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  1. Agreed. If towers carries it I might have to get another!
  2. Interested. Can you point me in the right direction😁
  3. Ordered a Tomahawk from towerhobbies😁
  4. Towerhobbies label their stock of VQS as backorder. Did I miss the boat again😔?
  5. Super Champ (Fighting Buggy) Wild One Fox (Novafox) Boomerang Scorpion Sand Scorcher Always wanted these as a kid
  6. Here's the one I saw: https://tamiyablog.com/2020/11/future-release-tamiya-58687-escort-mk-ii-rally-pb-mf-01x-new-batch-of-tamiya-47304-fighting-buggy-2014/
  7. Awesome! I hope Tamiya will do a better job than they did with the Novafox
  8. Nice wheels! What are the front tires?
  9. Always wanted one of these, especially after I saw a video of some people playing a soccer like game with VW Wheelies
  10. Still waiting for Towers to get the Novafox in stock
  11. Is the titan dt02 basically the sand viper (540 motor, oil filled shocks, bearings) with a titan body?
  12. Got back in because of Matteo's videos. Just started watching Mark Bryan, good stuff!
  13. The dt03 Neo Fighter is still hanging around and I saw that the Racing Fighter is being released as a rtr: https://tamiyablog.com/2020/08/some-more-future-tamiya-rc-releases/ Wish I bought the chrome edition.
  14. I just painted my boomerang corsa grey, I like it
  15. Wow! Very nice, especially the fancy motor!
  16. Do I really need the motor plate when upgrading to a 540?
  17. Not rc related, but the Honda Monkey looks like a whole lot of fun!
  18. Congrats on the Desert Gator! I was thinking about getting a Holiday Buggy ( I like the way it looks) with bearings, oil shocks, 540 motor, motor plate, 17 tooth pinion and those Carson wheels(pre-order). Had most of items in cart but didn't go thru with it. Probably cheaper if I just got a Sand Viper. Oh well, I see what happens after I build my rere Brat😁
  19. The Nissan Titan is priced higher than the Sand Viper at Towers. I think it has the oil filled shocks and 540 motor but not sure about the ball bearing.
  20. Is this the same chassis as the Avante?
  21. Is there a difference with the black edition?
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