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  1. Very kind, thanks! I’ll check and see if there’s anything else I need from Siedel and PM you. Appreciate the help, very much in the spirt in which TC and the forum has operated over the years. 👍
  2. You, looking for 47395 x 1 ta02 one way, which is about £20 at Seidel
  3. They come up pretty regularly on eBay, just look at sold prices. Last few I’ve seen have gone for anywhere between around £280-£350, which seems to be the ceiling at the moment. That’s just a UK picture of course.
  4. Lars put one up for sale last week on his site Tamiya base for $800. https://tamiyabase.com/forum/5-for-sale/20324-selling-parts-of-my-collection#60642
  5. In stock at Seidel, you’d need some help from someone located in Germany to buy them though as they stopped shipping abroad a few years ago: https://www.modellbau-seidel.de/index.php?firma=Tamiya&best=9008105 More research might yield an easier place to find the part of course. also, here’s an example of these AA parts being used to mount a Celica LB hard body on a GT01 chassis - https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=96333&id=7530
  6. Give them your TC membership number when you email or a link to your home page showing you are a subscriber
  7. Have you tried @OCD as this is the sort of thing that might be in his collection..?
  8. Maybe it’s the Reynard listed here: https://tamiyabase.com/parts/1354-50692
  9. Yup, I saw, not worth it, but thanks. If there's a member in Germany who could help with buying via Siedel, let me know..?
  10. MRE Nitro conversion chassis now dismantled and cleaned. Three hours careful work, and it's  all come up a treat! Finally, now everything is ready to actually build this.
  11. I'm looking for one of these if anyone has one spare, ideally located here in the UK. It’s in stock at Modellbau-Seidel, but not much use since they stopped shipping outside Germany a few years back! Thanks
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