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  1. Good pick up. I think this is a great model! I plan on picking one up myself. Can’t wait to see your work completed.
  2. Those are AWESOME! Very well done. I could just sit back with a cup of coffee and stare at those for a bit.
  3. Really good job on that truck and figure!
  4. Looks great! Maybe get another body to run it and use that one to show it!
  5. Those both look very nice. Great job! I’m thinking the bug in black is my favorite of the two......hard choice though.
  6. That LEGO set is fantastic. Great choice! I built that about three months ago and it’s sitting on top of a filing cabinet in my office.
  7. No, I am not. However, I do feel a mid-life crisis coming on. ;-) I’ll be 51 in May, so I qualify! Might have to get creative in the backyard.
  8. Wow! What a terrific playground! That looks awesome. You’ve got things covered. If I had that in my backyard I might never go to work!!!
  9. That looks fantastic! I have the exact same model sitting new in box waiting for my attention. Glad to hear you enjoyed it bone stock. When I get to mine, I plan on the same thing.....bone stock.
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