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  1. In the late 80s the car the won the tamiya cha Not being augmentative but i find what you say someone what surprising , as back in the day I when I was racing these cars near everyone was using the the super shot set up over the hotshot one and two , everyone preferred the yellow cva quad suspension set up over the two other versions ,in fact I recall Tamiya did the full super shot suspension as a hop up kit for the two lesser hot shot versions . Throughout the 1980-90s my aunts brothers owned a chain of models shops in the uk called "the model shop" (now called Antics) they actually sponsored the uk driver that actually won the tamiya challenge with a modified super shot running that suspension with a full carbon home-made chassis , as a lad I was in awe to get a hold of that car to look at it, one day I got to see it,everything had been changed to save weight ,even the alloy uprights for the front shocks had multiple holes drilled in to save weight as did the modified chassis etc The guy that built it and raced it was at that Model Shop one day, I marvelled how fast his diffs spun , when I asked how did he get them to spin like that he said no grease run them dry makes them faster , he did the same with the drive shafts to, when that got out everyone one was doing on Sunday race day, those were the good old days lol
  2. In 1993 I had a new tr15t , when those parts breaking I soon had enough so I managed to get the back ones made up in alloy at a little engineering first I knew, the front part I couldn't get made but it rarely broke so I didn't pursue getting someone to make it etc all these years later Ive just bought a another Tr15T so this thread might come in handy down the line.
  3. christmas 1984 this was my first Tamiya car , Frankie Goes To Hollywood was playing all over the Christmas with the power of love and I was driving one of these in the snow , I was 10 years old ,those where the days :)
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