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  1. That is looking absolutely fantastic!
  2. Yeah, that paint looks fantastic on that car. Well done!
  3. Great job on that Beetle. Very clean crisp look. I like that a lot!
  4. This is a kit that I have always liked very much! It is very sharp! I haven’t pulled the trigger on purchasing one yet however.
  5. I don’t have either. Been eyeing them both really. If I hit the buy button, the WW2 will be first.
  6. Nice job, looks great! I’m thinking about picking one of these Supra kits up.
  7. I have thought about purchasing this model several times. That looks so awesome! Don’t blame you a bit for not running it!
  8. That relationship you and the chipmunk have developed is something else! It is awesome, I like your updates..... keep em’ coming!
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