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  1. Most boring box art yellow I am thinking.......
  2. Airbrushed my first coat of primer on my lunch box today. This paint job is gonna take a while........ The chassisi itself had already been build 2 weeks ago.
  3. I took my newly build T3-01 on holidays with me. Have lots of fun with it, now have to buy my son another one for him to build.
  4. Mine is all stock beside the CVA that is about to go in. Maybe too fast for it and me lol
  5. I will have to CVA shock soon, it is with the postman. Does 13.5t make it easy to tip over? Does it give it excessive speed you think?
  6. Starting to wonder did I do something wrong when I created the poll? Any admins around?
  7. Hi all I have 2 Hobbyking Trackstar 13.5t motorin my inventory, I was wondering which of my existing car should deserve the upgrade. Main objective is to have some more speed and fun for bashing and running around. I do not want the car to be un-drivable. Please cast your vote. Thanks.
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