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  1. Holmes Hobbies has some nice inexpensive sealed can motors in a variety of turn counts under their trailmaster and retro sport lines. I've used them in a few of my cars and I've been very happy with their performance and quality.
  2. Was hoping that would be the case, thanks for the info!
  3. I really like the look of it and the trailing arm suspension, going to be tough deciding between this and the new Kyosho dirtmaster. Not too thrilled that it has a ball diff though, hopefully they come out with a gear diff upgrade or one just fits in. Price is going to be the main deciding factor for me, between the BB-01 and RB5 I'll probably end up with whatever kit ends up being cheaper in the US
  4. I've got an AGFRC 19kg in mine that I got from Amazon, fitment was excellent and it's got really good specs for the price as well. I really like the Shift RC low profile servo as well, have one in my Kyosho short course truck, seems a little stronger than the AGFRC but is also more expensive and might be hard to get depending on where you live since they are a smaller company.
  5. I've had nothing but great experiences shopping at PJ, I'd say the prices are about 33-50% cheaper than RCmart or Tower Hobbies on average. They also stock lots of Kyosho parts which is handy for Mini-Z's and the SC6 I own.
  6. Yep, TL-01 uses Mod 0.6, which is different enough from 48 pitch that the gears will not mesh together nicely. As @Kowalski86 said, Robinson Racing gears are an excellent choice, and I can also recommend Yeah Racing pinion gears if the Robinson gears are hard to find wherever you live. Either will be miles better than the stock Tamiya pinion which is made of soft uncoated aluminum. Here's a link to the Yeah Racing pinion, the Robinson one is sold out ATM https://www.amainhobbies.com/yeah-racing-mod-0.6-hard-coated-aluminum-pinion-gear-19t-yea-mg-06p19t/p1378835
  7. Been on a 2WD kick as of late, started racing Short Course over the summer, picked up a Jegs Stinger (Gforce Genova clone) for $50 when they were on sale and am currently finishing up a TD2 for when off-road racing restarts.
  8. Parts are NIP, US $25+ Shipping. Happy to ship globally as well. PM me with any questions.
  9. Axial Bomber kit, was about $375 IIRC. It will be beaten shortly by a Team Corally Kronos XTR that I'm planning to get once I clear up some space for it.
  10. Thanks for finding those for me, just ordered them
  11. That servo is more than powerful enough for your Golf CS and will work perfectly with your Sanwa Tx. Just as a quick note, Hitec servos typically use a 24t servo output spline compared to 25t for Futaba and most other servo manufacturers, so you might need to pick up a different servo saver as every Tamiya kit I've built hasn't had parts to accommodate Hitec servos, but I've never built a kit that old so I'd just double check beforehand.
  12. Bump. Hornet still for sale and price reduced to $60 + shipping
  13. Great to hear your experience racing the TD2 on dirt. I'm really thinking about picking one up since my local track just started a 2wd buggy class and I refuse to be sensible and normal and get something like an AE B6.3 or an XRAY.
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