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  1. Rc toy memories site has all the info about the vintage grasshopper,his name is rob and he is a member on here.
  2. The speed controller is original,i have a vintage hornet and it has the same speed controller with fuse.This is only on the early models so is rare.
  3. I should have put this thread in general discussion,sorry.
  4. What are the best and worst parts of this hobby,for me it would be the satisfaction of building a kit from scratch.The worst would be the cost of some kits.
  5. It was first buggy i owned back in 88 so sentimental reasons i supose,still have my old fox but it needs restored.
  6. I have a dilemma with what to do with my never run fox which i bought from ebay a few weeks ago.I was going to run it but only carefully but now i dont know if i should,it cost me a lot of money so im a bit nervous.I was thinking i would just run it on short grass as that would avoid any marks happening to body.What would you members do run it on grass or shelf it.
  7. This is my hornet,the first kit i built.I need to get this restored.
  8. It surely must be the hornet for sales,think i read somewhere that it was the biggest selling tamiya rc buggy.The hornet was the first kit i built back in the 80s and it was pretty easy to build and not very expensive compared to other kits at that time.It wasnt the best handling but it was fast and fun and also looked good.when you think of the best tamiya cars of the golden era the hornet is right up near the top of the list.
  9. Think i will have to get myself a lunchbox,seems very popular choice with members on here.
  10. I was just wondering which car you couldnt get rid of if you had no other choice.I only have 2 cars at min a fox and a re re hotshot,but the fox i would keep as it was my first buggy i owned.I know you have many so it would be a lot harder to pick one.
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