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  1. Thank you for your reply.I bought a new set of gears when it first started clicking but when i opened the gearbox i could not see any damage to them.I put aw grease on the diff and put it back together but it still clicks.I will take it apart again and check bevel gears and bearings.Thanks again.
  2. I would like some help with my novafox gearbox as it is clicking.I have heard of shiming the gearbox to stop this but would like to know where do you shim at and what size of washer to use.Any help i would be grateful for.
  3. Have you had any problems with the front shock as i have watched some reviews on youtube channels that they are too soft.
  4. I dont have the boomerang but the slots on the front have to go down to the edge of body as you can see on the box art and the back is just 2 decals so no masking.
  5. Too stiff compared to the 2005 thundershot shocks which i have and they are soft.
  6. Sorry its the new Thundershot re re im talking about i know that the Thunder dragon has the old style.
  7. The new style cva shocks are different on the new re re as well and i have watched reviews on youtube where they show the shocks are too stiff.
  8. Sorry if this is a stupid question willy line but why does it make your NIB collection worthless.
  9. I have the 2005 Thundershot that i bought ready built and was going to buy the new re re to build but this has put me off.Are the plastic arms really that weak?
  10. I had the fox back in the day and have a never run original.I have the novafox and i had problems with the gearbox clicking after the first run with stock motor and nimh battery.I took the gearbox apart and put anti wear grease in the diff and it helps.
  11. Thanks.Your cars always look top class and the attention to detail is superb.
  12. I have heard the diff can click but i noticed when building the gearbox there was a washer i had to fit after the bevel gear.
  13. Thanks for your reply and i dont think i will be jumping off kerbs.
  14. I have just finished building my wild one that i got for christmas and really enjoyed the build.The scale looks of the buggy make it one of the best looking tamiya buggies ever,i have not run it yet because its been raining for days but looking forward to it.Would like to read other members opions on the wild one.
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