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  1. Thanks guys, now sorted. @MadInventor, that made me chuckle, the A Team theme music was instantly playing in my head!
  2. It’s an alu brace used for the TA04 TRF and TA04R, called a bulkhead beam, as in the image, so a very specific part not found on any other kit I think. Can’t be more than say 3cm.
  3. Bit of a long shot I know due to difficulties with us UK folks buying from Tamico post Brexit, and having to place a min order of €151, but if anyone is currently in the process of putting in an order, and would be willing to buy one small part and send on to me, let me know. It’s a small metal hard-to-find tube, cost is just €2.39. thanks 👍
  4. Can’t answer the 2nd, but for whatever reason, Tamiya decided that the Super Champ, which was originally sold as the Fighting Buggy in Japan when it first came out, should have that name internationally when they re-re’d it. Here in the UK, retailers are expecting these to be available at the end of April, once the ships get here.
  5. Something I say to myself often, but doesn’t seem to stop further purchases being made 😂
  6. Having thought that I'd finally sorted out the throttle/brake linkages, a test I did shortly after the last post I made here told me I wasn't quite there. Felt a bit dispiriting to be honest, so left it for a week or so until having another crack at this today. This project has been so fiddly, as there's so little space to work with. I'd love to know what the designer actually had in mind for creating these linkages! The brake arm linkage works fine, that's never been the issue and the geometry is as it should be to enable the movement required. The problem was the throttle linkage, as the rod was not sufficiently horizontal - important given the very limited space between throttle lever on the engine, and the servo horn - so that meant it didn't have the smoothness of movement needed, and it was snagging and just looking awkward when moving. After a few experiments (including trying a different carb with a piston type throttle, rather than lever - from a FR-15S, and a different linkage arrangement - didn't work) I realised the best thing to do would be to keep the engine/carb as was, and raise the engine slightly. So I've inserted two spring washers for every bolt, added between the engine mounts and the engine itself. That raises the engine by about 1mm. I also made some minor changes to the make up of the small parts on each link rod, as what I’d done before wasn’t quite right. Finally now, this works smoothy for both throttle and brake - you can see both rods are horizontal, so everything is now as it should be (or at least, with the design I have developed).
  7. Bit of a clean up and light refurb job today on a FR-15S Nitro engine which I picked up recently - amazing how cleaning can be so absorbing! Note to self: get a life! I wasn't sure which engine this was (the listing didn't say), or the condition when I picked it up on a trading site. It wasn't quite what I thought it was, so will sell it on. Bit of a gem though, great condition, very good compression.
  8. And the heat sink looks like it’s something like one of these. It’s been so long since I built a frog, but looks like the front suspension has had a ‘home-made’ modification as those front dampers and damper towers are not original.
  9. Managed to get the build of my TA01 MRE Nitro Conversion pretty much finished this weekend - after a lot of head scratching, I worked out how to get the throttle/brake/ servo horns aspects to work, despite very limited space. Added the pipes for fuel etc, and will add some hop ups later. Also made a few adjustments to my TG10 pro. Nice sunny day too 👍
  10. Echoing what’s already been said, for me, variety really is the spice of life. The ‘anything goes’ attitude we see in this Forum is stimulating, gives me ideas I might not have thought about otherwise. I am however generally a box-art kind of person when it comes to my builds (mainly down to nostalgia), but then I’m more interested in the chassis side of things and what I can do with that, rather than bodies.
  11. Thanks @KEV THE REV, your input certainly helped. I’m pretty chuffed with the end result 👍
  12. So, some progress me thinks. Those Kyosho Inferno linkages have been very helpful, along with a few other bits and bobs in the spares box. Essentially, whilst the brake arm side of things was straightforward, the throttle was the real headache. I tried a few ideas out until I thought about adding a further element of servo horn to the existing part, using a standard Tamiya kit part (the sort of servo arm you'd get for a mechanical speed controller on the TA01/2). This extra horn is mounted - with a spacer to raise it slightly so it doesn't snag one one of the alu parts making up the drive-chain assembly - onto the existing TGX Throttle servo arm, offset by around 45 degrees as you can see. On top of that is the throttle rod attachment piece from the Kyosho parts, which can swivel, which was a key reason for buying these bits. The throttle ball connector had to be screwed in on the inside side of the engine throttle arm as you can see. Overall, I think it's not a bad outcome, not perfect and needs some minor adjustments still, but in essence, looks satisfactory from a 'reasonably neat engineering' perspective. I still wonder if there's a simpler approach - after all, presumably whoever actually designed the MRE conversion set for a TA01 back in the day had a clear idea about how the throttle linkage would work, despite the throttle/brake servo position being so close to any engine you'd care to fit. Next step, will be to change the wheels to the 53140 Aluminum ones I put on a previous post, and also the Cross front and rear suspension sets, which includes carbon shock stays and stabilizers.
  13. I’ve bought a set of brake/throttle linkages for a kyosho inferno Neo 2/3, as I realised that I probably needed some other parts to help make all of the linkages work, and the parts looked like they might help. I’ve got the kyosho parts now, and might even have some time this w/end to have another go at this. Update coming in due course 👍. Another one of these nitro chassis builds also happened to pop up on the main club site the other day (so now 3 in total inc mine and acprc’s), so that’s another TCer scratching their head over how to make this conversion work! https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=137022&id=9189
  14. I think that's supposed to help avoid hospitalisation due to slipping when showering 😫😫 Not very useful RC-wise though....😀
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