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  1. 19 minutes ago, Aerobert said:

    Do special editions of Tamiya m-chassis wheels exist? I saw some Fiat Abarth wheels in a light metallic blue the other day. And they didn't look like they were painted as they were still on the parts tree.

    I got some silver wheels that were called '5-spoke wheels' that were the exact wheels to use for my M07 Alfa Romeo Mito.

  2. A lovely day out getting some RC action with a friend. We flew some RC planes for a while - he had a lovely home-built balsa old timer with modern electrics (climbs like a bat out of badword) and I flew my Eachine P51. Then we moved onto cars - his Grasshopper and my Lunchbox. It was my first drive of the Lunchbox, and my first time driving a car that really made me think - this car needs MOAR POWAR! Car driving was cut short by my car going totally haywire - glitching and phantom throttle movement. Something seems to have gone badly wrong with my Flysky GT3C tx.

    Anyone else had problems with a GT3C totally glitching out? The battery was freshly charged and at 4.0V so not the battery. Maybe problems with the power switch, but I didn't notice the display cutting out. Annoying as I wanted to do some postal racing on the weekend.


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  3. Finally got around to replacing the A gear on the Sand Rover. I also swapped the original (!) rear wheels back on, as the Rough Rider (Buggy Champ) rears were rubbing against the rear suspension plate. I didn't notice the tyres were ever so slightly larger than the Sand Rover originals. I don't know what I'm going to do when the original tyres wear out. They will wear out - I want to try racing the Sand Rover in the Postal Racing series.




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  4. You have a classic there.
    I recently restored one to running condition. It was a light restoration - I didn't clean the 'patina' off the body, but the chassis had a good scrub and clean. My biggest problem was a broken gear tooth, it took a while to source a replacement but I finally got one after lurking on Ebay for acouple of months.
    I bought new tires - they are the Rough Rider ones for the rear but orginal Sand Rover for the fronts. The old tires were hard and crumbly.
    I'm using the orginal speed controller (mechanical) and a 7.2V hump-pack which I found on Ebay.
    The front suspension mounts were cracked and broken, so I made new mounts out of aluminium plate. 
    The last thing I replaced was the front bumper - I foolishly lifted the car by the front bumper and the orignal one just snapped! Fortunately I was able to get a new bumper to replace it.

    Whateverr you do, a car of this age will never stand the abuse of a modern car. Have fun restoring it and drive it gently!

    See my restoration progress at:




  5. On 7/30/2022 at 9:34 AM, lsear2905 said:

    So a small update:

    Firstly, this is the first time (at the age of 43) that I have actually gone to a council meeting. I am the kind of person that will constantly communicate with the council (or anyone else) to submit my feedback or ideas, but I've never felt the need to actually attend in person. For those of you familiar with how poorly local government is run, prepare to not be amazed.

    I arrived at 5.55 (for a 6pm start), only to find out that the council had moved the location of the meeting, but not updated the website. Luckily there was a guy there (not associate with the council) who explained they'd moved the meeting to the council offices, a few minutes down the road. I got there at 6, and the place looked closed... I pressed a big red button next to the doors a few times, someone let me in and I made my way down a rabbit warren of corridors to find the meeting room. There were 2 young guys there from the company designing the skate park, and no-one else. They asked if I skated or rode BMX, I explained neither, I was here about the BMX track shown on the design. They looked at each other sheepishly and explained that they were just in charge of the skate park, nothing else, but they could pass on my feedback to the company in charge of the entire development. At this stage someone from the council arrived (who I would later discover is the Manager of Major Initiatives for the council) who, having realised the council's mistake, sent an underling to round up anyone at the other location. This meant the meeting didn't start properly until almost 6.30. 

    The meeting? 90 minutes of a dozen grumpy skaters (almost all in their 40's and 50's) complaining that they didn't want "their" bowl altered, complaining about lines, angles, and all sorts of other skating terms while I sat there (fairly) patiently. I could tell the designers and council members were getting frustrated, but all credit to them for not just telling these blithering idiots to be grateful - the current skate park is in poor condition, a massive liability hazard and the council is willing to spend huge sums of money putting in an entirely new park for them! Finally the 2 designers split the skaters into 2 groups, working with them on some of the finer points of the design, and I seized my moment: I sat down with the lady from the council, found some common ground (she had tried to take her young daughter to the only remaining BMX facility in Knox recently, only to find it locked up and not available for use by the public) and ran through my proposal, did a bit of brown-nosing and finally left at about 8.30.

    I even followed up with an email to the council member the following day thanking her for her time, etc... anything to make a good impression. Even if it does happen, I suspect there'll be a lot more work involved and it won't be built for another year or so, anyway.

    TL:DR; a whole lot of talking for minimal result, if any.

    In other news, 2 servos arrived - I'm slowly stockpiling parts for if/when I finally build my GF01 and WR02.

    It's a council in Australia - the way to get them to do what you want is to turn up at meetings with a brown paper bag stuffed full of $100 notes. Too easy (as they say).

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  6. On 6/20/2022 at 7:01 AM, tilstad1 said:

    How long did the gears last after that drive? Seems the thing to do, would be to replace the gear with the broken tooth, before it destroys the rest. These gears are like hens teeth, due to the open gears.

    That's the only time I have run it. The gears made horrible noises, but no further damage was done. I have downloaded some STL files of the gears and I hope to one day 3D print a set that means I can run it more often. I won't run it again on the original gears, I doubt they would survive another run.

  7. 5 minutes ago, dannymulder said:

    That are the colors that my wife choose when it was her room, I am going to paint it another color, my old hobby room had a purple wall with sparkles in it, but the pink is going to be painted white  to give the room some more light it is a little to dark for my taste, maybe I paint the jellow some other color.

    But I know what you are saying, the sleeping rooms and hobby rooms in the house have bright colors, only the living room is white, with a very light green on one wall to keep it a little serene.

    I'm a child of the 70's and I grew up in a house that had bright colours on a lot of the walls - yellow in most rooms, my bedroom was a pale blue, which I repainted to a darker mid blue in my teens. Bright colours are much rarer nowdays. I'm an architect, so I get to see a lot of houses and the vast majority of them are boring beige. I like bright, bold colours.

  8. 20 hours ago, dannymulder said:

    Today I unpack a lot of my cars and stuff that where in boxes for a half year or more, I am swapping rooms in the house, my 4 year old daughter  moved from a small room to my old hobby room and I moved to the top of the house that was my wifes hobby room, but we live in this house for  6 jears now and she always do here hobby's in the living room, so now it is become my room, there is still some stuff in there that is from my wife, and I have to paint the room white instead of this pink and yellow but that is a job for the winter, for now I have a place back to work on my cars.


    I replaced the driveshafts on my wr-02, it had cvd's on it but the last time I drove it the wheels starting to bind, so  the pins of the cvd's had come out and dig into the rear hubs,  I have replaced the cvd's with dogbones and normal axles they are fine for this car, the cvd's need new pins and I am going to rebuild them and use them for the front of my new fire dragon that is on his way, going to grind a flat spot on the new pins so they stay in place.




    I love the colours of your room! Too many modern houses (at least in Australia) are boring white or beige. It's great to see bright colours.

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  9. 51. I was the precise target age for Tamiya buggies in the 80's, and I had a Super Champ and Hornet back then. I have a re-re Hornet and Fighting Buggy sitting in my build pile. I have to finish the M07-Alfa Romeo Mito first.

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