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  1. Looks like another run: https://tamiyablog.com/2021/02/new-production-batches-of-tamiya-58577-nova-fox-and-58578-ford-zakspeed-turbo-capri-gr-5-wurth-tt-02/
  2. Nice! This was the 2nd kit I bought when I got back into the hobby. Ended up giving it to a friend who wanted to introduce his son to rc. Really miss it though, especially since its been getting harder to find.
  3. Tower had better deals before the merge
  4. Agreed. If towers carries it I might have to get another!
  5. Interested. Can you point me in the right direction😁
  6. Ordered a Tomahawk from towerhobbies😁
  7. Towerhobbies label their stock of VQS as backorder. Did I miss the boat again😔?
  8. Super Champ (Fighting Buggy) Wild One Fox (Novafox) Boomerang Scorpion Sand Scorcher Always wanted these as a kid
  9. Here's the one I saw: https://tamiyablog.com/2020/11/future-release-tamiya-58687-escort-mk-ii-rally-pb-mf-01x-new-batch-of-tamiya-47304-fighting-buggy-2014/
  10. Awesome! I hope Tamiya will do a better job than they did with the Novafox
  11. Nice wheels! What are the front tires?
  12. Always wanted one of these, especially after I saw a video of some people playing a soccer like game with VW Wheelies
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