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  1. Slight difference in width - side by side comparison now I’ve got some collars
  2. That’s really fortuitous given the brake light was originally designed for the earlier F101 cars which had a wire rear wing support which didn’t interfere with being able to screw the brake pod to the rear of the gearbox. Later F101 and the F102 and 103 cars has a one piece plastic rear wing which screwed straight to the rear of the gearbox, with no way of adding this brake light. The Tyrrell, having separate and divided metal wing supports therefore gets around this. Good stuff! More info here about the old wing designs if anyone is interested: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=134774&id=16836
  3. @svenb how about some pics to show how the brake light fits with the rear wing assembly - I thought it might just about fit or be a bit tight on space….
  4. @netsmithUK, as per message last month, can this be added on the main site please? I'll email also via the address on the facebook page and include all the kits listed from 2022
  5. I think I got pinged for a scam last night - I don't like to cast aspersions, but a new member joined yesterday, introduced themselves in the forum in what looked like an odd way, and messaged me saying someone on here had an item I'm after but he couldn't remember the TC name, so provided an email address for me to contact. It just seemed along the same lines as others before, so I ignored it. Best advice as ever is only to deal with established TCers.
  6. Seriously though, I just looked at my last order with them back in Jan last year which was sent by JP. Two sets of ta02 53155 dampers, a TG10mk2 carbon upper deck, and a set of Hotshot bearings came in a medium sized box as the items are quite bulky or long, and cost about £6 to the UK. The current non JP options would more than triple that figure.
  7. Getting messages from others, so not sure why. Anyway, if you create an account at Jauce, you’ll have a summary account page with a ‘mesages’ box top right of screen, click that and you’ll see a blue button ‘new ticket’, and from this you can make a request for Jauce to make a bid for you, as you can’t do it yourself for blocked items. They will bid for you for blocked items if you explain it is not a battery, engine, or something with oil in it. You have to deposit money first. Just be sure you understand all the costs of using these buying sites, as what you pay could end up being double the item cost once shipped.
  8. Here's one @Collin (if you are ok sourcing from yahoo Japan via 3rd party buying services): https://www.jauce.com/auction/c1078894043 Also I'd suggest contacting eBay seller focusr95, based in the UK and called Andy. He's been selling off a huge amount of vintage nitro and other Tamiya kits and parts over the last few years, and I have bought many items from him direct. I'm sure he has sold new in pack as well as lightly used examples of this two speed over the years, and may well have another somewhere, so worth asking if he has one in his stash. https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/focusr95
  9. I’ve got one on my TG10 https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=139326&id=16836 They do come up on eBay from time to time. I’ll take a look at the TR-18 manual if I can find one as I’m not familiar with it like others will be. See also here for a scan of the part manual
  10. I’ve discovered today @middleagedgrup and @Superluminal that there is in fact a very simple and pretty much cost free solution to this, albeit not using the ‘correct’ part. All those 850 size brass bearings we replace with ball bearings should have a use somewhere, and it turns out they fit just like the joint collars would, based on a build I’ve been doing this morning. Unbelievable also that the very day I replied to this topic previously, a set turns up on eBay! Can’t win ‘em all! Nevertheless, I now have a set coming to me along with some other parts from Seidel, so all good 👍
  11. Hi everyone, I’m hoping one of you who is based in Germany could help me purchase some small items from Modellbau-Seidel, who as we all know stopped sending abroad (in my case to the UK) quite a few years ago. This is quite a well trodden path as I’ve been helped in this way before by a couple of members here, but don’t want to impose so putting this out there and hoping someone responds. The items in question are three very small metal parts which collectively cost under €20, and probably weigh less than 100g posted. I’m happy of course to provide the funds in advance if someone could make the purchase, and cover the postage to the UK (a standard untracked letter will do fine) and more on top for your trouble.. I have a screenshot of my basket at Modellbau-Seidel which I can share to confirm the parts, so if you are an established member here and can help, please get in touch. I would be very grateful. Thanks 👍
  12. Hi everyone I'm just in the middle of a TG10 Mk1 project and realised that whilst I have most of the pieces needed from the stabiliser set, I'm missing the 4 little metal stabilizer holders which screw onto the suspension arms, and these only came as part of the TG10 Pro kit, or as part of the 53354 stabilizer set. I can get one from Japan no problem, but checking here first in case someone cane help out more locally :-). Parts don't need to be new. Thanks, David
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