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  1. Hi everyone. Not been on for quite a while so sorting out my collection etc and getting back into things but am seeking a bit of advice please... I have a Toureag with a built (and unused chassis), Tamiya sport tuned motor and unused / unpainted body. It is all effectively brand new with its original box and instructions. I'm thinking of selling it (downsizing) but have no idea on its likely value. I've looked on ebay and there is very little to compare to, so does anybody have any thoughts on what it may be worth to please? Many thanks and regards. Andy
  2. Ouch. That’s not good. I guess it goes to say you get what you pay for. Thanks for the warning though as it is always tempting to go for another brand especially if it’s cheaper.
  3. Thanks for the assistance guys. I appreciate the help. I dug into my spare bits box and found a set of oil filled shocks, Which were on another model previously and were just the right size. One was broken but luckily had some spare parts to repair. Problem solved!
  4. Thanks Smidsy, can you remember which ones you bought? We’re they the dt-03 ones taffer suggested? Thanks
  5. Have started building my re re holiday buggy. What a pain building those friction shocks! good job a had a vice in the shed to grip the bottom part. Has anybody upgraded the shocks on a HB as I am keen to replace them with oil filled shocks. Would be grateful for any suggestions / links
  6. Welcome Yoda67, looking forward to seeing photos of the builds
  7. Welcome dablk, better late than never
  8. Thanks Guys. I thought it was too good to be true - I'll pass on this occasion Crashbox Dummy
  9. Hi Guys. I have seen the above online for sale and it is referred to as a Carson (Tamiya Germany) 404172 Land Rover Defender crawler. While I Have heard of Carson before I am unsure whether this is an actual Tamiya chassis built under licence or whether it is a copy / variation etc or even something altogether different? Does anybody have experience of these, are they any good? is it effectively a ready to run built Tamiya kit which can use Tamiya parts and hop ups etc for repairs? The link at Time Tunnel Models is https://www.timetunnelmodels.com/live/catalog/carson-tamiya-germany-404172-land-rover-defender-crawler-silver-ready-large-p-66417.html Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated Crashbox Dummy
  10. Not radio control unfortunately (how cool would that be!) but have just finished the Falcon 😁
  11. Thanks waterbok. Thats interesting about the mah. I suppose over the years batteries have become more efficient and maybe better than they would have been even 5-10 years ago. I’ll have a look for the vapextech
  12. Hi everyone. Having come back into the hobby after a several years long break, I’ve realised my old ni-cd and nimh are no longer any good and it’s years since I bought any. I’m needing to buy some nimh batteries with large capacity (possibly 5,000 mah?) for decent running times. As it’s been years since I bought one does anybody recommend a particular brand please? Many thanks 😊
  13. After doing some gardening and having a bit of a nap in the sun, I finally pulled my finger out and updated my showroom today, something I've been meaning to do for months. I unfortunately downsized and sold several models a few years back but it's good to finally have my current models in the showroom. Tried to charge up my really old batteries as well with little success so I need to go shopping for some new ones. I also need to start building as I've got a few NIB. Crashboxdummy
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