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  1. I spent a pleasant afternoon building cars with the wife. She's started building her Sand Scorcher, and I picked the Lunchbox from my pile of unbuilt car kits. Progress is slow, but thats OK because I like the building stage.
  2. The only question I can answer is replacing the old radio gear with a modern set is probably a good idea, as well as getting a modern ESC. All of this can get found quite cheaply, eg Flysky GT3-C transmitter and receiver, Hobbywing 1060 ESC.
  3. Wow, I came equal-first for the grass-surface racers! I need to find some tarmac, but it might be some time as we are still in Covd hard lock-down. Not allowed to go more than 5km from home.
  4. My entire back yard is Kikuyu. I hate it, but we rent, so I can't dig the whole lot up and replace it with an awesome dirt / crawler track.
  5. Not a major reason, just what's available locally. Years ago the local hardware stores stocked a great range of paints, but anti-grafiti laws down here severely restrict what is available - just basic flat colours, very boring. You can't even easily browse spray paints - they are locked away in dark cages and you have to find someone with the key; you even have to show ID to show you are over 18 (I'm a bit over that). It's laughabe as it doesn't seem to stop the amount of grafiti you see! Real car places don't have the colours that my wife wants to use either. There are no real cars currently available in metallic purple, so the Tamiya range is our best option.
  6. Sensible limits... sensible limits.... hmmm.... no... not ringing a bell for me. NZJohn welcome to the club! For something to do with your cars, check out the monthly Postal Racing link in the main forum. All the fun of club racing, but in your own back yard!
  7. My wife wants to paint her Sand Scorcher metallic purple. Only problem is, Tamiya don't make a metallic purple in the TS series. There is however a metallic purple in the PS series. The other thought we had was using the TS series purple as a base and putting PS Lame Flake (glitter!) over the top and then a coat of TS gloss clear. I think if we were to use the PS metallic purple I would undercoat with the TS silver because I know the PS metallics need silver as a backing. Then a coat of the Lame Flake and finally clear coat over the top. Will the PS paints stick as well to polystyrene as they do to polycarbonate? My mind says they would, polycarbonate seems to be more difficult to stick to. Has anyone had any experience mixing the two series? Are the paints compatible with each other? Do the PS series work on polystyrene?
  8. If it's Tamiya it might be 'Camel Yellow'.
  9. The Molotov Chrome pens are excellent. They are highly recomended for any super-high-quality chrome! Great use of contact lens cases too, I've just been throwing them out for years without thinking how useful they might be.
  10. That looks aweome! Love the stoned-out panel van art!
  11. On my bodies I have found black is better for backing for metallic paints. Each of the cars in these photos uses black to back the metallics / irredescent paints.
  12. This is so tempting for the G6-01 King Yellow, just to make it even more outrageous, but I think my wallet recommends sanity.
  13. Excellent, @TurnipJF! I think I got my results in just in time. Silly of me to totally miss the link on the first post, I might need some new eyes. Or better reading glasses.
  14. Never use your RC tools on anything else, the same rule applies for household tools. I keep mine strictly separated!
  15. Is there a link to the scoring spreadsheet? I've got a couple of results I need to enter.
  16. Thats a superb Super Champ Fighting Buggy you've got there! It looks tops!
  17. I bought one of the Lunchbox Mini-4WD from RCMart a couple of months ago, just so I could have a Lunchbox at every scale. I think the roof lights were on a common sprue, so you would get your rooflights from a Lunchbox kit. Of course you would need to buy two Lunchbox kits, so you could get your rooflights and have a Lunchbox as well!
  18. I got my holy grail this year; a Super Champ Fighting Buggy. The Super Champ was my first ever RC car, the original is long gone. An original SC is too rare (and beyond my price range) to contemplate. I missed the re-re in 2014 or so, and was absolutely stoked that Tamiya decided to release it again this year. It's not the best chassis, it's not the fastest or best handling chassis, but for me it's total nostalgia. I'm glad I got one.
  19. I've bought stuff from both the RCJaz website and their ebay store in the past month or so. They are still active, with good prices and pretty quick shipping to Australia.
  20. It looks so easy, doesn't it? I didn't get a run in last weekend due to rain; this weekend looks fine though so I want to try to beat what I have already set so far. I was happy with the run I did with the Neo Scorcher, the Comical Hornet could be better.
  21. Teal, purple-green irridescent and glitter flake.
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