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  1. Saw this on Tonys Tamiya Facebook page just now - it was posted yesterday. That price is way higher than I was expecting 😫
  2. Yes, you can only respond via email. The email sent to you, generated from someone messaging you via the ‘contact’ button on your member page, comes from ‘info@tamiyaclub...’ and has the email address of the sender in the text, as well as their message. See image of one I received a few weeks ago, blanking out my and the senders email addresses.
  3. Good thread. I'm definitely a TA04 fan, and have a very hoppy up one: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=136221&id=16836 I also recently found an aftermarket TA04/TRF414 2-speed transmission (https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=137808&id=16836) - has anyone seen or used one of these before?
  4. A two-speed transmission for my TA04 - anyone come across this one before?
  5. I saw this yesterday, but wasn’t really sure whether it was a reference to showcasing some old models, or an indicator of some due for re-release. The Toyota racing master 6 got released again didn’t it ?), and the 7 (Newman Porsche) several years ago, albeit not really a full re-re, i.e., old body on a new chassis, so other RM’s or the same again seem quite possible. The Road Wizard seems like an unlikely re-release to me, but who knows!
  6. Interesting, thanks, didn’t know about PayPal and selecting your own banks rate. BTW, on fees, I meant the bank transfer, whilst international, was fee free.
  7. I’d alreafy ordered from Fusion, but the Tamico price looks great so I’ve just ordered one from there, coming to the UK, a bit if an experiment as it looks like the Tamico one will come in (after import duties and vat) cheaper than the £251 with 10% subscriber discount from Fusion. I also paid Tamico by bank transfer rather than PayPal - much better exchange rate for a lower price paid, and no fees. 👍
  8. The only thing that I think is a shame about this ‘special’ release is given the 30th anniversary was an “all singing and dancing” TA05 with carbon plates and numerous alu hop up parts included, why couldn’t Tamiya do that and make the 45th more than just a repackaged Jagermeister/Black/Tamico... I’d have gladly paid more to see some of those old TA02 hop up parts appearing as part of the kit.
  9. I was surprised when you posted originally saying the picture you sought included this motor, as I had thought (based on the pic attached) the period correct one for the TA02 was the Acto Power 53153, released in 1993. I tend to associate the Dyna-Run, from 1996, with the TA03....still, if you do find that other picture, that would be great to see!
  10. ...and just like the 30th anniversary one, the 45th will also have the certificate etc etc, to try (alongside the blister pack and hopefully some good box art) and make it seem like something special. Not sure if it's going to be worth getting if the estimated price range (£300-400) is to be believed, but I've placed a pre-order with Fusion Hobbies here in the UK today and will determine nearer the time whether to go ahead. Given how long kits are taking to turn up, it'll probably be well into next year before these appear anyway!!
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