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  1. Covid boat access bash session with the family. Play safe everyone and post your distant picks! PS - Great time to order a kit and build.
  2. Looking for recommendation on durable rims for bashing the konghead/king yellow. Something compatible with stock tires and set-up. Original rims’ days are numbered. Thanks!
  3. Thanks. Going with the CC-01. Any oil weight advice for bashing?
  4. We’re any mods required to put these on the G6-01?
  5. Were any mods required to pit these on the G6-01?
  6. Looking for Konghead shock upgrade recommendations. Bought cheap sets by 3Racing from RCMart but they are junk (leak) and Tamiya hop ups are hard to find and pricy. Any tips appreciated. Thanks!
  7. First tundra bash session 🥶🤟🏼
  8. @toyolien what weight shock oil you thinking for offroad bashing?
  9. ReRun

    Back after 30+ years

    T Personally I feel that rug really tied the RCs together.
  10. ReRun

    Back after 30+ years

    ‘86-87 photo of my Turbo Optima and buddy’s Javelin, both with MSCs. This was after we graduated from a Grasshopper and Hornet. Note genuine green shag carpet as evidence of photo authenticity 😆🤢
  11. ReRun

    Back after 30+ years

    Thanks for the tips everyone. Tracked down a new body and decals with the suggestions provided. I’ve got the two sets of the original wheels/tires (also had a chain drive Turbo Optima at on point). Also have foam slicks and my former race go to Schumacher rears and Hotshot fronts that I died yellow. Unfortunately one of the fronts has warped while in storage. Will stick to the NiMHs as I don’t trust my 11 year old with Lipos. You should have seen the smoke when Intried to charge the 30 year old NiCd’s! Two new radios and hobbywing 1060s are on order with a Konghead and King Yellow that are going under the tree for Xmas for my son and I so will have backup electronics if I can’t get the vintage electronics back online. Lots of family bashing in my near future!
  12. ReRun

    Back after 30+ years

    Only found a source in UK from an online search. Looks like I’ll just cut up a regular pack and resolder.
  13. Awesome! Just ordered a Konghead and King Yellow for Xmass for my son and I. First RC in over 30 years. Report back on what hop ups offer the most value.
  14. My son dug out my old RC and we’re going to resurrect it. It’s an original Turbo Optima Mid last raced in 1988 when I was 15. Need some advice... Anyone know where I can get a new body (I’m in Canada)? Any parts that are likely to have not aged well and I should expect to break? Are split pack NiMH available (3 cells per side)? Thanks!
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