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  1. First was second hand fox bought from a member of a model plane club i was in.Then i built a hornet and blackfoot soon after,87 or 88 was the year.
  2. Dont think you would get away with any if you are over 25.😒
  3. I have new batteries in it,i took back off it and gave it a rub with a paper towel and lights are all on now.Thanks for your reply anyway.
  4. I have bought a thundershot off ebay and it came with a techniplus radio but it had some corrosion inside the battery compartment.The three lights on the radio light up then go back to just a red light which will not operate the car right.I have cleaned the corrosion off with baking soda and light sand paper but it still only has the red light showing.Can anyone give me any advice what could be the problem or should i just get a new radio.Thanks for any advice.
  5. The body on my hotshot lifts up at the front as well,only having one clip in middle doesnt help.
  6. I just want to add that i have no problems with anyone who has an avante or egress and dont run them.Its your money you can do what you want with your cars,i bought a never run fox from ebay £530 with intentions of running it but when i got it that changed as i was afraid of breaking it due to cost and rarity.I just feel relaxed running a hornet or grasshopper as i know it didnt cost a fortune if i break it.
  7. This is something i would like to hear your thoughts on,cheap kits like the grasshopper and expensive kits like the avante.I have the grasshopper,hornet,novafox,hotshot and bigwig re re buggies.The hotshot and bigwig are more expensive and hornet and grasshopper cheap kits but i get more fun running the hornet and grasshopper than hotshot and bigwig,this is probably because they are tougher and easy to fix.I would like an avante but i know i would be afraid to run it as its so much more money than a hornet.What are your thoughts on this.
  8. What do you mean you had to trim flashing off the bevel gears.
  9. Modeltune.com has one in stock £355.
  10. My favourite tamiya is the fox,still have my original,never run original and a novafox yet to build.Thanks for the tips for the build.
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