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  1. You could also try the Tamiya Lame Flake PS53 if you want a 'glittery' metallic look. I think it looks awesome, but then I like anything sparkly.
  2. Just measured mine with calipers. The plug is around 3.3mm expanding to 3.5mm. The socket measured at 3.1mm, but I think that under-measured slightly due to width of calipers. I'd go with 3.5mm I think.
  3. I'll just keep humming my mantra "Super Champ / Fighting Buggy; Super Champ / Fighting Buggy; Super Champ / Fighting Buggy; Super Champ / Fighting Buggy;"
  4. The M07 is a great build, isn't it? I had great fun building mine. I have a sport-tuned motor in mine and it is plenty zippy. It's great fun to drive as well. I liked it so much I bought an M07-R as well, I haven't built it yet though
  5. The Drop Bears might be a myth (they're not, they are real!) but the Stinging Tree is real. Oh I also forgot - Box Jellyfish / Irukanji; they'll kill you too and they are literally invisible.
  6. You forgot the trees. Even the trees are trying to kill you in Australia, either the North Queensland Stinging Tree, or just good old 'widowmakers' - usually Angophoras that drop big heavy branches on you. Also the mammals - either Tasmanian Devils, or Platypus with their venomous spine, or the little-seen (it's so deadly) Drop Bear!
  7. Trim first, then paint. The secret to trimming is to take it very slowly. I score a faint line with a good sharp blade, then go over it a few times, then bend and snap. I use scissors for really tight areas that are tricky with a blade.
  8. I would have a look at any of the Comic series: Grasshopper, Hornet or Avante. The are an easy but interesting build and they are an absolute hoot to drive. Add a hopped-up motor if you want speed, but they are total fun out of the box as-is. If he's into racing though, this might not be the best choice.
  9. This is exactly the kind of helpful wisdom that I came to Tamiyaclub for. Thank you!
  10. Sitting quietly in the corner, muttering "Super Champ / Fighting Buggy / Super Champ / Fighting Buggy" you get the idea. Not holding my breath.
  11. The Super Champ / Fighting Buggy was my first ever RC car, and yes it was gorgeous to look at. I raced it in the early '80s but by the time I had saved my pocket money to buy one the Frog came out and that ruled the track. I think I once managed a 2nd place against a field of Frogs only due to a massive pile-up that I drove around. If there is one thing you can say about the Super Champ (apart from it being so very pretty) is that once it got some speed up, nothing could stop a pure aluminium ingot!
  12. Yes, it definetly looks like a 'phat' Mini, but I like it. The slightly larger rally-style tires help the looks as well. Looking online it seems like I got the last of them, they seem to be out of stock everywhere.
  13. The is the Team C TM205 Mini body I got this year for my M07; it's 225mm wheelbase. Maybe not as detailed as the Tamiya ones but it's a Mini! It sits a little wide, probably due to scaling it to a 225mm wheelbase. You might need to Google a bit to find one in stock, though. I bought mine in February this year. As an aside; February seems like a million years ago now.
  14. Yes, my M-07R purchase was an accident too. Especially as I already had a standard M-07. It is tremendous fun to drive, I have only driven it on local backstreets with very smooth tarmac. It's great fun to drive; I only had experience driving buggies before so it's a totally different feel. I was also a great build, really fun to build something with far tighter tolerance than a buggy.
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