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  1. I have thought about purchasing this model several times. That looks so awesome! Don’t blame you a bit for not running it!
  2. That relationship you and the chipmunk have developed is something else! It is awesome, I like your updates..... keep em’ coming!
  3. I am 50. A few short days from now I’ll turn 51. My son is finishing up his junior year of HS and he could care less about RC stuff. He is big in baseball, football, and X-BoxOne. He also plays piano and is a black belt in taekwondo. He expressed interest in photography, so we got him a camera for Christmas. So, he’s got plenty of interests.....just not RC. Oh, and being a teen, his social life is a hobby. LOL
  4. I want to eventually pick up this Karmann Ghia. Anyway, my thoughts on the paint regarding the two options........gun metal.
  5. Nice job on those Williams FW-07 ‘s. They look very good!
  6. Oohhh.....I like that color! Looks great! That’s a sharp Optima. I Look forward to seeing the completed paint job tomorrow (if you get to it).
  7. You going box art on that moffman? Or, are you going with your own creative presentation?
  8. Good pick up. I think this is a great model! I plan on picking one up myself. Can’t wait to see your work completed.
  9. Those are AWESOME! Very well done. I could just sit back with a cup of coffee and stare at those for a bit.
  10. Really good job on that truck and figure!
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