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  1. Woah, what a batcr*p price!! And the worst part? For this price, the car doesn't contain the barebone basics like a motor, ESC, tires(?!?!), or body stickers(?!?!?!?!) Seriously???? As others have stated, I don't have a clue as to who will buy this for such a high price, especially with the economy doing so poorly, at least over here. Just my two cents.
  2. Wow, I really messed up on this one. I was (kinda?) expecting a scale, yet functional, RC car. What I received was more or less what @Smirrors or @XJman had described. Slow, terrible suspension, and poor handling. Only for the looks. Since I've already thrown $300 at it (no turning back now), is there anything I can purchase to make my experience more enjoyable with this kit? The main things I've noticed were as follows: 1) VERY jittery/sometimes unresponsive throttle. Has a mind of its own. a) Was thinking of investing in a 21.5T/25.5T brushless (sensored) motor, or drop in a Sport Tuned I have lying around. Ideas? 2) EXTREMELY slow. Like a snail. And I thought there'd be torque! I took it in the grass only to find it stuck after a matter of seconds? Thoughts?? 3) Annoyingly-small tires. I swear my DT03 has larger tires than this "High-Lift". This leads me to my next comment: 4) Extremely small wheel axle, so can't install larger diameter tires for better performance. Any ideas/links as to what to purchase? 5) Bad suspension. If you can even call it one.... Thanks so much. I feel stupid. Best, Maxim
  3. Wow, this thread really resonated with me. I’m a 16-year-old “kid” who’s been in this hobby for only five years- my first car was a bone-stock DT03 build for backyard bashing and crashing. I’ve since grown my collection to five cars- the Hotshot, the TT02, the TL-01, and the Tundra HL. I built all of these cars except for the Tundra, but 3/5 are scattered haphazardly around my room as of now, half disassembled. I especially feel immense guilt leaving my Hotshot unrepaired. I needed screws? My dad got them for me. I needed a few new gears? Also got them. I feel like I have all of the physical components but not the motivation or desire to repair it. The maximum I’ve sat down for is about one hour, replacing two rusted screws. I just feel… lost somehow. As if the hobby still catches my interest, but something vital, some key component, is missing. I just don’t know what. My only saving grace with this hobby is you guys (this forum) and my best buddy, who got me into this hobby. Sorry for the rant.
  4. Sounds like me lol. I currently have four Tamiya cars and my preferred running surface is my grassy/rocky/uneven backyard or any paved areas within walking distance of my house. Thanks for the different point of view, @Smirrors! Greatly appreciated!
  5. Thank you so much for the detailed info, @OoALEJOoO!! also, thank you @XJman, the feedback is greatly appreciated!
  6. Thanks, ordered!!! Do they come with all screws in the kit?
  7. Tony is a very straightforward and honest seller. If something goes wrong, he always stands behind his item to make sure you're satisfied. We need more sellers like him!
  8. Yeah, and then you have USPS taking three days from PA to NJ! Completely different standards!!
  9. Yeah. Now that I think of it, USPS charges an absurd amount for overseas shipping. If only I lived in the UK and had access to RoyalMail.... Speaking of RoyalMail, how on earth is it so fast? I live on the east coast of the US, and I can receive packages from the UK (Tony's Tamiya) in a matter of three days, when I have packages within the country taking upwards of five!
  10. Can you send me some McMasterCarr links? Seems like a reputable company with a huge catalog of parts- would rather buy there than from some unbranded Chinese seller on Amazon. Thanks!
  11. Hi all, I have a (re-re) Hotshot (which I disassembled for maintenance) that is missing quite a few screws/nuts. Most were missing when I took into gearbox maintenance, some were stripped, some I lost. The #s that I am missing are: 2X BA3 (3x20mm screws) 2X BA4 (3x30mm screws) 3X BA5 (3x27mm screws) and 5-6X BD2 (3mm flange nuts) Anyone know the best place to find these parts for cheap? Thanks!
  12. Hi, I'm not from Spain- I am in the USA. Does he ship overseas to the US? It wouldn't be an issue sending you the package from my end.
  13. Can't postal race here in PA! Annoying rain is preventing me from having at it!!! Can't wait to gun around my TT-02 Type-S- it meant for this kinda thing!!! Also, I have a sensored motor, so more control.
  14. @bRIBEGuy, thanks again! Thanks- that really helped me visualize it. So it's more of a "scale realism" truck? Also, what about speed? Is it decently fast on-road? Cheers!
  15. Thank you, @bRIBEGuy! So no crawling on stock suspension? LOL Also, what about that 3-speed transmission? Is it any good? What would the approximate top speed be on the highest gear (with a silver can). Also, thank you for the advice on the motor/suspension. Greatly appreciated. Cheers!
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