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  1. Hi all Does anyone have one of these for sale? Thanks 👍
  2. This design makes me think about the Tamiya f201, in particular when paired with the beautifully engineered graphite chassis conversion 3Racing produced two decades ago….https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=134794&id=16836
  3. Now this looks like the most interesting F1 car I’ve seen for a veeeery long time!
  4. https://zabawki-modele.pl/en/tamiya-42318-trf103-onroad-podwozie-14665.html https://zabawki-modele.pl/en/podwozie-trf102-on-road-tamiya-84432-13622.html https://zabawki-modele.pl/en/podwozie-f104-verii-pro-tamiya-58534-12561.html This is a shop in Poland, and they have their site in English and I’ve dealt with them before. Good time to take advantage of a strong USD and weakened Euro!
  5. Thanks @Superluminal, received today 👍. Very kind of you. Just waiting for a few bits to arrive from @svenb and then I can get on with my FF01 resto build 😀
  6. Hi, before I buy a new E parts tree for the TA02, I thought I’d check and see if anyone in the uk has the battery stopper part going spare, in unused condition as it’s for a resto. It’s the only part I now need to complete a project. Thanks 👍
  7. It's been quite a while since Tamiya have done any re-release models on the F103 chassis, apart from them continuing to release variants of the Tyrrell P34 6-wheeler. It was 2008 - 2011 when they released a few models, like the 15th Anniversary chassis kit (2008) and the F103 RM chassis same year, a few re-re body sets but without any original sponsor-type decals, and then in 2010/11 they released the Lotus 99T Honda and the McLaren MP4/6 (albeit not with the old sponsor decals, looking quite plain if I recall). There may have been others, but even the F104 chassis must be 10 years ago or more, and the TRF 101, 102 and 103 chassis hasn't seen a newer version emerge in the past maybe 4 years (TRF103 from 2018 I believe), so maybe about time Mr Tamiya..? n.b. The F201 chassis, being 4WD, never caught on as it was banned from competition (being 4WD), and it's now 20 years since these were last made. I think these were the most interesting from a build and hopping up perspective, and I have a couple NIB somewhere.
  8. That in fact is a much more accurate description of what the part is for than I initially provided.
  9. Very kind, but as @svenb is sending me some other parts, it turns out he has one spare as well so I will go with that, but thanks for the offer 👍
  10. Nice find, especially with the mount to save a few quid. Just needs bearings! I’m just about to build mine 👍
  11. Hi all I’m just in the process of restoring an original FF01 chassis, and have just realised I’m missing one final part. It’s B1 from the B parts tree which is probably a part many people never used as it is used to mount a mechanical speed controller to the rear of the chassis. Pics below - can anyone, ideally in the UK, help with this? I'm pretty sure the B parts tree from TA02 cars has this same part on it, albeit it would need to be the black rather than red version. Thanks.
  12. Looks like it’s destined for the bin then. Appreciate the insights everyone 👍
  13. Hi there, does anyone recognise this esc? It has no markings to suggest manufacturer or model that I can see. It came to me on an old FF01 rolling chassis I bought recently which had never been used, but was very dirty, so it could be quite old. Thoughts?
  14. I’ve been working on a FF01 resto, turning a filthy old, but seemingly never used rolling chassis from a 58133 Civic I bought from Italy into a set of parts ready, once I have what’s missing, to rebuild. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=139064&id=16836
  15. A bit of a long shot, but can anyone help me with these two small plastic parts, which are used as part of the rear body post attachments? They are from the B parts tree, which is the rear chassis assembly. Thanks
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