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  1. I had an rc28 a few years ago and it was pretty good for the price. It's fully proportional and drives really well on carpet despite the limited suspension and lack of a differential. I've seen those 1st mini-z's before, and based on what I could find the chassis is totally different from the normal one and the steering is non-proportional. I'd say that the Axial SCX24 is the best micro vehicle on the market today, but it sounds like the area that you have isn't suited to a crawler.
  2. Place the following motors in ascending order of max RPM: GT tuned, Dynatech 02H, Acto-power (Pink can), Superstock RZ, UGT tuned
  3. Got an XV-01 that I got for an absolute steal in the mail yesterday along with a battery for my dual rider and a cutesy little RC10 keychain
  4. This sounds like an awesome project! I'm currently learning arduino as a part of my Engineering degree at Uni, and while I'm still fairly new at it, I'd love to offer to help with doing some of the testing and programming if you would like my assistance. Traxxas actually used to make a full drag racing setup with a Christmas tree to go with the funny cars they made, but they discontinued it a while back and are very expensive when they come up on ebay thanks to the popularity of No-prep drag racing over here in the US. Here is a link to the product page for it, I think it was one of the coolest r/c related accessories ever made. https://traxxas.com/products/parts/accessories/6570dragtimingsystem
  5. I just tested the 1080 card on my 860, which I think is a slightly different version of the 880 and the card didn't read it. Looks like the tiny switches are all it has for programming options.
  6. Here we go: Name the 2 characters that Tamiya used in manuals for plastic models and R/C kits
  7. Picked up a killer deal on an XV-01! It looks to be in great shape and only needs a body and ESC. I think it's the version that has the longer shocks as well.
  8. Sand Scorcher, Ford Ranger, Fighting buggy? Is one of the body variants of the ranger a separate model?
  9. 30?! I have 11 and feel that's a lot. I'm not sure why, but I've never had that "got to have it" feeling ever with r/c stuff. It's happened for me with some Video Games and hop-up parts, but I've never placed a pre-order on anything. I almost did it when the Losi Mini-T 2.0 came out since it was cheap and I was instantly in love with it, but I talked myself out of it and got a CC-01 instead.
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