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  1. Tonight I charged an old Ni-Mh battery I had in my RC10 Graphite and wanted to make sure everything worked when I plugged it in so this is technically my first run inside the house, if you want to call it that - lol! Here's the video... Here are some more pics with the body off too...
  2. It sure is! Probably the best basher and most fun I've had with a car RC. Here's one reason why...
  3. Hey thanks! The plane on the left is a SR22T by E-flite. Flies great too and since it has navigation lights on it, I've flown it at night at my local club!!!
  4. Hi everyone! This is my first post here and found out about you guys from another forum. I posted a different video over there about the 1st re-release I picked up earlier this week and then yesterday (Sunday) I received my 2nd re-release but this is the XB Kit that I wanted to share with you all... My Hornet XB Kit was delivered yesterday (Saturday) and I did the unboxing of it earlier today (Sunday). So this XB kit is going to be my shelf queen and I'm waiting on the electronics I ordered for my regular Hornet Kit which I will build myself (from my 1st video unboxing). I have to say, I was REALLY impressed with the body of the XB kit!!! All electrics are Tamiya (which I won't really use since this is sitting on my shelf, maybe drive it around the house - lol). So here's the video I made earlier Sunday of the XB Kit... Here are some pics I took earlier today of it...
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