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  1. Bump - still looking. I did see a couple on shopee.com in Malaysia, but it seems there’s no international sign up or postage option (I’m UK). The search continues!
  2. Hi all Does anyone have one of these old manifold sets going spare? It’s the polished silver version, used for the TG10. Direct message me if you can help. I’m in the UK, but happy to buy from anywhere around the world! Thanks 👍
  3. Delivered today, and will be my next build. Really enjoyed building the TRF version in the past, but also I’ve always liked the look of this tuned version, so I’m glad to have found one. Comes complete with a Type R motor and some nice upgrade parts.
  4. It’s on Tamiyabase as a complete pdf to download (as opposed to the separate pages on TC), as long as you join (free) https://tamiyabase.com/downloads/download-categories/download/2-58xxx-kit-manuals-pdf/79-manual58084
  5. Bought from yahoo.jp via proxy, a never run FF01 chassis, one of the two ‘special editions’ Tamiya produced with the extra hop up parts including blue alu heat sink. The plan is to make a third iteration of a ‘FF01-TRF’, a bit like this- https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=139636&id=16836
  6. Mine too! I think it’s unlikely they would ever release them as they were, and you could say in any case that they already have re-released all the F1 variants except the Williams FW07 in the past- Tyrrell 6-wheeler on the F103 chassis in 2000 (and 10 more times since, last one in 2022), Ferrari 312t3 released as a kit and a separate bodyset for the F103 chassis in 1991 (and latterly on the F104 chassis I think in 2018), Lotus JPS (no sponsor decals) on the F104W chassis in 2010,, Ligier JS Matra and Brabham BT-50 both released in 2009 as body sets to fit the F103 chassis, but only sold at hobby shows as event special release items.
  7. The main issue with regard to engine choice is getting the throttle and brake linkages working properly, given where the throttle servo is positioned. If you look at my old thread above, you will see that I managed to get it working with a Tamiya FS-12LT engine with the carb spun around 180 degrees from the norm to put the lever on the correct side for the servo, though the servo horn assembly ended up being quite fiddly. You may be better using an engine that comes with a slide valve carb, as per the image (not mine, but someone I trade with).
  8. PM me yr address and I’ll pop it in the post Tuesday. It’s new, and unopened. Edit - now posted
  9. The MRE kit should have included two bearings for the spur gear assembly, as shown in the image (and shown on the diagram on the instruction sheet you will have, albeit they are not listed on the parts sheet) and I’m pretty sure these are one of the regular sizes freely available/ in common use on Tamiya and other 1/10 RC cars. I would need to dig out my built model to measure the bearing size. I did a build thread of this conversion kit in this forum a few years ago here, and some of the challenges. Another 4 bearings needed for the steering (again, these should be included in the MRE kit) and these look to be standard 850 size, and are shown in my photo of a stripped down kit (left side of image) Edit; just done some measuring. The steering bearings are as above, but the spur assembly bearings are not a Tamiya standard, or at least not a size I’ve come across before on a Tamiya kit. Having measured one with digital calipers, you’ll need 8x14x 3 or 4 (I.e. 8mm inner diameter, 14mm outer, 3 or 4mm width). Here’s an example - https://www.rcbearings.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=2292
  10. Agreed, and we’ve also seen a spate, in particular over the last year or so, of scammers joining, zero or small numbers of posts, responding to wanted item posts via DM, offering items, asking you to email direct, and generally being a complete nuisance. I’ve been on here almost 20 years, and scammers seem to have only been turning up in the last few years, in my experience. So no offence is intended by TC members calling similar behaviours out as we’ve become somewhat sensitive to the issue in what has historically been a very constructive, high trust forum with a great, friendly membership.
  11. A couple of arrivals this week, a vintage Castrol Civic bodyset for a FF01 project, and a TG10 Pro chassis kit which I’ve just listed in my showroom https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=140187&id=16836, mainly bought for the silver dampers which I want for another project, after I’ve built it (with an OS Max LD15-X). I do like old stuff!
  12. Are you looking for a new kit, new build, used..? I have most of these kits, but will build before selling, like this one- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/166593989167?itmmeta=01HPKMT3MPNC8YRZ6C53ME570S&hash=item26c9c68a2f:g:kZMAAOSwAk1lrQBB&itmprp=enc%3AAQAIAAAA4AYJ45XTQkdy0H6xaE9rsEENN1u9N2TQxnKeYdbYcP%2FWL7UuLY8EiVoPd%2BN2i8Z%2FijhgoaFdVh%2FsowFsqxGxC5fo4nJiUArz9UQ0qrSpj3aQV9%2F%2F%2FNV2%2BBL%2F2rBFKUUOI9zZoit9F6V6hu2gKC9ifOin2faHMgHQ7242y7QN9xmeayEsBxFCoRj4epM4d3E9RmBxdb9dWexrV25%2FSJOLQj4cVi95UwF6YmmgCmN57U4aZtUGZuhhrMMu5z0MA22tEUTHDQysZJK%2BbEShQ6aDeU5SkOzmjY0ueSs49cwifxlw|tkp%3ABk9SR7q66PS0Yw
  13. Hi Has anyone got a single spare blue stabiliser bar from the 53276 set that they’d be prepared to sell? PM me if you have one in good/like new condition. Thanks all 👍
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