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  1. Bump. Price reduced to US $100
  2. It will be interesting to see how these size up with the Traxxas track set, as they are cheaper than the Tamiya set if the rumors are true. The Tamiya tracks might be a more universal fit though, as I'm not 100% sure if the Traxxas set is only compatible with the TRX-4
  3. RIP 3racing screwdriver. Gone but not forgotten.
  4. +1 on the slipper. If you can't find the Tamiya set, you can fit an associated or Losi slipper. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the high-speed gearset for the tt-02 is the same spur mount as the FF-03 and XV-01?
  5. That's unfortunate if true, hopefully I'll be able to pick one up from Plaza Japan if it ends up being that way
  6. I think I'll pick one of these up if the price is right. I've always thought they would be a great little car to have and I've been loving my Losi Mini-T 2.0.
  7. Up for sale is an original Tamiya Blackfoot. This truck has been sitting in storage for the last 30+ years, and is in excellent condition, it appears that it has only been ran a few times. All electronics are functional, however I did not get a chance to test the included receiver since I could not get the radio that came with the truck to work and I have no other FM band radios. It shows signs of being in storage, as the body has some minor imperfections, the chrome trim is faded and chipped in some places, some of the decals are peeling, one of the tires has some minor cracking, and the body was not painted by the original owner, but it would make an excellent runner or even an easier restoration to a shelf queen. Mechanically the truck is in great shape, the suspension works great, no parts are broken or missing, and the gearbox and differential spin freely. US $135 + shipping. PM me for a shipping quote or if you have any questions about this truck.
  8. Up for sale is my TT-02. Car is used, but in great running condition. Included electronics are the stock Torque-Tuned motor, Dynamite Tazer 15t ESC, and a Spektrum A6390 servo. Hop-ups include a set of Traxxas oil-filled shocks, Tamiya aluminum center driveshaft and drive cups, High-speed gearing set, red hard chassis tub from the Mazda 3 kit, Yeah Racing adjustable motor mount, Hobbystar cooling fan for the motor, like-new set of Contact foam tires, and an aluminum servo arm. All that needs to be added is a radio and receiver set, and a bodyshell. US $110 + shipping. PM me for a shipping quote or if you have any additional questions about this car.
  9. I had the 4600kv system in my rustler and I can't imagine it with more power, and I find the stampede to be hard enough to control as is. I'd still give it a go and see how you like it, can always take it back out again. I've seen people burn up those small high-kv motors in various traxxas 4x4 platforms and would not recommend it.
  10. The 5700kv system will be absolutely insane in the stampede. I'd start with a 20t pinion and a 90t spur and adjust from there.
  11. I personally like Spektrum radios for my aircraft, the DXs and DX6e are both good options. I'd also take a look at the radiolink RC AT10II and Frsky QX7, I've used both a little bit and like them as well, but both of those are much more complex than the Spektrums or the futaba radios you listed. How do you plan to get the gate on the left stick? 3D printing or cutting one out of styrene?
  12. For people in the US: amain has the Top Force Evo in stock as of today.
  13. I actually just got 2 bolink diggers from one of my high school teachers, and I ordered a brushless system for one. Looks like I'll have a fun time with it based on that video.
  14. That's a good point. I just had another look at the chassis and I still think they probably could have done something more conventional, but it seems like having a super low and narrow chassis was the main priority.
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