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  1. Yup, that’s about the size of it. To much thinking about RC leads me to creating new ideas, followed by research, and then spending! I end up with too many projects conceived and/or ready to get going, and very little time actually doing the doing! a very relatable topic, thanks @Badcrumble
  2. Probably not. I was interested that this was being released, but it’s looking like only a very standard chassis. I’m currently on the lookout for a new built or NIB David Jun or either of the old TA03 TRF’s 👍
  3. Some TA03 hop up parts for future projects 🙂
  4. Hi, I'm trying to work out if the rear panel onto which the rear wing assembly is fixed is interchangeable between the standard F103 gearbox parts (50504 pictured first) and the older F101 and F102 parts (0005371), in terms of both size and fixing points to the side pieces of the gearbox assembly. I have an F103 which I'm wanting to do some modification to, and it would help if I can create a F102 style rear wing assembly which is supported by a metal frame attached through vertical holes in the F101/102 rear gearbox parts. I could buy the parts to check, but wondered if anyone had first hand knowledge?
  5. Hi, looking for one of these old rear brake lamp units for some of the earlier F1 cars like F102.It doesn't need to be new in pack (though fine if is), just needs to be working and in great condition. I'm in the UK. Let me know if you can help!. Thanks, David
  6. Hi, I've got a used Tamiya FS12-LT (and missing parts, but that's another story) engine that I'm using for a restoration project, so want to get the metal casing looking as good as possible. Any good tips as to what cloning agents work best? And when it comes to dismantling and cleaning the moving parts, what works best as a lubricant when putting it back together?
  7. It’s been a few years since I bought anything from rcmart and they were always pretty fast getting stuff here to the uk. No surprises if there are delays at present but are you guys still finding that, like Stella models, they tend to automatically send kits and parts with low declared values so you avoid customs charges?
  8. Yup, interesting but shame it’s only a very standard chassis, no hop ups or FRP double deck - maybe if this sells well we will see more hopped up variants over time, bit like how the TA02 re-re went: basic Porsche to start then the Jagermeister and Black versions 👍
  9. This I think is one of the hardest to find - at least it was when I was collecting the RM’s and eventually got a Newman one back in 2006. Much less common than the Rothmans variant, but I’ve seen the odd one come up over the years. Good luck!
  10. Thanks for the scan Adam, and yes I did eventually find the ‘12’. I’ll have to see what turns up 2nd hand if this is going to be worth repairing.
  11. Thanks Mike, thought as much. What I really need is the schematic sheet with all of the part numbers listed which came with these new - anyone got a scan to share for the FS12-LT..?
  12. Hi there I've just bought what I think is a FS12-LT. I think it is complete with the obvious exception that it has no pull starter. I’ve never stripped one of these engines down before, so wanted to check if I’m missing anything (at the pull starter end) that I won’t get if I purchase a new tamiya recoil starter. Second question is that whilst I think it’s a 12, there are no markings that I can see, so how would I know it’s a 12 and not 15? It’s a TM-4 muffler if that’s a clue by the way. I’d be grateful for some shared wisdom please!
  13. Hi, the standard F103 aluminium body mount only comes in silver and I need something in blue if possible. I noticed -see pic- that the front body mount in the F104 mounting pack looks identical to the silver one, and I’m sure that looking at the two you’d probably say the same. However I wondered if anyone actually knew from experience that the F104 blue one is the same size as the silver one?
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