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  1. Yes, Thank you very much! I managed to unscrew this two super hidden screws which I think are really hard to spot without taking the wheels off. Nevertheless, now I will just find some replacement for this motor, which fortunately happened to have something like a nameplate with a model number (RS-880SH RN563Z07, where first 8 might be 3). Thank you one more time
  2. Hello, I have Nikko f-150 with fried motor, which I would like to replace. Maybe I am a noob in rc cars but my problem is I can't get inside to compartment where motor with gears are. When I undo all screws (which is really hard because wheels block access to them) i can't take left and right parts apart because wheels hold them together, I can only get 2mm of gap between them. I've been looking over internet to find something but I couldn't. I would be very grateful for any help
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