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  1. Hi I’m after a cheap blitzer beetle rolling chassis or enough parts to piece together to make a roller. im based in the uk please let me know what you have.
  2. I can contribute a tl01 chassis used
  3. Not rc related but I have a few diecast models on eBay at the moment and in the last week I’ve had a lot more interest then I would of due to this lockdown.
  4. Made a start on transfer of the tl01 parts to a new chassis.
  5. I personally would restore the original and put that on a shelf and use the re re as a runner.
  6. A used msc to fit to my ta01 only need a motor mount and a battery clip/holder now to make complete.
  7. So today I decided as my tl01 did not sell I’ve started to strip it down to replace the slightly scuffed chassis with a new one I have.
  8. Any more pictures needed just ask.
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