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  1. The peak for me personally was when I was roaming the shopping district in Kaiserslautern Germany while I was serving over there in the USAF. Walking around the different shops with the wife, and wandered by a hobby shop. I stopped dead in my tracks because what I see in the window on display was the "Wild Willy M38". It was love at first sight, and I could not take a step away from that shop without Wild Willy. I left the shop about 2 hours later with not only a Wild Willy kit, but also a Super Champ kit. I still own that Wild Willy to this day, and it has raised all four of my kids, and now my Grand kids. So, for me, it was 1982.
  2. If you were in the USA, I would trade you for a newly refreshed, low run time original Wild Willy. This is going on the block soon.
  3. Vintage Futaba 10A speed controller. I think this was meant to run dual motors in boats. Got it in a "lot" I purchased, but have no need for it. No idea if it works, but assume it does. I understand that this is a fairly rare ESC. I assume from the 80s. Will go on Ebay soon if not sold. Comes with noise suppressor. $20. No idea if this is a good, or bad price, Would rather trade for other SRB or Wild Willy parts.
  4. Have been working on yet another Wild Willy restoration. I have restored my original SWB WW 3 times over the decades, and have restored two other Wild Willys over the past couple years. Picked up this basket case recently, and getting pretty close to completing it. Still waiting on a few small detail pieces that are on their way to me as we speak (Winch sprue, radiator, and a couple other small parts.) This one had several parts missing. Fortunately I had most of the parts needed already in my parts bin. Now waiting on a few more as well as some reproduction decals (Some I had, some I did not (i.e. Club suit decal). But IMHO, and original Wild Willy is really never complete unless it has it's iconic "Club" suit decal. But this one believe it or not was run very little, but was never finished and missing a few parts. It had a crappy paint job on it, which I took down to clean original plastic (Brake Fluid and Tooth brush scrub). It did have a broken front spindle (had a spare). Believe it or not, the hard to find, and generally always broken, front grill was in VERY nice condition with no cracks, or broken out pieces (that was a total shocker to me). The original tires are actually in very nice condition with the exception of one (Which I have several nice original tires, so it will be replaced with a good one.) This is it as I got it, and as it is now while it waits for the final pieces to complete it. This one will be put up for sale when it is finished.
  5. Where are you located I believe I have one in my WW parts box. I actually have an entire gear box w/ gear assembly.
  6. The past couple days have been very productive. As I posted in a different thread, I scored a pretty good deal on a Wild Willy basket case. I been tearing down, cleaning up, stripping, digging trough my parts bin etc to get this vintage classic back on the dirt. The body was missing parts, as was the driver etc. I had many of the parts already, and some are on the way to me as we speak. But, while I wait for some parts needed, I stripped the crappy blue paint job down to the clean plastic using a toothbrush and brake fluid. Got it very clean, and then applied a fresh coat of Olive Drab. Repaired the driver with parts I had already, painted him up and found some other detail pieces I had, cleaned and painting for the past couple days. I still have a long way to go, and hope to get the reproduction decals in soon (MCIRACING). But, I am very happy so far how it is turning out. Of course, this isn't my first Wild Willy rodeo. I have restored mine a few times over the years, and restored two other ones in the past couple years, so it is fun doing yet another one. Here is how he looks so far and how he looked when I got him.
  7. I got this cool vintage radio gear in a Wild Willy lot on ebay. I opened the back of the xmitter, and it is very clean in there. However, I opened it to be sure it didn't have any old corroded batteries in it ruining it. I was shocked to find that there was NO batteries in it at all, nor any battery compartment. What powers this radio? And where do the batteries go to power it?
  8. Oh yeah, and the original tires other than dirty are in very nice condition with no checking with the exception of one of them. 3 out of 4 are in very good condition. Fortunately, I have a good replacement for the one bad one.
  9. Ok.. here is what I got via UPS today. It was put all together, and I didn't think about taking pics until I had already started the tear down process. But, the electronics I have that monster ESC and it's components, separate, as is the Xmitter, and TXmitter & servo in separate photo. I had to remove that ESC thing like removing a cancer, because it had wires running all over through and around everything. You can see some bogus cuts in the body, and chassis to accommodate that beast. Overall, I got a great deal on this thing because the listing was in the wrong area on ebay and the guy didn't know how to describe it, so it had very little traffic, and visibility. So, I went un-opposed. VERY please with it, even though one of the front spindles is cracked, but I think that was damaged in shipping. And, I do have a spare in my parts bin, so no big deal. I really do not think this thing was run much at all due to the clean chassis. It just looks too clean other than the *******ization of the whole build with the crazy ESC thing. You can see where he had it mounted and sanded the details down on the fuel tank in the bed. That sucks, and the extra holes put in for the wiring etc. I was VERY surprised that the original M38 grill is in PRETINE condition with no cracks or busted out pieces. Another reason I don't think it was ran much, because those grills were the very first thing that busted on these Jeeps. That, and the winch was never installed (and of course missing). The body has a crappy, but fortunately thin paint job, so that shouldn't be too hard to clean. All the wrong decals on it in weird places ( I already removed those). So, the body isn't going to be difficult to restore. The chassis will be an easy restore also as clean as it is. I have a good tub that isn't cut up I think I will use though. The driver was never panted at all, but missing an arm (typical), and the original windshield is missing. I have all those parts to complete it, except the aluminum windshield hinges. But I will work that out. Is there a collector community of electronics that might be interested in the ESC? I would trade it for other parts etc. The Radio equipment, I think I will keep and use with my original SWB WW just for posterity.
  10. The M38 along with the vintage Futaba is scheduled to arrive to me today. The first thing I will do is remove the huge ESC. Not sure what I will do with that. Might sell it, or might just keep it as part of ESC history. The Xmitter, I plan to keep also as part of the cool Futaba history, might even use it with my original SWB Wild Willy. As soon as I receive it, and open it up, I will post pics of the Rx and servos that is with it.
  11. Oh no. You are letting the magic smoke out of the can!! If the diff is tight like you say, I would guess that is putting the motor under excess load causing it to over heat. Once all the magic smoke is gone, the motor will not work anymore.. I would suggest you fix the diff so that it doesn't create the drag it seems to be creating.
  12. Oh yeah, know that isn't an original piece to it. I am very familiar with Wild Willy. I still own and run my original SWB WW I purchased in 1982. Restored it a few times over the decades. Also restored a couple other Wild Willys, and now will be restoring this one. I can probably build a WW with my eyes closed now, lol. These, and SRB Tamiya are my poison.
  13. I was thinking the same thing on the controller (that it might not be intended for cars). Maybe it was intended for boats as it would have much more real-estate to install the thing. It is quite tall also.
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