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  1. Looks amazing you must be chuffed
  2. Kinda thought so, I’ll just wait till a repop set comes up for sale somewhere
  3. What gold paint have you guys used for the hotshot wheels?
  4. So heres my second build, I bought it as a basket case but came with good box catalogue & original receipt dated June 87. First thing to overcome is getting the skid pan off, 1 (wrong oversized) screw threaded & 1 screw snapped. Any help is much appreciated.
  5. You got any other bargains coming up? 😆
  6. Am I mad or is their site in Chinese?
  7. Great cheers & how about the white plastic shells?
  8. Quick question can u use standard car spray paint from Halfords for body shells?
  9. Can anyone point me in the direction of some decent alloy dampers for my re re BB? cheers
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