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  1. Yes, my original battery for my Super Champ went all melty, it didn't work afterwards. I didn't get a Tamiya pack again, the next batteries were all shrink-wrapped.
  2. I should start work on mine, I got it over a year ago.
  3. 51. I was the precise target age for Tamiya buggies in the 80's, and I had a Super Champ and Hornet back then. I have a re-re Hornet and Fighting Buggy sitting in my build pile. I have to finish the M07-Alfa Romeo Mito first.
  4. I think the theory is molybdenum grease for metal gears, ceramic grease for plastic.
  5. WITNESS! Shiny and chrome may you ride in Valhalla.
  6. I'll try to get some laps in over Easter, this track should fit in our yard.
  7. Australia is the ones who were stupid enough to get caught. You know, got caught stealing an apple.
  8. So the building industry in the UK is as bad as Australia then? Did we inherit it from you or have you inherited our industry?
  9. I like the course. It might not fit in my pokey backyard, but a local carpark is quiet on a Sunday so I might get the chance there. Hopefully it stops raining, it has rained all weekends for the past month.
  10. Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.
  11. It's been raining for the past week, and is forecast for the next week too, so no times from me.
  12. We're forecast for rain pretty much all week and through next weekend, so there goes my chances for a run. Darn El Nina summer.
  13. if you're building a buggy then i would hold back on grease in any exposed areas like dogbones. Grease attracts dirt and you end up with a grinding mess. I use a spray lubricant that is mostly PTFE - from the local hardware store, intended for sliding door tracks. Other people use graphite powder, I think from bicycle stores. You want something that won't stick to dirt for any exposed elements. I know the Tamiya instructions recommend grease for exposed elements like dogbones, but I think you're better with 'dry' lubricants like spray PTFE or graphite.
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