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  1. Cheers very much for the warm welcome all. @Mad Ax I had no idea there was so much on my doorstep. I've only recently moved to the area from Hampshire. Will have to check it out. I popped some drift wheels on the xv and it was quite good fun. @TurnipJF The Mini is functional, although I was never happy with how it handled RWD. I tend to dislike front wheel drive, so thought it was worth a go. It resides with my brother now to mess about with, whom I bought a tt02 for Christmas. I'm more than prepared for a collection. I'm eyeing up a Sand Scorcher at the moment. Don't tell the Mrs.
  2. Hi all. I've just built my xv01 and am very pleased with how it slides about, but a little underwhelmed with its performance on NiMH. I've bought a B6AC Lipo charger. The xv01 has a 1060WP ESC and stock motor. I also have a lunchbox with Tamiya ESC and a sport tuned in it. I know I would need a lipo alarm for that one or different ESC. I need advice regarding if a silvercan / sport tuned would last running 3s, and what battery pack would fit in the xv01. If it's a really bad idea, the same questions regarding 2s. Want to keep the cost down at the moment so steering clear of brushless! Plus, it's all very confusing at the moment. Thanks in advance. 👍
  3. New member here! Had a clodbuster back in the day and now getting back into RC - have a lunchbox and an xv01 (plus a rwd converted m chassis mini, but that doesn't work very well!) Based in Bournemouth, UK and will be picking everyone's brains shortly regarding lipo etc. Hi everyone!
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