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  1. I break stuff, but I buy stuff to fix it. I love speeeeeed!!!
  2. Now THAT is an impressive feat! How the badword did you manage to pull it off???
  3. I sunk my CC-02 in the creek… literally drove in to 3ish-ft water (couldn’t tell from where I was standing) and watched it capsize like a dead fish. Sprinted over, drenching myself in mud. Pulled it out and it worked with no issues. I also bashed my Hotshot around the park full gun, spraying dirt, mud, and gravel absolutely everywhere! Much fun!!!!
  4. My worst enemy is, as @Nick-W stated: RECEIVERS. I place the badword down and two minutes later it just disappears. I always TRY to have extras lying around, but I’m ALWAYS one short, and one of my cars winds up receiverless for two months whilst I place yet another order and wait for it to arrive. Just my luck dang it.
  5. Hi, Just curious- how fast is your fastest off-roader? I’m not talking crawlers, but the yard, sand, mud, gravel bashers. It would be cool if we turned this into a discussion thread in which we stated our most accomplished buggy, as well the thought process/creative designs behind that idea. Mine is a Tamiya Hotshot that runs 48 mph top speed, ripping through anything that dared to cross its path. photo shows the aftermath of yesterday’s mud/dust run. Ideas for such a fast and “controllable ( )” system stemmed from me not having a race car any kind. My TT-02 is more conservative, only reaching a meager top speed of 27mph on 13.5T brushless, as well as my DT-03. So, I decided to wing it and grab myself a Hobbywing Quicrun 8.5T 5750kV motor, pairing it with the complementary Hobbywing Quicrun 10BL120 ESC. Being my first ever “speed” build, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was definitely pleasantly surprised to see such positive results. Now, your guys’ turns!
  6. I rebuild my cars when they show signs of wear/break completely. For example, I had a stripped gear somewhere in my Hotshot, but refused to take it apart and fix it until the ESC burnt out. Even now- just a few weeks ago I had replaced both the ESC and the motor with a new, faster brushless system in the Hotshot. Fast forward two weeks and my rear gearbox sounds like it’s filled with rocks and detritus- after only four runs! It really just depends how hard I bash the car (and if I “bash” it into a wall or not ). Like I haven’t taken apart my TT-02 gearbox in over two years because it runs perfectly well with no excess grinding or unusual sounds.
  7. No worries, TT-02 questions of all sorts are fine here.
  8. Well, gentlemen I now know I’m blind. I thought I looked below the number, but whatever … thanks so much.
  9. Hi, I broke a linkage arm (SP.1297 I believe), losing a metal driveshaft in the process. I found ONE seller (Japan-based) that carries said linkage arm, but it claims to be for a …. TA05-IFS??? Are they the same?? I also cannot, for the life of me, find a replacement “stock” Type-S driveshaft. If anyone could tell me the PN# (manual doesn’t say), that would be GREATLY appreciated.
  10. @simalarion here’s a picture of my (upgraded) CC-02 which I use as an all-terrain beast:
  11. I’ve used that exact servo in my CC-02 multiple times before, mainly because of its incredible “price-to-performance” ratio in previous builds of mine. I’ve since swapped it out due to grinding gears (I believe I stripped whilst rock crawling) for a Flash Hobby 45kg off of Amazon. Precise turning with a lightning-fast response time. No issues, even with 3ish months of weekend abuse climbing trails and swimming in creeks.
  12. Can’t stand their entitlement also. I bought a CC-02 Ford Bronco from a seller located in Japan, the order sits untouched for four days, then I receive a message my order is cancelled, accompanied by a message that went something along the lines of, “Tamiya doesn’t sell it so I cannot sell it to you”. Like, alright I guess, it doesn’t seem like you value your customers, so I’ll take my business somewhere else next time. Exactly the opposite for PlazaJapan though. Love the little figures and the Japanese newspapers. These small gestures show that they actually care about their customers.
  13. How do you make the picture resemble a Tamiya stock photo? What editing softwares do you use? Absolutely stunning.
  14. My rules are: 1) will my parents notice? (Yeah I know, I’m only 16 ) 2) if parents DO notice, will they have a positive reaction, or tell me I’m wasting my money on something I already have? 3) is it an interesting kit to build? Is it something unique to my collection? (no repeat chassis’s) 4) are spare parts readily available? 5) will it suit my needs? Will it perform well on the surface I intend to run it on? and last but finally not least, 6) will I enjoy driving it for many years to come? The last one is very difficult for me. Some cars become boring once the novelty of the chassis wears off. The majority of my builds end up this way for some reason. Usually the ones I keep have some sort of… uniqueness, some sort of charisma or character that none of my other cars have. that’s why I only have six cars at present, one of which I’m attempting to get off of my hands because I don’t find enjoyment in running it any longer. just my two cents.
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