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  1. Never had the frog but have the fox and my brother had the falcon,the fox handles better imo.Had a hornet too and i agree probably the greatest buggie from tamiya.
  2. I dont blame you,hopefully there will be a re re.
  3. Stunning looking falcon,colour looks great.
  4. The first tamiya i ran was a falcon back in 88,great buggy.
  5. Welcome back,but less of the nerds and toy cars talk.I hear enough of that from my other half.
  6. I was 17 and in a model plane club in 1988 and one of the members brought his tamiya buggy one day,it was the fox.When i saw him running it i was impressed by how fast it was and how good it looked.My dad said he would like one for my younger brother so he would have something to keep him busy.The guy said he knew someone who was selling one and it was the falcon so my brother got it.I used the falcon as well but i wanted the fox so i asked the guy would he sell me it and he said ok.Then not long after my dad got me my first kit to build,the hornet.I remember the hornet battery cover falling off when running and the battery would fall out quite a lot.The next kit i built was the black foot,my dad got a video tape with a lot of promo films for the tamiya cars and the blackfoot was one of them so i got that.Still have all four of them but need restored now to run again.Got back into tamiya about 2 years ago looking on ebay and bought a re re hotshot ready to run then bought a never run fox a few months ago.My next plan is to buy a re re hornet to build as it was first kit i built back in 1988.Always remember having to charge the batteries on my dads car battery and only getting 10 mins running time 😃
  7. I only wish i could meet members like yourself face to face and talk instead of on a forum.
  8. I built a blackfoot back in 80s,great looking truck.
  9. Yes this is a great forum with a lot of experienced members,i have learnt a lot since joining.
  10. I flew model planes myself back in 80s and loved it.Expensive hobby.
  11. Old school tamiya,i like your thinking.
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