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  1. Shocker, another old body on a TT platform. Tamiya seriously needs to take a look at what Kyosho is doing with their fazer platform. They are making some seriously cool and detailed bodies such as this Chevy El Camino https://www.amainhobbies.com/kyosho-fazer-mk2-fz02l-1969-chevy-el-camino-readyset-kyo34419t1/p1281529. If Kyosho starts to do kit versions of these, I'd pre-order one. On a side note, the now cancelled Nuremburg Toy Fair was supposed to start next week, so we should see a good bit of new releases over the next few weeks.
  2. Picked up a bunch of electronics earlier this week- Got a 1080 for $15 and a 120A boat ESC for 12. The 1080 was sold out as of yesterday but there are lots of good deals still to be had. Might have to make a second order and get some of those CF sheets, batteries, and more servos.
  3. Another vote for the XV-01. I've got the long damper version and it gets over some pretty nasty stuff and even short grass. I've found that I can get most standard size 2s Lipos to fit, but the packs with the wires exiting out of one corner seem to fit the best for me. I've got mine set up with a Super Stock RZ and it's plenty of speed to blast over gravel and slide it around.
  4. I've used the Gartpot batteries and they fit well in applications where length isn't critical. I've ran them in a TA-02, CC-01, and RC10T with no issues, but they are just a few mm too long for something like a Grasshopper or Lunchbox as others have noted. I've heard that the Reedy Wolfpack and Protek rounded Lipos may be a little shorter, but I don't have either of them to confirm unfortunately.
  5. Excellent thread as per usual @Mad Ax, your posts are always worth the minute or two that the page takes to load due to all the pictures LOL. Figured I'd add in a few MT tires I had laying around that would fit in as well 1- GoolRC 2.2 MT tires- mounted on Traxxas 2.2 wheels Picked up a set of these on recommendation from a friend as I was planning on building a stampede at the time, but priorities changed and these have just sat around. Compound actually feels pretty good, similar to Pro-Line M2. However, the included wheels are molded from cheap brittle plastic and need to be replaced immediately. I still feel that these are a pretty good value despite the wheels being throwaways as the set of 4 was only $30 on amazon. Unfortunately I can't report on how they perform since I haven't ran them yet, but they may go on my Axial bomber and make a sort of psudo-SMT10. Diameter: 134.8 mm Width: 72.2 mm 2- Pro-line Trencher 2.8 MT tires - mounted on Traxxas 2.8 wheels Pretty much since Traxxas came out with the stampede 4x4 over a decade ago, 2.8" rims and tires have been the standard for non solid-axle and Tamiya type monster trucks at least here in the US, so I figured I'd include these as a comparison. Overall these tires are excellent, and work well on pretty much any surface with very little wear. Diameter: 122mm Width: 73.1mm
  6. I'd love to see a Hyundai Veloster/Elantra/I20 N, which should be feasible since they already have the license, having put some Hyundai WRC cars in the Mini 4wd line. Something a little more outlandish I'd absolutely love to see is a Saab of some sort, preferably a 900 or 9-3 of some sort.
  7. Thanks for taking excellent videos Speedy. Was super fun to meet up with both of you and I had an absolute blast yesterday.
  8. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say it's gonna be the TC-01 with a different body. The price lines up with what it currently goes for in the US, and they haven't done much with it since it was released. Most likely a Toyota WEC car, I'd love for them to do the GR010, but it could also be the older TS050.
  9. Bash

    MCI decals

    I just got some MCI decals and they were pretty good overall, same type of errors on one of the sheets, but the other one was absolutely perfect. Might have something to do with certain prints or color combinations. I'll add some pictures when I get back from work.
  10. Gonna finish up some smaller projects first: Adding the Knight Customs parts to my Lancia Delta body for my XV-01 along with finishing the interior, painting the NSX body for my TA-02, converting my rustler to a no-prep car and installing electronics and finishing up my newly built Xpress FT1S. Probably gonna pick up a TC-01 as well, and maybe an M-Chassis to boot.
  11. Any issues with motor heat? It looks pretty tucked away without much airflow or space to add a fan.
  12. I've seen some posts on Insta saying that it's directly related to the chip shortage. US kits will get the 1060 and Europe will get a Carson ESC. I usually just upgrade to a 1060 anyway for the LVC, so this is an improvement to me, but I do like to have 1 or 2 Tamiya ESC's for brushless use.
  13. My XV-01 has been super reliable for me. Can't think of anything that's gone wrong in the 8 month's that I've had it for.
  14. I'd say that improperly set endpoints is the issue you are having. What transmitter are you using?
  15. In great shape overall, completely stock except for a bearing kit. Comes with a Yeah Racing 1060 ESC, Hobbyking receiver and an Onyx S10 servo. US $65 + Shipping.
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