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  1. Haven't been on TamiyaClub for a while,; life and all, you know. Did some work fixing my TT02-B, last time I ran it one of the screws for the steering inexplicably fell out. I did a temporary fix with a similar screw, and went to replace it with the correct type today. The replacement had somehow welded itself in place and was a ****** to remove. It was a Philips head, and it stripped with a normal PH screwdriver, so had to resort to multi-grips to remove it. Removal was successful, and the correct hex-head screw has been installed. Hopefully it won't fall out again. In other news I built my G601 King Yellow bus. It is awesome. Its had one run so far, I put a 15t brushless TBLM02 motor in it, and a 20t pinion so it goes pretty well. It needs to be faster though.
  2. Only if you have 'This insert has a protective coating' written on your back!
  3. Hornet / Grasshopper, with their cousin the Lunchbox. The Hornet / Grasshopper are pretty much indestructible, and the Lunchbox is just pure fun on four wheels. Driving the Lunchbox always brings a smile to my face.
  4. I still haven't built my VQS, I've had it for um, maybe 2 years now? I'll get around to it someday. It does look to be a very fiddly build which doesn't bode well for reliability. Not like a Hornet which is a simple build and will stand up to ridiculous punishment.
  5. I got some silver wheels that were called '5-spoke wheels' that were the exact wheels to use for my M07 Alfa Romeo Mito.
  6. I still have a Sand Rover that was techinically my brother's car, but bought at the same time I bought a Super Champ in 1984. I don't have the Super Champ any more, but somehow I ended up with the Sand Rover. The paint job is original and the dirt is circa 1985-6.
  7. I’d buy a lotto ticket, your luck seems to be in.
  8. A lovely day out getting some RC action with a friend. We flew some RC planes for a while - he had a lovely home-built balsa old timer with modern electrics (climbs like a bat out of badword) and I flew my Eachine P51. Then we moved onto cars - his Grasshopper and my Lunchbox. It was my first drive of the Lunchbox, and my first time driving a car that really made me think - this car needs MOAR POWAR! Car driving was cut short by my car going totally haywire - glitching and phantom throttle movement. Something seems to have gone badly wrong with my Flysky GT3C tx. Anyone else had problems with a GT3C totally glitching out? The battery was freshly charged and at 4.0V so not the battery. Maybe problems with the power switch, but I didn't notice the display cutting out. Annoying as I wanted to do some postal racing on the weekend.
  9. Finally got around to replacing the A gear on the Sand Rover. I also swapped the original (!) rear wheels back on, as the Rough Rider (Buggy Champ) rears were rubbing against the rear suspension plate. I didn't notice the tyres were ever so slightly larger than the Sand Rover originals. I don't know what I'm going to do when the original tyres wear out. They will wear out - I want to try racing the Sand Rover in the Postal Racing series.
  10. Excellent. I must buy some chalk to draw the circuit on the street. It looks complex enough that I will need some lines to guide me around my traffic cones.
  11. I moved house in late September, and I have only just unpacked the RC cars. Our new street is a lovely flat and very quiet cul-de-sac so it's prefect for racing. I'm looking forward to the next track, and having a crack at it with my M07s.
  12. My wife ended up going for a sky blue colour, with lame flake over the top. It worked ok, it does look like glitter, which was the effect she was after. I don't have any photos yet, the car isn't finished.
  13. You have a classic there. I recently restored one to running condition. It was a light restoration - I didn't clean the 'patina' off the body, but the chassis had a good scrub and clean. My biggest problem was a broken gear tooth, it took a while to source a replacement but I finally got one after lurking on Ebay for acouple of months. I bought new tires - they are the Rough Rider ones for the rear but orginal Sand Rover for the fronts. The old tires were hard and crumbly. I'm using the orginal speed controller (mechanical) and a 7.2V hump-pack which I found on Ebay. The front suspension mounts were cracked and broken, so I made new mounts out of aluminium plate. The last thing I replaced was the front bumper - I foolishly lifted the car by the front bumper and the orignal one just snapped! Fortunately I was able to get a new bumper to replace it. Whateverr you do, a car of this age will never stand the abuse of a modern car. Have fun restoring it and drive it gently! See my restoration progress at: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=134591&id=53483 https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=134600&id=53483 https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=134649&id=53483
  14. Well done @Ferruz ! I'm in the middle of moving to a new house, with a larger back yard which might suit Postal Racing better than my current house. Next month I'll be moving so hopefully the month after that I can be competitive again.
  15. It's a council in Australia - the way to get them to do what you want is to turn up at meetings with a brown paper bag stuffed full of $100 notes. Too easy (as they say).
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