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  1. Great looking rig! I’m going to try to only use hotshot parts and make a “tribute” “hot-hornet”. 😆
  2. That’s what I want to do. 3d printing is an option, but this was done in 85 and it looks like it made it competitive with the rc10’s of the day with using only tamiya parts. I am going to start building the hotshot trans and back suspension and hope that I am infused with some Tamiya magic to get it all to hook up.
  3. Does anyone have better pictures of this IRS hornet? It was back in 85 at the worlds event. It was a mixture of hotshot and hornet parts and by chance I have a box of them in a both.... so now I am wanting to make a tribute hornet with an IRS... with stock tamiya parts. It was built by Yoshiaki Shimotori it was on Dirt Burners.com, but I don’t think that site is working anymore. Does anyone have better pictures of this car?
  4. Sounds good. Hornet was my first car and it will look great on the shelve next to my late dads mint Rc10.
  5. Bought a few vintage NIB kits. These are the original 5847 hotshot and 5845 hornet kits. Hotshot is NIB. Opened, but everything is there. The hornet is partially built with all the parts. I’m thinking the damage is done to the value of NIB and I should just finish it. They built the gear box and then stopped. Opened up almost all the blister boxes. Based on resale value, should I.... 1. Finish it? 2. Leave it partial built.
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