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  1. Thanks for all the info,you have sold me on getting one now.
  2. I see you are a big thundershot fan,i am thinking of getting one,what are pros and cons of this buggy.
  3. When i see a re re wild one on ebay for £365 and an original nib for £500 i know what you mean.
  4. These mini boxes with mini manuals on ebay would be perfect to display with your models.
  5. The novafox came back in sept and its now out of stock again,i was lucky i got one 2 weeks ago after looking hard.
  6. Black tape will also solve this problem and costs next to nothing,its what i used back in 80s 😁
  7. Red with gold wheels is the best look.
  8. Red is the best suited for it as its called the hotshot after all😁
  9. I have a wild one on its way to me this week,£221 with twin stick radio,battery and charger.
  10. Just want to add that i have a wild one kit on its way,still want a hornet though.
  11. The avante would be quite desired to a lot of collectors as its an original not re re.The other members on here would know more about value but i would think you would get a good price if you sold it.The manta ray i dont know a lot about.
  12. This is my fox from 1987 as well,its with my local hobby shop at moment getting ready to run again.
  13. The fox is my favourite too,this is my never run fox.
  14. I like your thinking,i prefer to stick to 2wd as its easier to maintain.
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