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  1. Anyone got a half decent body going cheap? cheers
  2. After a 3 door body or full car WYG?
  3. Anyone recommend any hop ups for the original blaster, ie shocks, handling etc
  4. As above unless anyone can steer me in the direction of where I can buy them? cheers
  5. Anyone got any nice replacement parts like a brushless motor or suspension or anything? cheers
  6. It’s not showing the pic of them on my phone are they defo gold not white? cheers
  7. Cracked one I’m in Wiltshire
  8. Need a front pair if you have any that fit? cheers
  9. After the above if someone has some or a link to please cheers
  10. All yours if you want them
  11. Bought in error sold at a loss 😔 £45 posted
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