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  1. Don't tell me, you found some great, super rare items as you could look across several Japanese auction sites at once, you bid, you won, and then watched those costs mount up! Just like Jauce - great that these proxy sites exist, but need to play carefully to get the best value :-)
  2. These are excellent kits, and the TS020 the best body for them. The stock wheels from the kit were right for this body I think. I had one a few years ago (unfortunately, the less-engine version) so am familiar with the hunt for the ultra rare muffler. You never know though! I don't think the shocks you've got there are stock - the kit ones were black anodised aluminum if I remember correctly.
  3. Hi everyone I have an original TA03F Pro which I'm planning to upgrade a bit. Two parts I'm missing at the moment are as follows, so let me know if you can help! 53312 - TA03 Carbon Stabilizer Support 53286 - TA03 Aluminum Pulley (16T) - 2 sets needed Parts can be new in pack, or out of pack, used on a shelfer etc, but still in 'as new' condition. I'm in the UK. Thanks all, and stay safe
  4. ..and a TC sub for some upload activity..?
  5. What you need is a bit of an incentive 😀
  6. That lot deserves to be listed in a TC showroom!
  7. Thanks @svenb re doing some measuring and @ChrisRx718, I thought the pack of two looked a little shorter. Here's the back end of my TB4 Evo for which I'm looking for the red 53440's (or yellow at a pinch).
  8. Hi all I'm after a new set of springs, just two. The parts number is 53440, and I need the red pair only from the pack. Tamiya has a habit of repackaging the same items under different parts numbers, so having found part number 53630 which has the two red springs and looks like it could be the same as the red ones in the 53440, I just can't be sure. What I do know from measuring existing 53440 springs on my TB Evo is that they are 28mm high. Can anyone help clarify if the 53630 is the same as the two red springs in the 53440 pack? Thanks
  9. Really disappointed to have seen the posts about model_build having only just bought one small item from them last week. I just had a look at some recent sold items -for this seller - it’s just not right is it.
  10. Hi everyone, hope you're all managing to stay safe and healthy... Quick question - I have some 20_ year old wheels and tyres from a new built TA01 shelfer. I was thinking about how best to get the wheels cleaned up, and the tyres maybe a bit fresher to the touch. I saw thread a few days ago which I can't find now where someone had put the wheels and tyres (separately) from a TXT into a dishwasher to clean them. I don't suppose it can do any harm, but wanted to check if anyone has any experience doing this, or alternative approaches you'd suggest. Thanks in advance!
  11. I’ve not built one, but am tempted too. Have you seen the ‘Most complicated tamiya kit’ thread in the General section of the forum - quite a few positive references to the Avante. Nice offer also at Tamico until midnight 😊
  12. Hi I’m restoring a TA01 chassis from a 58113 BMW M3 kit, but am missing a couple of parts, the top of the front gear case, and the motor mount. These don’t need to be brand new necessarily, used parts that will clean up to be like new would be fine, but I don’t want scratched parts, and they’ve got to be red. let me know if you can help - I’m in the UK. Thanks
  13. You’ll also get an error message if you add a caption for any of your images and you exceed the 50 character limit.
  14. Hi, looking for one of these - anyone got a spare?
  15. Looks like they have 7 of these currently in stock - maybe back in production, or just old stock recently discovered. Interesting, though with the pound heading towards parity with USD, now looks expensive. Nice little kit though. I too didn’t get a confirmation email on ordering and when dispatched having purchased some items a few days ago on the new site. I had to check back in my account to see that it had been sent, so looks like another area in which rcmart need to improve the site functionality.
  16. @netsmithUK thanks Chris. This started with me realising that I’d signed up on the main site as Futureworks rather than what it should be, i.e. futureworks with a lower case f as I have here on the forum. Are you saying you can’t change an upper case F to a lower case one for me? And as mentioned before, can you revise my joining date on my TC member page as it shows 1st Jan 2000, 2 years before the club started. Should be June 2006. And finally, I hope you got my PM with my avatar pic for the forum for uploading..? Many thanks and nice touch offering the 10 free subs BTW 👍
  17. Better still, buy 60mm hex head in black and use bolt cutters to shorten 👍
  18. Result! Held in place with match sticks at the moment and the muffler works best inverted as shown to create space underneath for the brake/throttle servo to be positioned with it's horn. Sizing it up, looks like I need to find some M3 x 55mm black hex head bolts to secure the muffler, though I'm only finding them in large quantities at the moment - more research needed. Anyway, at least having solved this issue (thanks again @acprc) I can now get on with stripping down the chassis, checking parts and cleaning everything up.
  19. Hi Looking for a set of these hubs for a TA02 project. They don’t need to be new in pack, just in like new condition and complete with small parts. Let me know if you can help. (BTW I’m also after a set of 53195 chassis plates, again like new condition, don’t need to be in pack). Thanks!
  20. @netsmithUK can you offer some help to me and the others who raised the same thing in this thread please..? Thanks.
  21. @netsmithUK I've just sent you my pic via PM for uploading please. Thanks!
  22. Any more UK recyclers out there with a load of Tamiya plastic bags of all sizes you don't need?
  23. Wow, assuming that's the missing piece, what's the chance eh? Did it come with the longer bolts that would be needed, and most importantly will you sell it to me????
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