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  1. I’m at a loss for words. I seriously cannot thank you enough for this …..
  2. Those fit??? Also, mine refuses to go in a straight line. Period. Are my tires (with large knobs + foam inserts) the culprit?
  3. Ah. Used to be an issue (I’d strip out countless screwdrivers per build), but I’ve recently invested in some stainless hex-wrench screw kits. Makes everything so much easier, and the kits are only $30.
  4. I mean yeah, but the Hotshot is bone-stock minus a pack of bearings and a brushless motor + esc combo. I have every darn upgrade for the DT-03, but still no go. What are some tuning tips? I’ve been contemplating selling it for some time now…
  5. What screws did they come with prior? My older kits (such as the TL-01) have the silver (assuming stainless?) screws, whilst all of my new kits have one or two of these and the rest are brownish (which I know rust from experience).
  6. Now tell me, what are some of your custom creations for the “boring badword”? I have almost every upgrade imaginable for the car, yet it still performs abhorrently. I’d much rather grab 4WD Hotshot, which, ahem ahem, actually knows how to drive in a straight line. (My DT-03 has speed, but no handling. As someone told me way back: speed is nothing without direction and control!)
  7. Below is what I was about to send to you before TC told me you cannot receive messages. ——— Hi, I saw your post in the “Postman brought me…” thread regarding a TC membership. Just wanted to say thank you for being a generous human and offering something you spent your hard-earned money on to the community. To be quite honest with you, I’ve been feeling a strong urge to just pull the trigger and grab a membership, but my budget, of course, does not allow. I already have enough monthly subscriptions, plus the cost of self-sustenance (and spare/upgrade RC parts of course). I would love to contribute to the TC community with galleries, videos, and all of the other goodies a membership has to offer. I very much look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Maxim Radziuk
  8. Also “rebuilt” my TL-01 Stadium Raider. Added in new electronics, plus swapped the stock (rare) tires for a pair of Rock Blocks. ((Looking to sell the swapped out tires and rims. Rims are rare. Slightly used, have some curb rash. PM if interested.))
  9. Installed a new motor and ESC combo in my Hotshot Re-Re. Hobbywing Quicrun 10BL120 ESC + 3650 8.5T motor. Running it sensorless to avoid potential headaches down the line.
  10. These were my first upgrades back when I got the car. What’s the next step?
  11. Burnt this one out on 3S after one run. Claimed to be ‘120A’, but you get what you pay for. I’d love to do something like this with my TT-02 Type-S. Any suggestions?
  12. DT03 with the beater body and carpet tires. Will post the Hotshot vrooming around a playset area once I recover the footage from my old phone... LOL
  13. Thanks. I actually went with the Quicrun 10BL120 with the Quicrun 8.5T Sensored.
  14. Lol. I bash that thing to oblivion, just recently fried out my cheap 4300kV GoolRC. I love my hotshot, it has its caveats, but it also has its strong suits. It does well going straight, has nice suspension, and is very agile off-road.
  15. I have so many LiPOs on hand, I could probably open a shop!!!! You see, that’s the thing. The V5R’s open-bodied design, lack of low-turn models (nothing below 10.5), and higher price tag is swaying me towards the Quicrun mentioned above. It’s an 8.5T, sensored.
  16. How have you gone about waterproofing the board?? I’ve fried two 10BL120s in the past year (via dumb things like driving through massive puddles).
  17. Oooh, was thinking that! I already have an extra 10BL-120… go for that, or a Surpass? In regards to heat, I run without the stainless top cover.
  18. Hi, Looking to invest in a new motor / ESC combo for my Hotshot, preferably one that is fast (40+ mph). My parameters are: - brushless - sensored - fast - preferably waterproof Excluded brands: - GoolRC - no-name Chinese - Turnigy Should I invest in a stock-spec (ie Surpass Hobby Rocket V5R), or something simpler? I’m looking for performance, both on and off-road. How many turns should this motor be? What ESC would complement nicely? Thanks so much!
  19. Just a few ( ) batteries for my “assortment” of RC cars. Couldn’t resist to purchase the last few Floureons on the market.
  20. I agree with all of the above statements. I personally sell on eBay (not R/C, but plumbing/electrical/industrial parts), and it’s been quite a frustrating experience. Say, you’ve sold an item anywhere; doesn’t matter if it’s within the country or outside of it (but selling outside is even more of a hassle/aggravating experience). If someone wants to return your item, they WILL, under eBay’s rules. eBay doesn’t give a flying badword about the seller’s judgment, and any “claim” created by the buyer will immediately be accepted by eBay. I’ve had people mark the item as “damaged upon arrival” when their description was “sorry I didn’t end up needing the item”, causing me to lose another $10-15 on postage (within the contiguous United States!) when I specifically state I do not accept returns (unless damaged or special cases). If there were any normal options, I’d hop off the eBay train in a heartbeat.
  21. Hi, Found this in storage- a full-metal flatbed trailer. I was wondering how I could swap out the wheels to make it drivable? Just something small, for a friend. Any ideas? This is my first time making modifications to non-RC products… Thanks!!
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