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  1. Cheers for the advice, I’ve just ordered the replacement parts tree and will see how it goes. At first, I thought the silver can motor wasn’t fast enough for me, but I think I’ll hold off upgrading it for a while, and maybe stay away from the skate park until my skills improve...
  2. Not as dramatic as the the thread title might suggest, I’m guessing what I’m experiencing is fairly standard... I recently completed building my first RC car, a Sand Viper. It ran great on its maiden run, for about half an hour until I jumped into an unseen puddle and drenched the receiver. I dried it all out and it appears to have survived. That was the first lesson learned. Now, there’s a skate park near where I live, and I know full well that it would not be a good place to fully test the Sand Viper, far too much concrete. However, despite knowing all this, I just couldn’t help myself, and took it there. The car ran great at the skate park, for about ten minutes, until I managed to run it head first into concrete and snapped the front suspension tower. (and bent a steering rod...). I knew I shouldn’t have gone to the skate park, but I think I had to go through the process anyway... I can order a new, part, for about £8, so not too costly, but is there a stronger replacement part available? If not, how about a support brace to beef up the standard plastic one? I see some discussion of this subject online, but it’s quite old. Or should I just learn to not drive the car into concrete?
  3. Thanks very much, I thought it was something like that, but he instruction manual doesn't mention it it. In fact, I have noticed how manufacturers of battery chargers don't tend to go into detail on their charging algorithms...
  4. Hello everybody, I’m brand new to RC cars, and have just started to build a Sand Viper. The build is going ok, and I’m also getting all the electrical stuff together. Today I took delivery of a Sky RC e680 charger and tested it on a 3500 mah nimh pack. It charged it just fine, at 1C, but I do have a question. Periodically, say every 15 seconds or or so, the charge current would drop down to zero, pause for a coupe of seconds, and then rise again to 3.5 amps. I’m assuming this is normal behaviour, and is how these sort of chargers work, presumably to keep heat build up in the battery to minimum? As I say, it charged ok, took about an hour and the battery only got moderately warm...
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