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  1. The fox,the hornet and blackfoot for me are hard to beat.
  2. I took gearbox apart and checked gears,no sign of any damage to them.I put anti wear grease on differential gears as you said but still makes clicking sound when accelerating.Dont think there is much else i can do.
  3. Tried what you have said and there is no noise from gearbox but when i put it on the ground and hit forward then it clicks.
  4. I bought an original new built fox with period radio gear installed from ebay a few years ago which cost me £530.I intended to run it but once i got it i couldnt do it as i didnt want to damage it so its now a shelf queen.
  5. I have looked on ebay for new gears but none for sale at moment.
  6. Gear mesh is right and diff is smooth when i rotate wheels by hand,no noise from gearbox.When i hold the buggy off the ground and use forward and reverse there is no clicking at all but when i put it on the ground and hit forward then it clicks.Don't understand what the problem is.
  7. It seems to be a weak point on these buggies,it's a pity as i think they look great.
  8. Yes i mean when in reverse then going straight into forward it makes the clicking noise.
  9. Just want to add a bit more info about this issue,when i hold the buggy off the ground and throttle forward and reverse there is no clicking sound.The clicking only happens when going from reverse to full throttle.
  10. I have just finished building my novafox and had heard that the gearbox was weak in this buggy.The diff seemed to be what was the problem with the novafox,so i took care when building the gearbox and making sure i made no mistakes.I took it out for its first run and sure enough after 5 min the gearbox started making a cracking noise so i stopped.The diff had gone as i had feared,i will have to strip the gearbox and probably have to buy new gears.Do any of you have any ideas what i can do to stop this happening again as iove this buggy and dont want to have to shelve it.Thanks.
  11. My trick is have the kids with me and if i see an adult i give them the radio.
  12. Got to love the hornet,a real classic.
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