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  1. Edit: Looked at the product page and it looks like it's based on the ZX5 SP which uses a standard size pack. Might consider to pick one of these up as a fun runner/race vehicle especially since 4wd buggy is picking up in popularity in my area. I was planning to get a used XB4 for one of the tracks that I race at since they only run mod and the track is closer to 1/8 size, but another track local to me runs 13.5 on a much smaller track which an older buggy like this would have a better chance of success at.
  2. I wonder what the battery location will be given that the Lazer ZX5 used saddle packs which have gone the way of the dodo in modern race vehicles for quite some time now. It looks like they might be able to put a shorty pack on the motor side, but I'm wondering if they'd bother to make a new chassis, especially for a low-end kit like this.
  3. I use these dryers at work and have had great luck with them. For PLA+ and PETG I typically dry them about every 1-2 weeks, although this depends on how humid your area is.
  4. I'd keep it inside if I were you unless the noise is an issue, the MK3S+ is a quiet printer but I know that it bothers some people more than others. You don't have to leave a computer plugged in for the duration of the print, you load the g-code (instructions for the printer to make the part) on to an SD card or can setup a wi-fi connection to send the file to the printer from a computer.
  5. The Prusa Mk3 is still an excellent printer, and require very little setup to print reliably. I'd ask your friend if they know if it's a mk3s or mk3s+ as they have some nicer quality-of-life upgrades and can print a bit faster. I manage a makerspace at my university that has 12 mk3 printers and they have been exceptionally reliable, and any parts that break are easy to replace and inexpensive. I like printing structural parts in PLA-CF and PETG as none of our printers have an enclosure, and they seem to hold up pretty well.
  6. Chassis sold. Body set lowered to $35
  7. Bump. DB-01 reduced to 145 and M-05 down to 55.
  8. I'm really feeling the DS, can't decide if I want to slam it or do a rally style build. The XM-01 is really interesting as well, but I'm going to wait to see what the price is first. Going to put the Yaris GR body on it if I end up getting one.
  9. Wheels and tires sold. Chassis price reduced to $115 or $140 with the body,
  10. Bump. 240Z body sold, but all the rest are still available.
  11. With less than a week to go until the Nuremberg Toy Fair where Tamiya typically announces most of it's R/C releases for the year I figured I'd start a thread for announcements made and to keep speculation in one place. Anyone want to place some predictions below? Last year will be hard to top with the BB-01 release but I'm hopeful we'll get at least one new platform in addition to the typical new bodies and re-releases. Just taking a shot in the dark, I'm predicting a new body option for both the BT-01 and MB-01, hopefully another Group C Re-Re (Please be the 787B!), a Baja Bug or Short Course truck on the BB-01 platform, and a new TRF touring car.
  12. Cleaning out my garage of vehicles to create room for more, going to put them up here before Ebay as I always like to make sure my cars go to a good home. Holiday Buggy (DT-02): SOLD [Sold] DB-01 Baldre: [sold] JEGS Hooligan Monster Truck: [sold] M-05 RA Rolling chassis minus a silvercan motor, in good used condition. US $55 + shipping https://photos.app.goo.gl/r8kxCKhsq6AxtitA9 NIP Datsun 240Z Rally bodyset: SOLD [Sold] XV-01 Reinforced Drive Belt: NIP. US $5 + shipping
  13. Up for sale is my newly built CC-02 chassis. Kit is completely stock except for a bearing kit, and no electronics are included minus a silvercan motor. I'm also putting up with it a 2021 Ford Bronco Bodyset that is complete with all detail parts, and has not been painted. US $115 + shipping for the chassis by itself, or $140 with the body. I'm also willing to sell the body separately for $40 . PM me for a shipping quote or with any questions you have, happy to ship internationally as well. [Chassis Sold]
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