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  1. Can't postal race here in PA! Annoying rain is preventing me from having at it!!! Can't wait to gun around my TT-02 Type-S- it meant for this kinda thing!!! Also, I have a sensored motor, so more control.
  2. @bRIBEGuy, thanks again! Thanks- that really helped me visualize it. So it's more of a "scale realism" truck? Also, what about speed? Is it decently fast on-road? Cheers!
  3. Thank you, @bRIBEGuy! So no crawling on stock suspension? LOL Also, what about that 3-speed transmission? Is it any good? What would the approximate top speed be on the highest gear (with a silver can). Also, thank you for the advice on the motor/suspension. Greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  4. Hi all, Have a few questions about the Tamiya Toyota Tundra High-Lift. Some background: I bought the car from the latest Integrity auction. Car looks to be brand new (shelf queen I presume) and has a light/sound kit installed, aftermarket rims/tires, and all electronics (including a Tx/Rx combo- the Hitec Focus 4). All for $295 + shipping. How does the car perform? Is it a crawler? Basher? Crasher? What are its strengths/weaknesses? Things you like/dislike? What are some things, if any, that I should modify upon receiving? Thanks so much, Maxim
  5. @sqfab nice buggy! Any issues with the Trackstar? I had a T-star combo in my buggy (5300kV motor with 120A ESC) that started smoking and blew up shortly after. Melted my entire chassis. So, @berman, grab yourself something with a high kV and moderate T (mine is 11.5 if I’m not mistaken). I have one the of the cheap unbranded “black and silver” motors, paired with a 45A RaceStar ESC. Cannot recommend Turnigy or GoolRC for the life of me (go off like bombs every time in my experience). If you’re looking for something more expensive/higher quality, go for a Hobbywing 10BL120 and a Surpass Hobby Rocket V5R with a low turn count. Just my two cents!
  6. I think I’ll join in later this evening! Grab my TT02 and see what I can do! I just wish my Hotshot wasn’t taken apart- it has great control at low speeds! Might even test my TL-01, that, as stated by others, has the center of gravity of a flagpole. I’ll let you all know how it goes!
  7. Don’t blame you lol. Only snagged one lot, which was the Tamiya Toyota Tundra High-Lift for $295. Yes, there are some absolutely spic-n-span Tundra kits out there for $330, but this one was a shelf queen (zero wear) and has a light and sound kit installed, and on top of that comes with a TX and RX. Good deal? Who knows.
  8. Well stated! I 100% agree with you! Sometimes I’ll get a 90-year-old man in the park asking if it’s a Tamiya, and if it’s the original or the re-re, whilst other times I’ll have a young couple giving me the stink eye and attempting to get in my way by walking directly down the middle of the path.
  9. I mean yeah- some people in my area don’t even know what R/C IS! If it weren’t for my best buddy, I wouldn’t either! I remember he got me into it with his DT03 back in 2017!!
  10. I think what you all are saying is very accurate, as I myself am a kid (teenager) of 16 years and am enthusiastic about the R/C hobby. I only know three kids my age in school/in the neighborhood who are just as passionate as I am about the hobby. Most of the kids are more interested in the shooters/criminal games like GTA V and Fortnite. As you guys have already said, kids these days are introduced, then get bored quickly and move on to something else. I don't know if this'll surprise you all or not, but I have a friend which I sleep over with quite often, and in the mornings and evenings of the time together, we always sit down and tinker with our cars. Whether replacing a gear, installing a hop-up, or fixing/doing something involving the car. I remember one time we sat together (those of you who remember my old account, Tamiya_Cars_4_Life's failed Stadium Raider/TL01 paint job post) applying stickers over the dripping, ugly black paint, even with me being quite upset and wanting to quit the hobby altogether. We somehow made it look half-decent. Another thing to add is the mentality of "everthing's online". Kids my age are only interested in doing things over the internet. I have one neighbor who refuses to leave his house unless necessary. He literally FaceTimes me from two doors down. It feels quite upsetting, as the R/C hobby IS a lot of fun- whether building, fixing (other than my current "rebuild" (after gearbox maintenance) of my Hotshot. lost some goshdarn screws), and just straight bashing.
  11. Netsmith said I posted spam links and locked my account as a result. I told him it wasn’t me, checked Google Passwords, which stated my TamiyaClub password was redundant and compromised. He said I should be able to reset the password, which I did, but I could not post, read my past messages, or view any of my prior posts or replies. He said he would fix it after the holiday, but that never occurred. It’s been dead silent ever since.
  12. Hello? Anyone have any advice on what to do? I would really love to access my content… please?? @netsmithUK
  13. Hi, still struggling with this issue. Reached out to Netsmith countless times to no avail. I’ve posted a lot of questions, comments, etc, none of which I can access any longer. Thanks in advance for any help.
  14. I've also removed cache, restarted, reinstalled Chrome, used Edge instead, etc. Nothing seems to work.
  15. Hi all, I'm having some serious issues with my main account Tamiya_Cars_4_Life, which I couldn't sign in to (reset my password, which fixed) but cannot view my own personal threads or post any content. I contacted the admins, to no avail, at least for now. Can any of you with elevated permissions (i.e @netsmithUK) help me out? Thanks a bunch!!
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