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  1. A ta01 motor mount from member hairyjon313 Thanks fella. And some carbon rods from China to make some shafts.
  2. Top man received today well packed and even sent me some free extra tyres would definitely buy from again
  3. Yes I’m uk and that’s where I was looking for a body. If I get one it will only be for display anyway.what colour was you thinking for yours?
  4. Baja shell looks good fella can’t wait to see it painted. I’m thinking of getting an abs baja body to fit to one of my dt02 chassis.
  5. A set of black dt02 wheels and tyres thanks to @Paullyjay
  6. Just to let you know the end results of me trying to wrap the shell was not good. So time to start prepping for a paint job. What grade paper is recommended to key the bodyshell?
  7. Tried to vinyl wrap my holiday buggy body with no luck so now time to prep and spray instead.
  8. As I’m collecting parts for mine and my nephews up and coming dt02 build I’ve just realised I will need some cva shocks. I can get them off eBay for around £22 but that’s from China and the wait time on things from there is a tad off putting now days with the COVID problem so wondering if anyone has a set laying around they would like to sell. im uk based
  9. Top man that’s what I’m after
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