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  1. I have been interested in getting the bigwig re re kit for a while now but it is now discontinued.Then one comes up on ebay for £265 and i buy it as i cant get it anywhere else.I know this is way over the price it was when released,£180 i think but i just went for it as i wanted one.Have you ever overpaid for a kit just to get it.
  2. My pre order for thunder dragon from time tunnel models is now july.
  3. Tamiya legends,rc kicks and rc action austrailia.
  4. I have just pre ordered the thunder dragon from time tunnel models £159 without esc as i have one spare.Thanks for all replys and help with this,mud4fun and thunderdragoncy especially.
  5. Keep it as its better to have a mint rare tamiya than 20 average ones.
  6. They look great in the snow,thanks for all your help.
  7. They look great,will the body fit directly or will the body posts need to be moved.
  8. Thanks,i will pre order one and get that thundershot body for it as well.
  9. Thanks,dont need it to be super fast as i am used to 540 motors anyway.
  10. Thanks for your reply,if i get one and dont keep the body i will sell you it no problem.It comes cut out and pre painted so only need to put on decals.
  11. I have been trying to get hold of a thundershot for a while now as ive read good reviews on here about it.Mud4fun is a big fan and always raves about it on here as well.I wanted to get a nib re re but these are rare now so then comes the thunder dragon re re which has the chassis but i dont like the body.The body is the only difference from the thundershot,so should i order the thunder dragon and i might get to like the body.Your thoughts on this please.
  12. The thunder dragon comes with pre cut and painted body as well.
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