 58002 that I sold to a gentlemen in Canada two years ago. Blame couldn't be placed, so I ended up refunding him over $200 since the entire A-pillars were smashed, roof crushed and glass broken. I felt absolutely gut-punched for him and it still burns me up to this day.
  4. I bought a 1/16 WPL C24 Toyota Hilux and had Nathaniel at MCI make a set of 1/16 Bruiser decals for me. So now I have Mini-Bruiser. Seemed to satisfy my itch for a Broo and much less $ to hop up
  5. Avante 88. Fortunately, I was finally able to acquire a 2011 version just recently.
  6. Lovely Super G! That turned out great. They're fantastic runners also and light years beyond the stock GHII
  7. I also have one of these with a matching rx and servos. It's a nice shade of doo doo brown also. It's as horrible as it looks and I'm not sure why I think it's charming sitting in my Frog.
  8. I'm a huge Airtronics fan also!. Having raced with an XL2P for several years. I currently own three of them in pristine condition and unfortunately neither one of them work. Something internally fails after years which basically melts the battery holder. And Battery holders are getting to be rare. I keep striking out trying to find an XL2P that works and won't go all Chernobyl on me. I have two MX-3's, one regular and one synthesized. Love those radios dearly too. Lastly, I have a Blazer Sport that has the optional colored steering wheel and throttle/steering knobs. When Airtronics finally went out of business, it was a like a small piece of my childhood racing passed away. Same with Novak.
  9. We never got Acoms here in the states and I've always had Futaba gear. But I was super excited to get an Acoms controller with a lot that I got from a friend who bought all of his Tamiyas overseas in Europe and Japan. Kind of neat to hold one after all these years of wondering where you Brits got that goofy radio gear from only fitting that my Acoms controller goes with my M01 Mini
  10. Good luck! I just finished mine two months and enjoyed it immensely! It's a beautiful kit and rewarding build.
  11. This is when I buy the clone for 1/4 of the price. At this point I have what I want in my collection; it's the FYIGM mentality.
  12. Build it. Putting it together has got to be more exciting than its looks.
  13. I had a JSI 1/18 F-14 Tomcat repainted with Tamiya TS medium gray. The entire paintscheme cracked within a month....Was not happy to put it mildly
  14. Which is why this trash company will never see one cent from me.
  15. I have all the major Tamiya first 100 vehicles that I wanted as a kid. There are a couple I would like to have, such as a FAV or Monster Beetle, and I would LOVE to pick up two new OEM cars that I once had. - A gold pan RC10. Unfortunately finding a Parma Eagle body may be tough. - Kyosho Optima. I had one briefly and even raced it a couple of times before going into dedicated pan cars.
  16. Great information Mokei! A photo of my Sauber C12 for reference.
  17. I have a Sauber C12 and just checked mine. Yes, I have both the aluminum motor mount and carbon chassis. My C12 was purchased in Japan by the previous owner who was in the Navy and purchased it in the mid-90's.
  18. Yeah, sorry. I’m a little salty this morning :/
  19. For whatever reason, I hate these people with an irrational hatred. They shouldn't be in a hobby shop. Just like the methhead mouth breathers that bought T-Maxxes back in the day or the Slashes of current. I hate going into my LHS's here. The level of customer service I get, is absolutely terrible. I'm sure it's because the owner/employees are tired of dealing with idiots. I'll have no issues watching those two shops implode as I shop online.
  20. Well, I'm transgender. I probably won't have to worry about everyone going trans And yes, Traxxas can suck it. Once I saw methheads in the hobby shop asking how to replace a wheel, I knew that the hobby had turned a corner and for the worst.
  21. Do you still have that Madcap for sale my good sir?
  22. Would agree Snappy. I bought a re-re and was pleasantly surprised at its performance. It's a *******in' missle with an 8.4v pack in it
  23. I don't even know these chassiseses you folks speak of. DZ-069 Alpha Comical, M-007, MIB-3, MIG-28? What in tarnation? I like my Midnight Pumpkin (shrug)
  24. I'm missing that same rear wing piece on mine also. I've been searching for a replacement for months and haven't found one.
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