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  1. Hi guys I have what is a total beginners question regarding transmitters and receivers. Basically, I have 10 Tamiya buggies. They all have the same R3FS 3-channel receiver receiver in them. They are all paired with a Absima SR2S 2 2.4GHz stick controller. It's all fine unless I stupidly have two or more cars on at the same time. My question is this, if I purchase another identical Absima SR2S controller and I want 5 of my buggies to use this new controller, would I have to re-pair 5 of the receivers to the new controller or will it just work straight off the bat (ie when I switch the new receiver on)? Probably a stupid question I know but one I would love answered nevertheless. Any help would be fully appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you. Best regards
  2. Thanks Waterbok. I think this is the safest option for me! Best regards
  3. Thanks again TurnipJF! PS: Sorry the motor picture I posted was just a reference to a wireless motor that has the same ABC connection points that I have on my motor.
  4. Hi Novamadcars Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately, I'm be no means an expert so I wouldn't have a clue is there is another buggy out there with the same shock in black. If anyone does then any help would be fully appreciated. Best regards
  5. Hi guys Is it possible to paint/spray/dye the yellow shocks you get on the Manta Ray to black? If so, what would you suggest is the best method? Any help would be fully appreciated Best regards Rod
  6. Thanks Aerobert. Do you know if they'll they fit the Tamiya TBLE 02S ESC? Best regards Rod
  7. Hi TurnipJF My ESC is a Tamiya TBLE 02S. I don;t really want to permanently connect the ESC to the motor as I may was to swap the motor with other I have from time to time. Regard Rod
  8. Thanks Jonnythefox87, much appreciated. I assume I also need 3x of these? https://www.modelsport.co.uk/modelsport-uk-motor-connector-installation-bullet-connector/rc-car-products/36946 Regards Rod
  9. Hi guys Unfortunately, I can't seem to find the wires in order to buy them. What do I search for? Any ideas would be fully appreciated. Best regards Rod
  10. Hi guys I am very much a newbie to this hobby so please excuse the questions. Basically, I purchased a cheap brushless blue can motor. However, when it arrived it had none of the usual three wires attached to it (orange, yellow and blue). Is there some sort of connector I can buy or is soldering required? If soldering is required then can anyone recommend a cheap soldering kit for a beginner like me? Also, what colour wires would give with A B or C connections? Apologies if these are really silly questions. I haven't a clue! I have attached a photo of the motor with this post. Any help would be fully appreciated. Best regards Rod
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