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  1. Had a call today from the very nice people at Fusion Hobbies here in the UK - the Fighting Buggy is finally with the UK distributor and will be arriving at Fusion in the next few days. What with all the delays everyone has experienced getting kits and parts from tamiya, wherever you may be, it's always good to know that eventually, these things do actually materialise!
  2. Just checking, it’s the part I’ve circled that you are looking for , and in the original grey colour? I’m not sure I have one (beyond the one in a nib TA03R kit I have), and I see that even the urethane upgrade bumper sets from back in the day only seem to include this plastic bumper in black in the packs. Have seen a few parted out models in the last year in grey, so maybe a waiting game...
  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Tamico’s approach with the €160 min order value reflects that they have chosen not to account to HMRC for vat. It gets around them needing to register. By only shipping above the £135 threshold, the vat and customs get applied at entry into the uk (or missed in some lucky cases), so it’s free of hassle for the seller.. Anything with a declared value below £135 seems to come through like normal post, as the system assumes the vat has been charged by the seller at the point of purchase and will be accounted for by them to HMRC. I’ve had several things arrive from Germany, HK, Singapore and elsewhere in this way in the past few months.
  4. Anyone got one of these going spare? UK ideally....
  5. Hello I wonder if there's a TC member in Germany who could help me out. I want to buy something which a seller on https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de has available, but he doesn't send abroad. If someone could buy the item and send it on to me in the UK, that would be great. It's not a high value item (60 euro, so below the threshold where it gets complicated after Brexit) and I know it will cost €34.99 to send it to the UK via Duetche Post, and 10 euro postage in Germany - I would send all the money up front. Message me if you can help please
  6. These arrived today - was very surprised to find them in model shop!
  7. A bit more hunting on other forums via a google search seems to suggest that the positives and negatives are reversed for Sanwa vs. Futaba, and... 1) From this forum, in 2009, a member mentioned that “Most Acoms I know still run the old sanwa wiring sequence.” 2) someone was asking if a futaba servo would work with an acoms receiver, and discovered that “the futaba servo plug must be plugged in upside down for it to work“, which suggests the polarity of the wiring is reversed between the two manufacturers. Seems like the Sanwa fuel indicator is going to be the correct one to go with Acoms gear.
  8. Hi Tamiya produced a fuel indicator back in the 1990’s and created two variants of the same model, as pictured. One says it’s for Sanwa, the other says it’s for a Tamiya, Futaba, and KO. I’m supposing (possibly quite incorrectly) that the two versions differ in terms of the connector plug, perhaps the way it’s wired. These fit I believe between the power source for the receiver (4AA battery box) and the receiver itself. My question is that if I’m using Acoms radio gear, which fuel indicator is compatible? I would be grateful for some enlightenment!
  9. A NIB TGX turned up yesterday, with a few hop ups thrown in. Now that's what I'd call a 'Proper Kit'! - happy days!
  10. I think we’ve all been bracing ourselves for such things, but good that Tamico are still supplying to the uk. It would be useful to know specifics if possible - declared value of your items, vat applied, and and processing fee added to that by parcel force, to get a better feel for the extra costs associated with such purchases.
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