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  1. Just an update ,i have managed to upgrade the TNX 5.2 clutch by changing the clutch bell to a hobao 16t as the tamiya one is not wide enough to house a 3 shoe set up ,But as the nitrage has a very unusual clutch bell which uses a dog-bone so for that reason you can't change the clutch bell from the original tamiya one the nitrage comes ,so might be stuck with using a two shoe with the nitrage.
  2. I just bought a I just bought a pretty decent TNX5.2r but its a non runner , gave £70 for it, gonna get it running and use it as a runner . I have plans to ditch the standard tamiya two shoe clutch and try and find a non tamiya 3 shoe that's compatible with the TNX 16t clutch bell .
  3. Could i not just replace the tamiya flywheel an two shoe clutch set up with a non tamiya 1/8 flywheel a 3 shoe set up as seen in HPI savages etc but still use the Nitrage clutch bell ? I was thinking about something like this below . https://wheelspinmodels.co.uk/i/211925/
  4. I think that's a bogus website Adam , i messaged them loads of times about that part
  5. I think finding one of them would be like finding a third nipple age 46 ! lol I will keep looking
  6. Anyone know of a 2 speed transmission for a nitrage? I notice a member claims to have bought a new one fairly recently , is it for sale for big money ??
  7. Thanks mate for your reply I will have a look and get back to you.👍🏼
  8. Guys what clutch would be alternative replacement clutch for the Nitrage or TNX shared clutch ? Im running my new built nitrage so want to have a spare. The tamiya one is now long discontinued im told .
  9. Internet Colin ,just got to fight the temptation of running it lol i got it’s cousin a new nitrage on tarmac tires that I’m gonna run instead,hopefully that will stop me running the TNX .🙈
  10. Turned up today a brand new in box 2007 TNX 5.2r limited Champagne gold edition,,it was in a model shop in Italy and they had totally forgotten they had it,I just had to buy it, i’ve never ever seen the gold edition in the flesh only see a couple of photographs online an on here. Never thought I’d be saying this but I will never run it Lol
  11. BTW decided to keep the TR15T...sod it lol
  12. looks good adam, fantastic resto, i will let you know when my NIB lands
  13. hello guys , i recently got this new built nitrage , im planning on running it (lightly) at some stage but because it was built from kit form it didn't come with the correct tamiya engine dive unit/rotostart backplate , I've been trying to track down the correct one for the 5.2 , but am not sure witch one is correct ? Tamiya 41075 or 41076 or 41077 ?? Ive also been having trouble trying to track down a copy of the kit build manual rather than the RTR mantainace manual that's online? ,can't seem to find that anywhere, also would like a copy of the box and hop ups that was available at the time . Any help would be great , thanks Garry.
  14. In the late 80s the car the won the tamiya cha Not being augmentative but i find what you say someone what surprising , as back in the day I when I was racing these cars near everyone was using the the super shot set up over the hotshot one and two , everyone preferred the yellow cva quad suspension set up over the two other versions ,in fact I recall Tamiya did the full super shot suspension as a hop up kit for the two lesser hot shot versions . Throughout the 1980-90s my aunts brothers owned a chain of models shops in the uk called "the model shop" (now called Antics) they actually sponsored the uk driver that actually won the tamiya challenge with a modified super shot running that suspension with a full carbon home-made chassis , as a lad I was in awe to get a hold of that car to look at it, one day I got to see it,everything had been changed to save weight ,even the alloy uprights for the front shocks had multiple holes drilled in to save weight as did the modified chassis etc The guy that built it and raced it was at that Model Shop one day, I marvelled how fast his diffs spun , when I asked how did he get them to spin like that he said no grease run them dry makes them faster , he did the same with the drive shafts to, when that got out everyone one was doing on Sunday race day, those were the good old days lol
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