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  1. I agree with you 100% about this release.The hornet gearbox is bulletproof so dont need to change it and this is just a money grab in my opinion.
  2. I have just finished building my re re super sabre after its been sitting in the box for months.I just added bearings and a sport tuned motor for a bit more power and i think it has turned out great.Its a great looking buggy which i prefer over the boomerang which still looks good to all you boomerang owners.Looking forward to getting it out for a run now.
  3. With my grasshopper i put bearings,540 silver can and 18t pinion gear and thats good enough for this buggy.If you want better handling and speed you need to look at other buggies.
  4. Get a novafox or wild one if you want a good 2wd buggy.
  5. 9 runners with 1 shelf queen.The shelf queen is an original fox which has never been run.I plan on getting a blackfoot and maybe a hotshot 2 then thats it for me.
  6. I agree with getting this battery and charger as its what i use as well and they are very good.
  7. Thanks for your advice on the pinion choice for the sport tuned motor,i think i will use the 13t.
  8. You could be right about mistaking the 13t for 15t as the 13t pinion in manual is shown first before the 15t.
  9. I dont know if he used bearings or not,i was going to use 13t pinion gear to be safe but maybe i should just go ahead with the 15t.I have built the bigwig so i have used those metal plates to set the mesh before.The boomerang is just the same gearbox as the super sabre so did you use 15t pinion gear in yours.
  10. He said the insructions in the maual were not correct for the 15t.I will be using bearings for the buggy and a sport tuned motor.Thanks for the reply.
  11. I have just got my super sabre kit and was wondering about what pinion gear to use.I watched rc driver review of the super sabre on his channel and he said the 15t pinion gear setting is not correct as it burnt out the motor.There is a 13t pinion gear with the kit as well so i might use this as i dont want to burn out the motor as well.Have any members got this kit and used the 15t pinion gear and if so did it cause any problems.Thanks.
  12. Thank you for your reply.I bought a new set of gears when it first started clicking but when i opened the gearbox i could not see any damage to them.I put aw grease on the diff and put it back together but it still clicks.I will take it apart again and check bevel gears and bearings.Thanks again.
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