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  1. Arrived from the USA yesterday, a very old and rare Team CRP 1650 A-Arm Stabiliser from the late 1980’s, for the Hotshot and others. I bought this off eBay a few weeks ago, very rare to see these come up. A tatty pack, but parts are A1. This is for my Super Hotshot build. Extract from the 1987 Team CRP catalogue listing this part is also pictured.
  2. I’m starting to wonder if RC Channel is still trading. No response to several questions asked over the past 2+ weeks, with messages sent via the website, direct mail to the email provided when I opened an account, or via eBay messaging. Has anyone ordered anything in the last few weeks and received it?
  3. Hi there i’m toying with an idea for a re-re XR311 but with a few modifications, for which I could do with finding an original chassis tray (as these have a slightly different layout on top compared to the re re), and an original XR311 mechanical speed controller, complete with all the little bits to connect to a servo horn. Both need to look like new (or scrub up and look pretty much so). If you have anything in the spares box, let me know! I’m in the UK. Thanks 👍
  4. Hi I’m collecting a few upgrades for a Super Hotshot, such as the CRP 1650 suspension arm stabilizer mod, and am considering buying the upper and lower arms, front and rear (some shown n the pic) from RC Channel, when next in stock. These are described by RC Channel as being for the hotshot, but as the kit supplied Tamiya parts numbers in both Hotshot and Super Hotshot manuals are identical, I’m assuming they fit both models. I just wondered if any of you had bought these parts, for either car, and what you think of them as an upgrade? thanks 👍
  5. I have had a couple of orders arrive here in the UK over the past 6 months. Both took about 5-6 weeks to arrive, though the last one arrived about 3 months ago when I think global postal services were still on their knees. I've read a few more recent threads however, suggesting that orders are now coming through more quickly than I experienced.
  6. That’s a Tamiya TXT-1 battery holder: https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/option-parts/rc-txt-1-alum-battery-holder/
  7. Hi all just wondered if anyone has bought one of the full chassis upgrade kits from RC Channel for the XR311...? i’m wondering how well it works, and whether it alters in any way the ride height of the vehicle? http://www.rcchannel.com.tw/product_info.php?cPath=58&products_id=522
  8. Agree - I chanced upon a Tamiya commercial for the TXT-2 yesterday. What a load of rubbish, Tamiya should be doing a much better job!
  9. For me, it was discovering eBay in 2006, and then being amazed to find an XR311 kit, a re-re of the original I had new in 1982. This started a dangerous spending habit!
  10. Looks like some Tamiya stock landed in the UK in the past few days, as my Fusion Hobbies order, which I placed in May, arrived today!
  11. A trio of F103 body sets (Mclaren-Mercedes MP4-13) which I found online the other day somewhere in Europe. More info here: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=135981&id=16836
  12. Agree re Fusion, definitely call/email first. I’ve PM’d you a link where you’ll find an in stock grasshopper
  13. I just don’t have this experience. Jauce charge 40 yen + 3.9% of the deposit amount, I.e. they get you to pay their PayPal fee plus a bit.
  14. I’m in the uk as well. I deposit funds with Jauce via PayPal,, which they (Jauce) charge their fee for. Assuming I don’t win the auction and choose to withdraw the funds, they arrive back in my PayPal account (takes a good week), basically as a reverse of the deposit transaction, so no fees charged, same exchange rate, 100% refund. Don't quite understand why you say PayPal charge a handling fee as in my scenario, I'm the customer, Jauce is the merchant, so no fee for buyer from PayPal.
  15. When I’ve bid using Jauce, but lost, and then withdrawn the funds I’d deposited with them (in order to be able to bid in the first place) back to PayPal, my net cost financially has always been zero. Ultimately though, these are costly sites to use, and the fees aren’t always what they appear to be. I only use them when I can’t find items anywhere else.
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