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  1. Thanks for the photos....I can’t wait to get my old Thunder Dragon QD running again and it should handle better and be so much faster after the brushless conversion. The photos really help me understand what I need to do. Much appreciated! I’m sure I’ll need help again as I bound to get stuck. Really enjoying tinkering with things. Once my little Thunder Dragon is built I’d like to buy something 2nd hand but bigger. Photos will be posted to show my progress of my T/D QD conversion and all the mistakes I may make along the way!
  2. Thanks to both of you for your replies. I’m in talks with the guy from eBay regarding the gold wheels for my old thunder dragon QD, fingers crossed his dimensions match mine.
  3. Hello, please could anyone help, I’m after some advice on replacing the wheels on my very old QD thunder dragon? I’m looking to go brushless but the rear wheels are seriously tired. Any suggestions would be amazing. I have bought some 60D rally block tyres which I would like to still use if possible? I’m new to this and doing the build for my daughter she is 6. Thanks
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