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  1. Thanks for your reply Stam ! I will go with these for a first try : http://www.yeahracing.com/catalog/df03015sp-spring-steel-shaft-tamiya-df03-wild-dagger-twin-detonator-double-blaze-force-p-4739.html If they fail, I'll buy the Kyosho LA257 : https://rc.kyosho.com/en/la257.html Why I do not take the Kyosho first : I would like to see if the fitment is enough with the Yeah Racing, hopefully it fits perfectly Cheers, G-rem
  2. Sorry to resurect such an old thread but I could not find any satisfatory answer to my question : can someone tell me what are goods CVD or DCJ shafts for the WR-01/WT-01 chassis (apart from GPM) ? I would like to get rid of dogbone jumps when steering is fully locked in. Thanks in advance for your help ! Regards G-rem
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