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  1. Fair enough, eBay seems to have one of its £1 selling weekends at the moment so it is now listed on eBay.
  2. I realise this isn't a great first post, but I don't have much to contribute to the forums as a regular poster, other than a years subscription as I thought it would be the done thing if I were to sell this model (and I didn't see a section for member introductions). So Hi, I'm Mel, and though I have a long history of RC flying, RC cars and an RC tank I am pumping my resources into full scale flying (current steed is a Slingsby Firefly) now and for the foreseeable future. I built the model initially as an out of the box build to drive around with and for a time I was happy with it, then came a few modifications to improve it both cosmetically (e.g. the opening and closing commanders hatch) and in its usability (track tensioners for example), then I stripped and rebuilt it over a period of about a year with lots of upgrades as I wanted to do at the time. However, Since the rebuild the model has seen little use and it is rather a lot to just have as an ornament (I'd have bought a static kit if this model was to be a showpiece) I cannot stand to see it gathering dust on a shelf, I’d rather somebody bought it and had fun with it. It has been upgraded with the following parts: ABER Photo etch rear grilles ABER barrel cleaning rod ABER tow cables ABER Muzzle brake ABER Scale barrel Schumo turret rollers Schumo optical fibre Schumo metal track holders Schumo metal towing shackles Schumo improved track idler system Schumo metal hand hold set Schumo rear hatch Schumo tow cable holders Schumo metal exhaust covers Schumo periscopes Schumo rear tow shackle mounts Full Metal tracks Drive sprocket support bushings The spare links on the turret are also metal The Commanders, hull gunner and drivers hatches open The power switch has been relocated to drivers hatch The switch for the headlight has been relocated to the hull gunners hatch The badly painted commander figure which I have and will include has a Velcro base to allow easy attachment and removal Real wood jack block with metal strap Mechanically it is in good order as it has very few “miles” on it. However it does have a couple of minor faults: The turret elevation gearbox is “iffy” possibly due to the extra weight of the brass muzzle brake. The flash unit also has an intermittent fault. I will include the battery and charger (shipping restrictions) and the base (weight) it sits on if the buyer collects. It is hard to put a price on if you wanted to build it from scratch with the same mods it would likely cost over £1200 (the tracks alone are £135). There are some bigger pictures in my gallery. The radio is on loan to me and will be removed at point of sale. I am willing to sell for £450 ono.
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