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  1. @svenbHere’s a brand new one (in bag, not box): https://www.jk-rc.co.uk/rc-accessories/tamiya-55051-p
  2. Same here, tried to upload a pic yesterday to a post but got the error.
  3. To use the newer carbon conversion set, you’ll also need a few different screws here and there, so follow what’s on the FWD variant of the original chassis conversion instruction sheet (5th image onwards in the link) and you’ll be fine https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=89267&id=2400. This also tells you which steering links and other parts from the J tree are specific to the FF01. This conversion when using the original parts is a well worn path by many including myself - see here: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=139631&id=16836, and as the newer conversion set plates look near identical (https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=138235&id=16836) see last image, and the J parts are the same, it should work.
  4. Hi, I’m after just the two decals shown in the image, if anyone has these spare in the uk..? Repro of these of the original release version is soo fine.
  5. Thanks. I have another in the pipeline https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?id=16836&cid=139798&t=811202330800
  6. I’ve never seen that sheet before. I can just about make out what it says from the image, but any chance you could do me a good scan of it? PM me if you can. Here’s a pic of my last ff01 project as well - love the FF01!
  7. A couple of really nice vintage chassis kits and parts turned up recently. Love these older models given the amount of carbon and alu parts they have as standard, which makes them a joy to build for me. The Evo was an absolute bargain at £175 including the alu steering arm set which I couldn’t quite believe, but it’s all there!
  8. Comments left for entries in other people’s showrooms only show once the owner of the showroom accepts the comment. They are alerted to a comment being left via an automated email, and then have to (from memory) click a green tick, or a red cross which shows up in the comment box to add it to their showroom entry, or not.
  9. I think the forum has always tended to be good for requests for small parts, like bits off a parts tree, basically stuff you can’t buy on their own or are vintage and hard to find. I’ve occasionally bought the odd kit when it’s been listed here, but haven’t used it to sell parts and kits for years given, as mentioned already, that it’s a relatively small audience and feels a more random and less likely to yield a sale than using the likes of eBay. I really value that part of the forum though just because of the level of help I’ve had from other members over the years in obtaining hard to find bits and pieces. I’ve also helped a fair few myself when wanted ads have matched things I’ve got spare. So I wouldn’t say it’s dead, perhaps more focussed or specific in how it gets used these days.
  10. Hi Chris the ‘car list needs updating list’ thread which relates to the main site has had quite a few entries as well as prompts going back about a year which don’t seem to have been actioned.
  11. Yes, an original hard copy as I have a NIB kit but missing the manual. I have the Tamiya base PDF already.
  12. Thanks, I know that’s there, but it’s a series of images, not a single document with all the info together. I was trying to avoid the hassle of having to piece it all together myself
  13. Hi, can anyone help with this? Looking to do a TA01 touring car conversion 👍 Thanks
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