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  1. I used deans forever but I just tried ec3 and I like that there is more surface area to grab when unplugging. some of my deans are hard to grab without feeling your pulling on the wires.
  2. finished my Christmas shopping, I had some cash left over so I ordered a new body for my f103gt and some tungsten diff balls for my f104 v2.
  3. merry x-mas to everyone and all your families.
  4. could you wrap them with widerubber bands to give it a layer of rubber to grip?
  5. turnipjf, yes I did get it going. every time you make a change, weather it be on the controller or switching wires, I had to recalibrate the esc. they call it the high point setup in the manual. it took me forever to figure it out. switching it on the receiver didn't work. ultimately it was switching the wire connections and recalibrating the esc. hope this helps you, sorry it took so long to answer back. I am still getting used finding my way around the site .
  6. my f103 gt front spring set and c clips for my f104 came today and a sweet gift from rcmart, Velcro tape. thanks postman!
  7. are we talking only vintage buggys or onroad chassis as well.i have brushless in a f103gt and its driving on that razors edge that makes it exciting.
  8. i don't know where we at in the tread, but this is what i did yesterday . what have you done today.
  9. I tried to download a picture for you but file was too big.
  10. I myself just finished building this f104 and it came with Tamiya rubber tires. hope this helps
  11. finished running electronics in my f104 v2, what a nightmare! started changing out the esc in my tt-02, ran out of steam. that's what I will do tomorrow. what have you done today ?
  12. I miss spoke before. actually the motor is sensored I have the wires run and everything seems to fit now but I now cant figure out how to make the motor run in the correct direction using the tble-02. I have tried switching the wires around but forward on the motore is reverse. I tried reversing it on my controller but the braking is in reverse if that makes sense ie. if I pull full throttle and go to hit the brakes it gives me instant reverse with no braking, and if I go in reverse it gives me brakes as I try to throttle up. I am definitely not very good with setting up escs and transmitters. well electronics in general really lol. thank you for your help fella.
  13. I tried putting it in front as you suggested but it definitely doesn't fit I have 18mm of space left after the battery goes in or about 3/4 of an inch. the layout of version 2 of the f104 looks different than the original in the pictures I have seen. the castle creations esc fits in my f103gt with no issues as well, but the battery tray layout is different on the f104. the Tamiya esc is about the size that fits but I am having trouble getting it to work with my sensorless castle creations motor.
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