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  1. WANTED Tamiya F103RS Body New or as new condition
  2. Thanks TurnipJF So just out of interest,what hop-ups do you have on the F103rs,and where is the best place to purchase them?
  3. Good idea👍 Either way i have to get a new body/wings and treat it to some shiney new wheels.Its a little hopped up,with the carbon deck/motor mount/15t abisma thrust brushed motor(32,000rpm) and a few shiney bits on the front suspension.Nothing crazy.Just waiting for the weather to cheer-up so i can take it out👍 Just wondering these days how common the F103rs is,and how its regarded amongst tamiya f1 enthusiasts?
  4. Thanks JJ. I really like the look of the 1991 Jordan on Ebay. Always confused when it says "For F103/F104",as i know the wheelbase is longer of the F104 by about 10mm.......🤔
  5. Hi, Looking for some info on where to get new bodies for the F103RS. I seem to have looked everywhere but not had much luck. I would like to have a body styled from 80s/90s F1 cars,Williams,Ferrari,Mclaren,Benetton etc As you can see my rear wing & mclaren body has seen better days......... If anyone has one for sale that would be ideal Thanks
  6. Hi Jonathon.Yeah,should go pretty well! I know brushed motors,especially those running at a higher rpm don't last too long,but at under £9 a pop i though badword why not,i'll just buy another if it only lasts a dozen runs or so.i will only be running it once a week as a bit of fun,not racing or anything,purely just for leisure👍 Battery isnt a hardcase,but to prevent "incidents" i will be running it in a massive open car-park after closing time well away from kerbs and the like.Will invest in a hardcase lipo in time though👍
  7. Hi thanks for the reply. The motor i have coming to me in the post is an Absima Thrust eco 15T,which i believe runs at 32,000rpm(Brushed) https://wheelspinmodels.co.uk/i/211970/ The battery i have gone for is an Overlander Ultrasport 2700mAh 2S 7.4v 50C LiPo (Deans) https://wheelspinmodels.co.uk/i/305383/ As i mentioned before,this will hooked up to a Hobbywing 1060 quicrun esc
  8. Hi all. Have just purchased an F103rs chassis with a hobbywing 1060 esc installed. What would be the difference/pro's & cons of running a 15t brushed motor with 2s lipo compared to a 21t with 3s lipo? Also any tips on gearing would really help me out Cheers Gav
  9. Hi all. I'm debating on purchasing a Robitronic Razer ten Brushless Motor & ESC Combo 60A 3652 3250kV by Hobbywing for my Tamiya DN-01 Zahhak(2wd)and maybe also for my TT01E Audi Quattro Touring(4wd) Has anybody bought one of these set-ups,and are they any good? Also,in respect to my 2 vehicles,which of the 3250kv/4000kv motor options would be suitable for each model? Cheers Gav D
  10. Thanks TurnipJF Would love something i didnt have to solder,but that looks ideal for the price.I am currently lusting after the Yeah Racing Tamiya TT-01 / TT-01E Ultimate Aluminum Conversion Kit,looks so good.
  11. Thankyou so much Jonathon I will have a look tomorrow,great advice Thanks again
  12. Thanks for the reply My kit did come with the TBLE02S,so 13.5t sensored brushless motor is the right way to go?If so,which would you recommend? Many thanks
  13. Thanks for the reply guys.I'm very new to this so very much a novice. Would a brushless 60a esc with a 3410kv motor be suitable for the TT01e? I don't want to attempt any speed records,just something a bit spicier than the stock set-up. My only previous rc was a Helion Criterion RTR 1/10 buggy that had the stock 30a esc & 12T brushed motor.Was quite rapid though for the price(£110)
  14. Hi everyone. Have just finished my first build of a TT01e Audi A4 Quattro and really enjoyed it. Could anybody recommend a brushless motor/esc combo for this model,and if possible a higher speed pinion/spur gear set-up.I do have a 3.5t turnigy trackstar 9410kv sensored brushless motor sat in its box unused but feel this would be too powerful.any ideas?
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