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  1. Just my 2 cents. If it were me, I would repair the body best you can, and embrace it as part of the cars history. I still have my original SWB Wild Willy, that has had one badword of a life. I posted about it's history, so I won't go into all that again, but, I had to restore the body several times, and had to take some "liberties" with it. I ended up over the years sourcing an really nice original body, but started to love the repairs I had to do to my original body because it is what it is, and part of the car now. So, I kept the original body on it, repairs and all, and used the other body on a recent "kit bash" project I built (also posted about it). Sure, it might bother the purists, and the "full factory restoration" & "Shelf queen" crowd, but I don't care. I like to embrace the history it has with me over the past 38 years, and love it.
  2. My Oldest son was only 3 months old when I bought my original Wild Willy back in 82. He grew up with that car, as did all my kids. He is now 38 years old, and still loves it when I bring out the old Wild Willy. It is nostalgia for both of us. He has now gotten big into RC as an adult. He is more into the high performance Traxxas trucks for himself, but has now gotten my two grand sons into it, and when they come visit, we always break our Grandpa's old stuff, and their new stuff, and have a 3 generation blast out on our property. I think I get more enjoyment out of it now than I did when I first got into in the early 80s. Seeing the smile on my oldest son's face when he sees the old Wild Willy, still as he has always remembered it is priceless, and the new faces of my grand kids eyes when they see it running. Priceless..
  3. I am 60 years old now and don't really remember how the old receivers were. I just run my old stuff now with modern transmitters/receivers. they are to cheap now to worry about trying to get the old stuff to work with the new stuff (the exception of the old servos I still use). I run all my old and new stuff with Flysky transmitters and receivers. They are cheap (Paid about $30 USD) and work fine for my use. Someone more into the higher tech stuff, probably still use the expensive set ups, which is fine, but for myself just playing around and not in competition, Flysky stuff is actually pretty good for the money. The receivers are very small and can be put pretty much anywhere (about 1/4 the size of the old Futabas). That, and with the technology now, you can buy one transmitter, and several receivers and run all your stuff with one transmitter. I use separate ones though, because I like to run them with my grand kids, so we can run them all at the same time. But the new stuff, you just link the receiver to whatever car you are running and go. Kinda cool compared to the old "Chrystal" type.
  4. I just put a better picture on the post, along with Dad (1st Gen SWB WW). I think I like it with the new shoes now.
  5. Per your input I do think this looks much better. I painted them with a dark olive (darker olive than the body) and it looks much better, taking the "plastic" look out of them. I also painted the faux beadlock ring a gold (brass) color to give them a little contrast. They look much better. Here is Son of Willy with Dad.
  6. I agree. I plan to paint them dark olive like the ones in picture one. I just slapped them on when I got them in.
  7. Ok guys (and gals). I just got in a set of tires/wheels I bought on ebay from china. I like them fine, but not sure if they are the right ones for my "Son Of Willy". I am on the fence really. Which wheel/tire combo do you like better? The the more aggressive twice as wide tire? Or the same diameter, but narrower tire? Also, the wheels come in play also. The wider tires makes SOW look more aggressive, and much more stable due to width. But, the thinner tires might be fun too. I like them both for different reasons, but not sure which I want to keep on it.
  8. If you want to preserve your original, but want some modern fun but still feel that Wild Willy nostalgia, this is how I did that. I took an old original Wild Willy body from and old parts unit, restored it, and mounted it on a GF01 4x4 chassis from the Tamiya "Heavy Dump". Now, THIS thing is a load of fun. It can do the crazy wheelies that the old ones did, it is much more stable and doesn't flip over nearly as easy, and it can also do some fun 4x4 crawling. Since I built this, I have had a lot of fun with it, and it brought me back to 1982 when I built the original. This one, I call "Wild Willy 3.0 Son Of Willy". Lots of fun. I highly recommend this.
  9. I had a spare vintage motor that also had the pinion on it. The pinion is pressed on, but can be pressed off if careful. Yes, mine is a SWB. The tires on mine right now are very nice reproductions I bought from a seller on ebay. He only had a handful of sets, and are now out of them. I asked if he had planned to ever make anymore, or get anymore where ever he got those, and he never really said if he planned to make any more. When I got them, I was VERY pleased. They are very nice quality, and so close to the original you can not tell with the nakid eye. They are a slightly firmer rubber compound, but still soft like the originals. I am very happy with them. I have a good set of used originals, but they have "slight" checking and not sure they would hold up for any rough use, but good for display. But I had to buy a lot of lemons to get a good original set. These reproductions I have on it now are the 4th set. I have actually gone through 3 other sets (well actually 2 sets that I actually wore clear out).
  10. Oh yeah, as far as servos, I am still using the old Futaba and Acoms servos. I just replaced the connector on it to work with the newer electronics. I haven't bought a servo in over 30 years. All my cars have old servos in them. They continue to work, so I use them. Just replace the connector to connect them to whatever receiver I am using.
  11. I run a 1st gen Wild Willy on a cheap ESC I got from Amazon. Can't remember the make and model, but it was less than $20 (USD). Just be sure it is one that can run a brushed motor. I bought a new 6 cell NmH battery, took it apart and turned it into a hump back pack which also worked fine. Just be sure not to get the one I got. I got a 5000 mah, which gave me a very good run time, but I did not keep an eye on the old motor and ran it hot and melted it. Luckily I had a spare motor and replaced it. But, just don't run it but a few minutes and let it cool down. I also don't run my old Wild Willy nearly as hard as I used to. I have had it since 1982, and restored it 3 times over the decades. It is still a good runner. Let's see some pictures of yours.
  12. I have ordered decals from them also. Very good quality. Highly recommended.
  13. I would run it, but that's me. Although I am a bit of a hypocrite though, because I know the delima. I still own my Wild Willy that I bought back in 1982, and restored it a few times over the decades. I am always nervous as heck when I run it, so not actually enjoying it as I should be. I do not run it full out like I used to in fear of messing it up. But, it is still a runner at 38 years old, and I do still run it every so often.
  14. Yes, that is a Sand Scorcher. I built it as a tribute to the original Wild Willy. I call it "Scorchng Willy". the 2nd picture is it with Brat wheels and tires.
  15. Make your own re-re. I just finished up with my own re-re-re Wild Willy on the 4x4 GF01 chassis, and absolutely love the thing. I would assume you can retrofit any body on it you want to.
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