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  1. Wyg not really worried about condition as long as it’s not scrap cheers
  2. Hi I’m after a nice set of alloy wheels for my Blackfoot! WYG?
  3. What’s your opinions on the extreme Blackfoot?
  4. Great cheers guys, is the bush devil a better option or not?
  5. In terms of customising which Blackfoot is a good base?
  6. Anyone got or can recommend an M chassis for the above?
  7. Good research guys now I just have to find one 😔
  8. Does anyone know if there’s a 1/10 MR2body available from any manufacturer?
  9. Looks amazing you must be chuffed
  10. Kinda thought so, I’ll just wait till a repop set comes up for sale somewhere
  11. What gold paint have you guys used for the hotshot wheels?
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