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  1. https://imgur.com/a/m4OsfnY Had a blast with my CC-02 last weekend. The 4WD and locked diffs are really nice; it can even plow through soft, powdery snow after caving in! I should've gotten a photo of it burrowing through like a mole lol.
  2. I think I've learned a couple of things this year. 1) this hobby is much more expensive than it looks (hop-ups especially!!!!!!) 2) always have a nice supply of titanium hex screws for NIB builds unless you like rethreading your chassis (or possibly cracking it) later down the line when you need to make repairs 3) 3D modeling ain't that hard! Just takes a caliper, trial and error, and a half-decent printer! I've made quite a few model parts at this point; might as well make it my New Years resolution to upload the files to Thingiverse... 4) Horizon Hobby is a scummy company that I should never again do business with. 5) racing is a ton of fun when you're with nice, knowledgeable people. Thanks @87lc2 for getting me into racing this year. I'll be back on the track with my rebuilt TT-02 when the weather gets a tad warmer. Thanks for all of your advice and suggestions!
  3. Hey there Netsmith, I'm a Subscriber yet I cannot access TCphotos? It says the user doesn't exist... Thanks!
  4. I guess that's what the prospect of money and fame does to a person... oftentimes, as a person grows more and more successful, they begin to forget their roots, their humble beginnings which set them on the track to success. The knowledge. The people who took time out of their day to help them. All of these things get washed away and replaced with greed and hunger; a passionate desire to get more views, to make more money, to get more subscribers. I'd say this is what happened to Phil and Kevin, unfortunate as it may be.
  5. Well, that's interesting. Let's hope Hobbytown doesn't circle the drain...
  6. I too run a Type S; only a few upgrades here and there (ie aluminum driveshaft/drive cup, YeahRacing motor mount, a differential locker, etc.
  7. You're in the Bensalem area? If so, where do you race??? I'd love to join in on a Stock Spec race sometime with my TT-02... ALSO, that Calsonic? Just beautiful. I have the NISMO GTR variant on my TT-02; though the entire front grille piece is falling off at this point...LOL
  8. What a gut punch... So sorry to hear. Rest easy my friend. Wish I got to know you a little better when I had the chance... May you and your family find peace in your souls. Godspeed.
  9. In regards to "boost" and "turbo", I don't believe I modified any settings. I have a HW 10BL120, and yes, I'm running 3S.
  10. Also, I just wanted to mention that my go-to LiPO brand is Floureon, though it seems as if they've gone out of business sadly... they're amazing packs, never had any issues with them unlike **cough** Zeee **cough** which spontaneously combusted in my Hotshot!! Gens Ace, Reedy, and Zippy are decent brands, though I believe Zippy also went under... if you're interested, you could be the proud new owner of some of my Floureons...
  11. Lol. I find it funny that my LiPo charger is a cheapo eBay SkyRC IMAXB6 that performs BETTER than my buddy's real thing. I plug into mine and it ALWAYS shows the proper voltage and is perfectly balanced. Sometimes my friend plugs his "misbehaving" unbalanced pack into my charger, and it balances perfectly and with zero issues. I only one or two slightly swollen soft packs, but that's because I overdischarged them as others have mentioned. It's better to get a cheapo charger off of ebay than off of Amazon- a friend of mine bought a single and dual charger off of there that absolutely BOMBS! It doesn't hold a constant charge amperage, cells "magically" jump 2 Volts at random, etc. Terrible piece of crap that is. But maybe it's worth purchasing a "pro" balance charger, such as some of the ones you all own? Sorry for retailing the thread...
  12. I have a TT-02 Type-S that enjoy very much. I have the Yeah Racing motor mount installed, as well as a 22 or 23T pinion, with a 68T spur. My 13.5T Surpass Hobby Rocket V5R gets top speeds of around 45mph with this setup? Maybe try LiPo batteries, or a different motor? Cheers!
  13. Well, as they say, go big or go home!! Spent some time creating a future listing template for item description. Here's the link! https://www.ebay.com/itm/305061518502
  14. Sounds like a plan! I think I'll start it off at $160 with $25 shipping? I'll put on best offers to those who are interested in haggling... Thing is I doubt I'll even break even with the amount of money I spent on useless hopups...
  15. After the first time it was Public Meetup only... I learned, and fast!!
  16. Also, for our area (which is almost completely and utterly devoid of Tamiya enthusiasts), what price would you suggest? And for eBay, as it can be shipped cross-country? I don't really know the inherent value of my RCs... to me they're all valuable...
  17. AAAAA anytime I agree to meet up in person I wind up with some crackhead on a dilapidated 90s Civic. Is it just our area? I feel like it's every time. Also, FB marketplace RC items are always a doozy. Lots of times they smell heavily of cigarettes and are superglued or painted all over LOL.
  18. Looks like you had a ball... congrats!
  19. OOOH, the Jackson, NJ event? One of my buddies was mentioning that...!
  20. LOL, that's me! I listed it there to simply test the waters. I understand that $275 is much overkill for a DT-03, and that it will NEVER sell at said price. Just wanted to do a bit of experimenting. Also, where in PA are you? I'm located in Northampton Township (Bucks County)...
  21. Thanks you all! I think I have enough info to give it a try. I'll keep you all posted.
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