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  1. Tungsten carbide have the best feel. Ceramic slips too much and you’ll need to tighten it too tight somit won’t slip. any of those are much harder than the softer stainless steel ring it rolls on.
  2. The sport tuned motor works well with 1300mah Nimh AA batteries. No stutter. Got a bunch of el cheapos from Daiso whilst I was in Japan. Cost about a buck each and works.
  3. If you are planning to race it. I think most stock classes accept bearings and propeller shaft upgrades. Other than that, nothing much.
  4. If you do race, the 1/14 trucks based on TT01E chassis is the new craze. They keep it fun and inexpensive. No mods except bearings (some allow metal drive cups)
  5. My upgraded lunchbox mini with Bearings, TT motor, aluminum pinion, rear steering bars, harder rear springs, red chassis.
  6. NiCads have much lower internal resistance than NiMh, hence the punch
  7. Are there upgrades to metal shock bodies?
  8. Thx Also wondering if you need to solder on the Capacitor between the poles. I bought the rtr kit and it didn’t have it on. Pretty sure I heard it somewhere that the 2.4ghz radios don’t get motor interference?
  9. Can someone please tell me if 370 sport tuned motor 54860 is a suited hop up for this car?
  10. Can someone post their running videos or reviews. Seriously thinking to get one soon.
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