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  1. Just a small joblot of new and used df01 parts
  2. Welcome to the mad house
  3. Not rc related bu I started to sand this down ready for gold paint.
  4. Great content keep it coming
  5. No chance of a pinned suspected scammers list on the for sale page?
  6. We definitely need more pictures.
  7. Bmmsense is another username being used. I had a wanted add and got a pm saying his mate had the part I was after and to send him an email. Think we need a list of suspected scammers so all forum users can check before buying off anyone.
  8. Could you not use a fine plastic polishing compound? I personally would not use bleach as this can cause the plastic to become brittle.
  9. Thanks for all the replys. I should have stated I'm uk based.
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