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  1. It can be used because it can prevent the fire from spreading when the lipo battery burns. But do not use it in a high-temp
  2. It looks like an AA cell battery, but requires a few. If you have a battery at home, you can just put it in and try it out
  3. just stay at home and practice bashing with a sloping board in the yard
  4. This is what I use, have a good experience with it https://www.ampow.com/ovonic-50c-4000mah-2s1p-hardcase-8-deans-lipo-battery.html By the way, I like hardcase for my car
  5. If you need kit, Tamiya also has many options, such as Tamiya 1/10 Neo Scorcher TT-02B. If your budget also includes a controller and battery, then this one is suitable
  6. Others have already describe in great detail, and I also have learned a lot. Anyway, I always handle my 4S lipo very carefully. If I don’t use it, I will discharge to 15.2v-16v before storing them.
  7. thanks for your share, I will follow
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