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  1. Parts are NIP, US $25+ Shipping. Happy to ship globally as well. PM me with any questions.
  2. Axial Bomber kit, was about $375 IIRC. It will be beaten shortly by a Team Corally Kronos XTR that I'm planning to get once I clear up some space for it.
  3. Thanks for finding those for me, just ordered them
  4. That servo is more than powerful enough for your Golf CS and will work perfectly with your Sanwa Tx. Just as a quick note, Hitec servos typically use a 24t servo output spline compared to 25t for Futaba and most other servo manufacturers, so you might need to pick up a different servo saver as every Tamiya kit I've built hasn't had parts to accommodate Hitec servos, but I've never built a kit that old so I'd just double check beforehand.
  5. Bump. Hornet still for sale and price reduced to $60 + shipping
  6. Great to hear your experience racing the TD2 on dirt. I'm really thinking about picking one up since my local track just started a 2wd buggy class and I refuse to be sensible and normal and get something like an AE B6.3 or an XRAY.
  7. They weren't too bad, but I was using a pretty soft compound tire. I've never used pitbull tires, so I can't say for sure if they would be too stiff, but I was also running them on a truck that was about 7 lbs.
  8. I'd also consider these closed cell foams from Crawler Innovations, they are the same type of material as the laserfoams (closed cell foam), and slightly cheaper from what I can tell. I've used these on a crawler that regularly got wet and they held up just fine. https://www.amainhobbies.com/crawler-innovations-deuces-wild-1.55-single-stage-closed-cell-foam-2-cwr-3019/p718534
  9. Anyone got a set laying around that they would be happy to sell me? I stripped out the rear axle gears in my CC-01 recently and can't seem to find a replacement set at the moment.
  10. Hornet: Well used runner, but still in good condition overall. Comes with a TBLE-02S speed controller, Trinity Slot Machine motor, Turnigy servo, 3D printed battery door and transmission brace by AMpro engineering with an extra set of each, and a Hobbyking/Flysky receiver. $65 + postage [Sold] Bigwig 2017: Car was used as a runner but is in excellent used condition. Comes with kit-supplied GT-tuned motor and TBLE-02S ESC, and a basic Traxxas Servo. Just needs a radio set to be ready to run. $140 + shipping Feel free to PM me with any questions you have or for a shipping quote. I'm happy to ship globally as well.
  11. Lots of people like to use those earplugs to effectively lock the center differential on Arrma 6s trucks and the like, and I've seen good results from it. Should be totally fine for lots of limited-slip action on the CC-02, any particular reason you aren't going with fully locked differentials? Does the CC-02 not have the parts included to lock both differentials, or just one like the CC-01?
  12. Was planning on adding this GIF to the thread, but it's too big to upload, so here's the link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1D44pw4io7kar6Xpf7duXpapyD0g_dQD4/view?usp=sharing
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