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  1. Possibly for a trade + a dollop of cash as I’m after a blue Acto 53154 👍
  2. Hi Looking for a fair priced Acto formula motor, part number 53154, new in box, or like new. Thanks 😊
  3. A mint NIB pair of Technigold motors turned up today, having been hiding away in a hobby store for over 30 years and only recently discovered.
  4. I think this is often the approach - buy more and sell on to recoup some.costs - I tend to do this when purchasing from proxy sites like Jauce when getting stuff from Japanese auction sites, where prices are generally lower on old parts, but transaction costs for a single item are pretty high.
  5. If it still operates the same way as when I did it, then follow this: email Joanne at Fusion saying you'd like to get a TC discount: info@fusionhobbies.com If you are a TC Forum member, you get 5% discount, and if a full subscriber, 10%. You just need to provide your TC membership number. If you don't know this, go to your profile page on the main site (not the Forum), and click in the URL box, and you'll see your member number at the end of the URL. Send that plus your TC name to Joanne, and she will send you a code, which you use during check-out on their website.
  6. Well, if those pics don't tempt folks, nothing will! I've just seen that Fusion Hobbies now also have this listed in the UK for £295 pre-order, and it'll be under £270 delivered with the TC discount added.
  7. Hi all if anyone has one of these, please PM me. Ideally looking for a new one. Thanks 😊
  8. I’d suggest to direct message Chris I.e. @netsmithUK
  9. Just what I was thinking, this has been highly informative for me, so thanks to @Saito2 for kicking this off, and for the very interesting contributions from other members. 👍👍👍
  10. I have followed suit and also placed a pre-order, so at least I can stop thinking about this now 👍. I’m in the UK, and have gone with Time Tunnel Models, who seem to be offering the lowest price I can find - £295 delivered, and the option to cancel up to a day before dispatch (they reckon March). Others like Modelsport and Wondertand are at £315, and the only other price I found elsewhere in the UK was £350 at a couple of online stores. In the ‘good old days’ I would automatically have bought from sellers in HK (e.g. Stella Models, from whom I bought this kit when originally re-re’d), but I think the landed price difference is pretty much negligible these days, and whilst they arrive sooner, the customs charge risk seems to be ever rising 😫
  11. Hi, I have a set somewhere, but used. However a New set has just been listed on eBay by a seller in Germany which you might want to grab
  12. Do these need to be new, and if not, where are you located?
  13. Rings true, given others have already listed prices that presumably are not yet set by Tamiya (RC Mart in HK, and Modelsport in the UK).... Here’s what Stella Models had to say the other day:
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