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  1. I finally had a go at the Postal course. The pictures show our very rough track at a park (yellow cones barely visisble). Medium length grass, bumpy, lots of leaves and twigs. I ran the Comical Hornet because why not? I don't think that I was in any way competitive. Driving around such a small technical track was quite a challenge! I seriously need to improve my skills, just bashing about doesn't really give one race skills. The track just fits in our backyard, though the surface, a mixture of grass and concrete paths is not ideal; I do want to give it a try though as it suddenly seems I have got all competitive! I'll give it a go in the backyard over the nexct few weekends to see if I can improve my results.
  2. Had a great day at the park with @Trouserlord running his 30-something year old Hornet, my Neo Scorcher, and the wife's Comical Frog. We even managed to have a go at the Postal Racing track. I set what I think is a pretty mediocre number of laps on track of medium length grass, lots of leaves and twigs. The wife wanted a bit more practice when we got home, and the 5000mah batteries still had juice, so we did some classic oval practice. The Tamiya Radio Control Guide Books always used to suggest setting up and oval or figure of eight using 'soda cans'. We didn't have soda cans I could only find these beer cans. We had to empty them first though.
  3. I did some upgrades on the TT02B this afternoon. I added the Tamiya carbon suspension uprights and Yeah Racing aluminium steering link. Somehow I managed to forget to take photos of the steering link. All the bits for the suspension uprights. Initial fitting on suspension holes for maximum height - the shocks are touching the front bumper. I think this is a problem - the moment I run into something (inevitable) I'm going to end up with bent shocks. Yeah, thats too close. I don't recall the original parts having the shocks touch the bumper. Moved to some more conservative holes. I'm losing a bit of ride height but at least there is clearance to the shocks now. Rear shock tower doesn't have the clearance problems the front set had. The steering install was fraught with initial error - I found I had ordered a GPM turnbuckle set for a TT02; lacking the 'B' meant it's the wrong parts. However I had also ordered GMP front and rear upper arm links, which turned out to be superfluous as the Tamiya uprights came with adjustable links; I didn't know this until I opened the package. As it happens the GPM rear upper links fit as steering rods, and I could still use the servo-to-link turnbuckle from the TT02 set. So all was well. We're off for a burn around a park with @Trouserlord tomorrow so I have set up the TT02B with a little bit of front toe-out to see how it drives. The surface is medium grass so I suspect the subtlties of tuning will be moot. I want to set up the Postal Racing track with some cones and have a crack at that with the TT02B and the Comical Hornet and my wife's Comical Frog. Hopefully the rain will stay away and we get a good race day.
  4. Snow? What is 'snow'? Yes, I'm Australian.
  5. For the weird factor I'd go for a G6-01 chassis. However my theory over the past 12 months is to just buy anything that catches my fancy, which is how I have 13 cars now.
  6. I think the theory is molybdenum for metal gears and ceramic for plastic. Thats what I have been using on other kits; I've had a M07-R in my build queue for a year but haven't got to it yet.
  7. Whats a good setup for the rear wheels with the Upper Link mod? I reduced the toe-in a bit because it seemed excessive. Going into wheelie mode often results in the car spearing off to the left. Seemes like I don't have the setup correct. Anyone have any good tips for setup of the LB Mini?
  8. Wow, where did you find that? How much did it set you back?
  9. My Lunch Box is the Mini version, but is still a Lunch Box! This was a fun little build, more complex than you might expect for such a small car. The leaning steering suspension makes it quite nimble. I was able to set up a decent little track for it in our kitchen.
  10. I have been running my Lunch Box Mini off 4 x AA cells. They are basic 2000mah nimh cells, and it runs really well. I think the lipo I bought would be overpowered for such a small car, but it might make it wheelie a lot less as it's much lighter than 4 AA cells. The 4 AAs make it quite top-heavy so wheelies are very easy to do, as is falling over and rolling. Stoppies are fun though!
  11. I finished my LunchBox Mini today, just had the stickers to complete it. It's a cute little kit, and small enough that I can make a decent enough track for it in our kitchen.
  12. I finished my LunchBox Mini today. It's a very cute little kit!
  13. Yes, i would buy a couple of Hornets that came like that.
  14. This will only give you average speed, not the highest speed acheived. You would need to know the rate of acceleration to work out the highest speed.
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