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  1. I'm up for some VRC sometime this week. Discord should be fine for chat as you can run it in the background on PC
  2. Bumping this thread again. I can do this Sunday if anyone else wants to join
  3. I only keep the boxes that have good looking box art. The rest are recycled since I see no point in keeping them
  4. We can try again next weekend. I'm busy as well tomorrow and hopefully my bigwig will have arrived by next weekend.
  5. SMC racing has a lipo alarm that they claim is more accurate than the cheapys that we all use. I can't seem to find anyone who has used one, but here is a link if you are interested https://www.smc-racing.net/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=559
  6. Thanks for writing this whole essay on the Conrad. I had quickly picked up on it being an inside joke through all of the old (circa 2003) threads.
  7. Anyone care to educate me on the running joke on TC that is the Conrad 240826? Looked through some old threads but could not find the origin of the holy grail of brushed motors
  8. In chronological order: 2018: Lunchbox 2019: Axial Bomber 2020: CC-01 FJ Cruiser, TT-02 Rest of my models were RTR or bought used
  9. Favorite Tamiya box for me is the Bigwig.
  10. I'm not on Facebook for all of the above reasons and also for the sheer toxicity that (mostly) Facebook and YouTube have. Thankfully the Tamiya community has very little of it, but especially bashing and crawling have the most [redacted] obnoxious [redacted] fanbois in the hobby who have no other purpose in their sorry lives but to trash on every other brand of car/motor/servo ETC that they do not use. Instagram seems to be better but does not have the groups and most R/C forums (not this one) are the same 6 questions everyday and don't have many active members.
  11. 18 y.o I love Tamiya R/C's as much as the next person, but most r/c enthusiasts my age haven't even heard of tamiya. Crawling and bashing are the most popular segments for them, and while I like crawling, I've never been a true basher (intentionally trying to break the poor things 10 + meter jumps, 6s lipo in a 1/10th scale car) since I think it is pointless and just dumb. I'll take my tamiya's over most modern R/C's.
  12. Great! I'll pop in around 16:30-17:00 GMT
  13. Kits that come with the TBLE-02s will be fine with that ESC on brushless. Hobbywing 10bl120 and XR10 justock are great options as well I'd go with a motor in the 13.5-17.5 turn range. Any brand should be fine since you are not racing 2s is plenty for all of the listed models. Make sure you get one with a rounded case such as this one from gens ace. That will vary by model. The only car that you listed that should need an upgrade is the monster beetle with a ball diff from MIP.
  14. I only keep the boxes of the older models. (Lunchbox, frog, etc) Everything else gets recycled.
  15. Sooooo glad that I decided to pick up a TT-02 yesterday even though it wasn't the body I wanted since I was on the fence about waiting. (Wanted the Mk. V Supra, got the Mazda 3) Guess my Hop-ups may have to wait though.
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