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  1. How did you glue the axles? I have the SW01 Lunch Box, but I havent started building it yet. It seems the axles seem to be a bit of a weak point.
  2. I would be interested in 1 set if you're still taking orders.
  3. This cute little thing; it really is tiny!
  4. Green from the back, purple from the front. I really love this irridescent paint! The Lame Flake was also a good idea, it really catches the light in the sun and is very sparkly. Not that we had much sun today. We had the first run of the to Comical cars; my wife has picked it up pretty well. They are great fun to drive, I was surprised by the handling, it's quite good. If you're after a fun, robust basher then I can highly recommend the Comical chassis.
  5. My wife and I spent the afternoon stickering our cars. The Comical Frog is my wifes first ever RC car; she did the masking and painting and stickering herself! I'm really happy with the way the Comical Hornet has turned out;,the irridescent purple/green looks great contrasting with the yellow/organge stickers and the teal sections. I'm happy! Tomorrow we drive them / teach my wife how to drive. Should be fun!
  6. Back in 1983-4 I had a Super Champ which I sold in 1985 and got a Hornet. I don't even remeber what happened to that Hornet. About 6 montsh ago a mate for mine found a 1983 Sand Rover in his garage; it used to belong to my brother, anbd he gave it to me. Around the same time an old school mate invited me along to running his old Dirt Thrasher - this got me hooked back onto the old Tamiya bug. With some hinting my wife bought me a TT02-B Neo Scorcher for christmass; since then I have bought a rere Hornet, rere Frog (I always wanted one), a Comical Hornet (My wife got a Comical Frog at the same time) and a GF06 King Yellow. In the mail is a SW01 Lunch Box. Amongst this is an M07 built with a Mini body and an M07R still unbuilt with an Alfa Romeo Mto body. From no cars in November 2019 I have gone to 9 cars by May 2020. I am totally comfortable with this.
  7. I've just bought one of these little beasts, I'm looking forward to running it. It looks like a great fun little car!
  8. Arrgh, don't tempt me. There's not even many areas near me to drive them, the best is a nearby quiet and smooth cul-de-sac. Yeah, maybe an M08 with an Alfa body of some sort...
  9. I did my Comical Hornet in PS46, it came out gorgeous. I did a test first where the PS46 didn't come out right. What I discovered is that it has to be very dry before each coat. I did the Hornet with 2 coats of PS53 Lame flake, then 4 coats of PS46, making sure each coat of the irridescent was touch-dry, and finally two coats of black. It has come out with an incredibly 'deep' metallic look from the PS53; which is my new favourite. Every body I do from now on will have glitter. The purple came out really well too. Front on it's bright purple, at low angles it is a deep forest green. I think the trick is to let it completely dry between the coats and the final black coat.
  10. They are a heap of fun aren't they? I have an M07 and liked it so much I got an M07R as well. I haven't built it yet though.
  11. Beautiful afternoon outside, what better to do than paint some RC bodies? This is the wife's Comical Frog and my Comical Hornet getting painted. We used a lot of PS53 Lame flakes (aka GLITTER!); the wife did the whole body with a first coat of glitter; mine just has it on the irridescent purple parts. I've gone with a very contrasting paint scheme, Cobalt Green (it's teal or turquoise to my eyes) and the Purple/Green irridescent. The yellow/organe Hornet stickers will provide the right third contrast element that will ring it all together. Wo'nt get to the decals today, waiting for paint to dry and it's gin-o-clock!
  12. Dirt in Sydney is a bit wierd; it usualy contains small grains of magnetite / hematite / some other magnetic mineral, and I have noticed them getting stuck to my motor cans. The last time I took a car out, just on the local street, it came back with a 5mm (!) pebble stuck to the motor. No doubt smaller grains are getiing inside and will be next to impossible to remove from magnets. Presumably such grains wreak havoc on bearing and brushes. Is it OK to tape over the holes over the brushes of motors? The look like they're for cooling so I have been wary of taping over them. Brushless motors seem to be sealed cans and I don't think they have so much of an external magnetic field like a brushed one does. The sport tuned brushed I have with eternally accessible brushes is at least a bit easier to clean. I am also continually amazed at the places dirt/pebbles/pine needles/leaves/twigs manage to get into; cleaning the car takes longer than running it!
  13. Technically not today; I did these on Sunday. Comical Hornet driver painted and mounted. I masked the body as well but didn't get to paint as it is too cold and rainy.
  14. Mask and paint my Comical Hornet body. Help my wife mask and paint her Comical Frog body. Go drive aforementioned Comical Hornet & Frog. Then onto the full size Hornet or maybe the Frog or maybe the King Yellow or maybe the M07R if I can get the courage to do the complex paint scheme I have in mind for it.
  15. The M-chassis are pretty good, and there is a reasonable range of bodies to choose from. I built an M07 as my first lockdown car; it's a real step up engineering-wise from the TT02B I built in December 2019. The tolerances are much tighter and the whole thing feels much more solid than the TT02. It's also great fun to drive!
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