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  1. A side note: I installed my dampers upside down on my Sand Scorcher. It helps keep the oil inside while stored. Upside down does not effect the operation of them.
  2. I've had good luck with them. He is sometimes slow to respond to emails, but he has responded most of the time. I understand that he has a life and especially with the covid crap may be slower to respond. But that said, I have ordered 4 sets of decals three different times, three different orders and all of them came out perfectly. The last order took a little longer than I had hoped, but again that was after the covid thing started so fully understand the extra time. I am happy with them, and will order again when needed.
  3. BTW, do you know what voltage battery this takes? How many cells? I think it takes an 8 cell battery case but not totally sure. Thanks again for your help with this project.
  4. That is perfect. Thanks, this helps tremendously. I think these are all I need to remove all the wire harness from that mod, and replace the battery plug. Thanks again brother. I will keep you posted.
  5. yes, the component side if you can. There should be enough play in the wires to lift it enough to get a pictures. I especially need the solder points where the battery wires go. Thanks, that will help a lot.
  6. any way I can get a good picture of the board on yours with the locations of the wires to the battery connector? That would help tremendously and be appreciated.
  7. No, it does not have the battery connector or wires to the battery connector.
  8. I just pulled that secondary circuit board out, and yes, it seems to be a computer parallel port (like the old printer ports). I just need to find a wiring diagram for the Futaba so that I can put the wiring back the way it is supposed to be.
  9. I did notice that mine had an additional board in it that I have not seen other ones. I was wondering what they could be. Maybe it was used as a joystick for some video game? No telling. I got it with an original Wild Willy project I picked up on ebay a few months ago. It has the receiver for it that was also in the Wild Willy along with a monster of a beast ESC that was way too big to fit inside the chassis so they have it bolted on the back of the body. It was a crazy set up, so there really is no telling. I wonder if I can reverse engineer it and remove all that crap in it and put it back to the way it was. I would like to use it with my other original SWB Wild Willy. If I could find a wiring schematic for it, I probably could.
  10. Hey guys, I have this vintage Futaba FP-T 2F that I acquired awhile back. I would like to marry it to my original SWB Wild Willy. Opening the back, I assumed I would find a battery compartment and connector. There is a space for a battery I assume the lower section, but there is no battery connector. I removed the top board figuring it might have been tucked away and hiding up there under the board, but nope. These were powered by an internal battery correct? And if so, where should the connector be wired to? Anyone happen to have a wiring diagram for one of these so that I can add a connector for a battery? I assume it has been cut or broken out. I can not see a spot where there was one soldered in. Has me scratching my head.
  11. How about this beast I pulled out of an original Wild Willy I bought awhile back. Do not know much about it, but I think it was supposed to be more of a boat ESC to run twin motors. Not sure though.
  12. Haven't been able to do anything yet on that. My son had to postpone his CNC machine purchase, but still plans to get it this next year. When he does, I still want to cut Wild Willy body panels. When that does happen, I will certainly post about it here.
  13. Mine is an original 80's Wild Willy body, on a GF01 4x4 chassis (very much the same as what the WW2 has, except it is 4x4 unlike the WW2 chassis). The wheels and tires are a set I picked up on Ebay. No name to speak of, but they were 12mm hex drive and fit pretty good. The chassis is from the Tamiya Heavy Dump 4x4. The little detail parts I also got off ebay (china).
  14. I have been having fun with my "Re-Re that never was" and added off road excursion details. My Wild Willy 3.0 "Son Of Willy" GF01 has been getting some little details that I have been fun adding to the build.
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