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  1. 30?! I have 11 and feel that's a lot. I'm not sure why, but I've never had that "got to have it" feeling ever with r/c stuff. It's happened for me with some Video Games and hop-up parts, but I've never placed a pre-order on anything. I almost did it when the Losi Mini-T 2.0 came out since it was cheap and I was instantly in love with it, but I talked myself out of it and got a CC-01 instead.
  2. This set fits your description pretty well. https://www.amainhobbies.com/yeah-racing-5mm-led-light-set-white-yea-lk-0009wt/p632392 Just switch the connecter for a Futaba receiver plug or get an adapter and you'll be good to go.
  3. The closest track to me is over 1 1/2 hours away and they don't actively run anything that I have much interest in. They primarily run dirt oval and NASCAR style paved oval. They have started to do drag racing, which is super popular in the US as of now, and I would love to give it a try, but they only do cash races where you have to pay to enter and the winner gets all of the entry cash, which means that they get super competitive, and I'd probably only get to do a few passes. I'd totally love to do traditional off-road and on-road racing, but unless a better option becomes available that is easier for me to get to, I'll probably just be running in my yard/parks/uni.
  4. I hope that they decide to bring it back for another run since I really want an OG RC10, but I'm not holding my breath. RC10 prices on ebay have been pretty high to me, even for absolutely trashed examples. Last time I looked, it would be cheaper to get a 10T and convert it over to buggy spec.
  5. There are a good amount of cheap generic micro brushed esc's on amazon and banggood, but this one should the best for a crawler since it has instant reverse. I'm fairly certain that you could find someplace that stocks them in the UK as well. Some other options are the castle micro sidewinder and the Holmes BR mini, but they cost over 4x the amount of the one I linked.
  6. I'd look for a used SCX10 II or maybe even a TRX-4 or Element R/C. The redcat isn't a bad vehicle at all, and is much better than the clones or FTX/RGT crawlers, but It's still a step down from the other brands IMHO.
  7. Most of my cars are brushed, since it's cheap and enough power for most of my vehicles, but the ones that are brushless are almost out of necessity. I built my bomber with a Hobbywing Axe 3300kv system since I wanted a lot of speed and while I could have gone with a 2-speed and a 550 brushed motor, that would have added cost close to the brushless system and additional complexity that I don't want to deal with. Bombers are also notorious for killing brushed motors if not properly cared for, so I felt that a brushless system was my only option. It feels pretty close to a brushed system at slow speeds, but a brushed system will always be smoother than even the best sensored brushless system.
  8. I typically don't bother unless it's very noticeable or if I'm adding an interior. I didn't bother to add the driver figure to my bigwig since I don't notice it at all, but I did add the figure to my dual rider since it just felt wrong not to.
  9. 1: Falcon- I've been wanting to get one lately, but since these are pretty fragile cars from what I've heard, I'd feel better with a hopefully improved re-re. 2: B2B sidecar- One of the most unique R/C models ever made, and it's one of the oldest models that haven't been re-re'd. 3: Older F1 bodies- I know licensing will be the main issue here, but I'd love to see some more of the 90's F1 stuff come back. 4: RC10- Team Associated should take a second shot at an RC10 Re-Re. As long has it's got the stealth transmission in it, I'd put a pre-order it. 5: Another company to do some re-releases: Personally I think Losi will do one at some point, but I'd love for a Traxxas SRT re-release. This was arguably the most competitive racer Traxxas ever put out, and I've been looking for one for quite a while now. It shouldn't be too difficult to re-re, since most of the parts are what formed the Rustler, Slash, and Stampede.
  10. After the transmitter is powered on, press the enter button once, and scroll over to the box on the screen labeled "rev". Press enter again, scroll to channel 2, press enter, scroll so the display reads " 2 REV", and press the enter button for a final time to save the setting and press end to return to the main screen. I've also attached the manual which explains all of the features of the radio.
  11. I'm still using an old Garmin forerunner. These were pretty much the standard for speedrunning up until a few years ago, most people these days tend to use the skyrc gps or a gopro with racerender.
  12. Louise is the OEM for duratrax branded tires as far as I am aware. I've had good experiences with duratrax tires, they aren't as nice as pro-line, Jconcepts, or AKA, but definitely a step above the tires that most cars come with. Tower Hobbies and Horizon Hobby are the easiest place to get them. I got a set of louise tires from hobbyking awhile ago, but they mostly only had 1/8 scale and short course tires.
  13. ARTR: Almost ready to run. It's partially derived from the R/C airplane world where an ARF (Almost ready to fly) is a plane that is mostly assembled, but still needs a power system (you can typically choose between electric or gas), servos and radio gear I've never heard of BRTR: maybe it's a variation of the bind-and-drive/fly models that horizon hobby do where you just need to bind the receiver to a compatible transmitter?
  14. I've got a silvercan that's lasted for about 4 years of use and it's still kicking. But then again I've killed one in about 10 minutes thanks to 4s lipo and some deep mud. I've found that sealed can motors can last awhile if they are not overstressed/overheated, and if basic maintenance is performed. I pretty much do what @Juggular does, but I spray the entire can out with motor cleaner whenever I take it out of the car as well. Some nicer sealed-can motors are now being built with bearings, and I'd expect them to last a little longer as well.
  15. Bump. Last chance before I put it on ebay. $60 + shipping
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