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  1. It’s not showing the pic of them on my phone are they defo gold not white? cheers
  2. Cracked one I’m in Wiltshire
  3. Need a front pair if you have any that fit? cheers
  4. After the above if someone has some or a link to please cheers
  5. All yours if you want them
  6. Bought in error sold at a loss 😔 £45 posted
  7. What wheels have members put on their hotshots? i need inspiration
  8. As it says above, anyone help me?
  9. I have a wt-01 unfortunately
  10. They were sold as Blackfoot fitting !
  11. Bugga may be up for sale then **** **** **** ****
  12. Got these wheels recently and I love them, want to put them on my Blackfoot xtreme but the wheel hub in the 1st pic doesn’t fit as the second pic does. what am I doing wrong and how do I rectify it? cheers
  13. I’d love those doc for the man corner
  14. Re re will do not particularly bothered, how much posted by the way?
  15. Wyg not really worried about condition as long as it’s not scrap cheers
  16. Hi I’m after a nice set of alloy wheels for my Blackfoot! WYG?
  17. What’s your opinions on the extreme Blackfoot?
  18. Great cheers guys, is the bush devil a better option or not?
  19. In terms of customising which Blackfoot is a good base?
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