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  1. I bought one of the Lunchbox Mini-4WD from RCMart a couple of months ago, just so I could have a Lunchbox at every scale. I think the roof lights were on a common sprue, so you would get your rooflights from a Lunchbox kit. Of course you would need to buy two Lunchbox kits, so you could get your rooflights and have a Lunchbox as well!
  2. I got my holy grail this year; a Super Champ Fighting Buggy. The Super Champ was my first ever RC car, the original is long gone. An original SC is too rare (and beyond my price range) to contemplate. I missed the re-re in 2014 or so, and was absolutely stoked that Tamiya decided to release it again this year. It's not the best chassis, it's not the fastest or best handling chassis, but for me it's total nostalgia. I'm glad I got one.
  3. I've bought stuff from both the RCJaz website and their ebay store in the past month or so. They are still active, with good prices and pretty quick shipping to Australia.
  4. It looks so easy, doesn't it? I didn't get a run in last weekend due to rain; this weekend looks fine though so I want to try to beat what I have already set so far. I was happy with the run I did with the Neo Scorcher, the Comical Hornet could be better.
  5. Teal, purple-green irridescent and glitter flake.
  6. I set this up in the backyard this afternoon. Deceptively simple. Looks easy, but you have to be super-smooth. I was running on rough grass / concrete, so being super-smooth was a bit of a chellenge. I like it, it's a good track. I'll see if I can improve over the next few weeks.
  7. Wow, I got the most laps on grass! I had another 3 sessions on Sunday with the TT02B, and each time I got the same number of laps - 38. I seem to have reached a plateau of acheivement for that car / surface / skill (or lack thereof) combination.
  8. In Dec 2019 I joined Tamiya club with a TT02B on order. Now I have 12, er, no, 13 cars, inlcuding a Lunchbox. I have a Sand Scorcher tucked away for my wife's birthday. She already has a Comical Frog. Get both the Lunchbox and Monster Beetle, build both and then decide which one you like.
  9. You can't go wrong with the GT3C. Built-in battery, pretty much very function you need, and receivers cost practically nothing.
  10. Great with the correct period Attack radio. I think I had an Attack back in 1983.
  11. I kind of like the Tamiya rabbit-hole I find myself in. TD-4 next!
  12. Great to see you got some time out with the cars as a break from the insurance. I hope things get sorted out for you and you are able to move back in soon.
  13. I get strong 'TRON' vibes from this. When I get the new TD4 I might consider this for a paint job. With extra glitter, because I have decided all my cars must have sparkly glitter.
  14. I love the look of it - it looks like the off road / F1 cars in TrackMania (which I also love) so I'm defintely getting one. Also it lets Tamiya know we love buggies! so give us MORE....
  15. Bryce Canyon! I've always wanted to see it, it looks surreal.
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