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  1. Would the wild willy be your favourite tamiya rc by any chance.🤣
  2. I still have my first tamiya rc from back in the day which are the fox,hornet,blackfoot and the falcon.These do not run anymore as they would need a bit of work.Do any of you still have your first tamiya kits.
  3. Just pre ordered the boomerang,will be released mid july.
  4. Just keep them as they are as it takes away the character of these buggies
  5. Got a black edition lunchbox from my children.
  6. The oval block tires are firm but will still get flat spots if left under weight of buggy after a while.
  7. Agree about the wild one blockhead,it looks right but this doesnt work on this buggy.
  8. Rc kicks has a video up on his channel saying that Tamiya is bringing out the hotshot 2 blockhead motors version.I know that a lot of you have been wanting this so its good news for you all.
  9. Here in the uk the wild one blockhead is available in every shop online.
  10. I took the gearbox apart and put anti wear grease on the diff and it helped a bit but still clicks a bit when accelerating.I have bought new gears for it just in case it gets worse.Does yours still click?
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