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  1. I've got the same wrench, also from a 1983 Sand Rover. The allen keys have joined my general allen key collection. Not many of those get used since I bought some nice MIP ones.
  2. I had that exact same kit back in 198-something. Probably about 1985 I think. You've done a better job of it than I did.
  3. I'd recommend the Flysky GT3C as well. Nimh batteries are perfectly acceptable, and avoid the hassle of the possibly dangerous nature of Lipos. Honestly the Lunchbox is not really a high-speed high-performance vehicle so Lipo is not really worth the hassle.
  4. Same with me. That smell takes me back to building my Super Champ in early 1984.
  5. Hi @netsmithUK, Can you please set me up on tcphotos.net? Thanks in advance!
  6. Pretty much just for fun, there's no places near me that race track cars.
  7. I fitted the Mito body on the M07R today. The body looks a little dull as it still has the protective plastic on it. I need to install the mirrors, and the light buckets. I'm going to add LEDs to this car as well.
  8. I've got a Sand Rover the same age. the front suspenion uprights had cracked (a common problem) , so I replaced those with aluminium plate bolted to the chassis. Maybe not pretty but it's what I would have done in 1982. My Gear B is missing a few teeth, so I really can't run it without horrible noises from the gearbox. Those gears are pretty much irreplacable, so be careful with them. I didn't clean the body, I kept the orignal 1982 patina of dirt, scracthes and bad paintjob. I would store the Sand Rover and get a new car. I'm going to be different to the other recomendations and suggest a TT02B, Neo Scorcher or Plasma Edge. They are simple modern buggies, 4WD and quite afforadable. It's what I started with when I got back into the hobby in 2019.
  9. Finished the last steps for the M07R chassis. Here it is in all it's aluminium blue bling glory. Truth be told all the bling probably adds too much weight! Next job is to fit the Alfa Mito body - I don't think I've seen a Mito on Tamiyaclub so it might be a first. I just need to find the sticker sheet for it, I know I put it around here somewhere....
  10. The M07R build continues with shocks (inspected by Pippin the cat) and the front and rear suspension finished. More blue Yeah Racing bling.
  11. The M07R chassis uses spacers inside the hub between the two bearings, with shims between the outer hub bearing and the wheel.
  12. They took nearly a year to ship it? Was it sent by rowboat?
  13. Finally got around to building my M07R. I love the build process, it's my favourite part. This one has got a TA06 ball-diff, and lots of Yeah Racing blue blingy aluminium parts. And a nice dram of scotch as I build, too!
  14. A word of warning - older plastics can be brittle. I have an old original Sand Rover, and I snapped the entire front bumper off by picking it up carelessly. Older cars need to be treated a little bit more gently - no big jumps, try to avoid shocks to the drivetrain like suddenly going into reverse at high speed.
  15. This is certainly the best graphics ever for the track layout. Unfortunately our yard is 7m wide.
  16. As an Australian I can only offer sincere condolences,
  17. What an awesome restoration. I love the old radio gear!
  18. My wife got me the Super Avante, and suprised me with a nice little tool set, too!
  19. Merry Christmas everyone! Hope Santa bought you lots of Tamiya goodies!
  20. My wife got me the Super Avante (and a set of Tamiya tools!) for Christmas, so I know what my next project is.
  21. Wow, that takes me back. Once of my first cars was a Sand Rover - it used the same 6V battery and the same coil MSC. My first radio was a Futaba, but not the one you have, I can't remember exactly which one it was. Great times!
  22. What is the front end on that? It looks like Sand Rover / Holiday Buggy front arms.
  23. It's sort of translucent, so it benefits from light, even coats. I think I did about 3 or 4 coats, then the black. I did it on a nice warm, dry day so only needed a few minutes between coats.
  24. I have used the irredscent purple-green paint. I started with a coat of the Lame Flake first, for extra glitter. I did a few coats of the purple-green, then backed with black. The colour change is very noticable, especially in strong sunlight.
  25. Is that Tamiya's mythical 'synthetic rubbber cement'?
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