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  1. Yes that's the issue I have to be honest, most of my models are buggys and larger. I don't currently have any touring cars so whenever I see a shelving / storage unit the sections usually aren't either wide or deep enough
  2. I finally ordered a Sand Scorcher from Fusion Hobbies yesterday, a car I’ve wanted for years. That’s my Christmas present to myself
  3. Hi Baddon - I really like the ikea cabinet - funny but I was looking at Ikea and searching for ikea hacks for ideas. yogi-bear, I like the stands also. Really smart!
  4. Thanks The Twingo Lord. I may need to opt for DIY shelves so that’s certainly an option
  5. Hi everyone. Have recently joined TC after being away from the hobby for too long. I still have some cars from before and a few kits to build but I was wondering... How do you store / display your cars? I’ve been looking for ages for a shelving unit / display shelf type thing which can easily store the cars (1/10 scale) when not in use but nothing has jumped out as being suitable. Has anybody been able to find, buy or build anything that isn’t too costly and can store cars and buggies safely - I no longer want to keep them in the cramped shed or attic. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated
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