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  1. 50 minutes ago, jupitertwo said:

    Tested out a paint colour on a Supra shell, mostly stickered up




    Lovely body, and the colour is better in person than these photos give it credit. PS60 Mica red, backed with PS12 then PS5. 

    Really pleased with how it came out, especially as I think I’ll be using the colour again very soon.

    Nice job, looks great!
    I’m thinking about picking one of these Supra kits up.

  2. 2 hours ago, Grumpy pants said:

    This is my favourite Tamiya model that I have owned I would estimate out of at least 120-130 now.

    I have thought about purchasing this model several times. That looks so awesome! Don’t blame you a bit for not running it!

  3. 1 hour ago, Ferruz said:

    There is true friendship by now with the chipmunk. He comes from afar when I call, I can feed him crumbs from the hand, touch him and even pet him. Amazing!

    He's a bit weary of the noisy, zippy RC cars, but he sure doesn't mind taking a closer look in exchange for some gifts.

    20200517-212212.jpgSo, what you got up there??

    20200517-212155.jpgHow do you even get in here?

    20200517-212139.jpgThat's a locknut, not a peanut!

    20200517-212508.jpgOne thing with the car now... the Chiphornet!

    20200517-171411.jpgWhat the nut are you looking at??

    RC gags aside, yeah.... I'm getting pretty attached to this tiny furry creature. I don't expect to be perceived as much more than some odd food dispenser to him but still, this behaviour is quite remarkable counting that he's completely wildScreenshot-20200516-161255-Gallery.jpg

    That relationship you and the chipmunk have developed is something else! It is awesome, I like your updates..... keep em’ coming! 

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  4. I am 50. A few short days from now I’ll turn 51. My son is finishing up his junior year of HS and he could care less about RC stuff. He is big in baseball, football, and X-BoxOne. He also plays piano and is a black belt in taekwondo. He expressed interest in photography, so we got him a camera for Christmas. So, he’s got plenty of interests.....just not RC. Oh, and being a teen, his social life is a hobby. LOL

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  5. 19 minutes ago, moffman said:

    I'm going with my own! not to different but definitely not box art I have a colour in my box of many colours but I need to darken it a bit! The last time I tried to darken a colour it was a brilliant success the problem was it was no were near the colour I had in my head! So I kept what was left off the hotshot and put it on the optima 



    Oohhh.....I like that color! Looks great! That’s a sharp Optima.
    I Look forward to seeing the completed paint job  tomorrow (if you get to it).

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  6. 5 hours ago, rjg1973 said:

    One small consolation in these crazy times - and pretty good therapy - is making progress on the long list of projects.

    Today I finished my F101 chassis, in Benetton B190 (in 1990 spec) to go with my B190B (early 1991 spec). 

    Love the old F1's!






    Those are AWESOME! Very well done. I could just sit back with a cup of coffee and stare at those for a bit.

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  7. 3 hours ago, a.w.k. said:

    Finished my latest crawler build, a ISUZU body on a MST CMX. The car was sold in germany as Opel Frontera.



    90s german police livery. Lights, light bar and horn in working order.


    The Hilux driver got painted like a 90s german police officer.


    Really good job on that truck and figure! 

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