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  1. Hi all, i am a beginner on RC Cars. A few month ago I bought my son a Tamiya Lunch Box Black Edition.Both of us love to drive around with the LB. Using the fifth shock mod makes handling of the LB much better. Now I am looking for a solution to fix the riddiclious camber of the front wheels. I read about the FX10 and Ampro solutions and decide to go with the FX10. By reading further I noticed that using this kit needs some custom installations. I also read the thread of SteveU30 at ( ) But all the pictures are blurry because of photobucket limitations :-/ Sooo..... Does anyone habe some pictures of the FX10 kit installed on a LB? Thanks, Olaf
  2. @SteveU30: Hey Steve, do you still have the pictures of the installation of the FX10 suspension kit? The photos of Photobucket are blurry and I can not really recognize anything. I would like to follow your approach to obstruct the FX10 suspension kit in my LB. Thanks
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