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  1. I need to pull my finger out and get a start on building my holiday buggy
  2. And I thought my ta03 was a bargain at £20 🤔
  3. Some of those look like works of art 👍
  4. Had a tinker with this over the weekend 😀
  5. Tl01b bumper and mount from member Chrisrx718 thanks buddy
  6. Finally got some electrics in my dt02 super fighter g. Now to get a cheap fast charger.
  7. Look forward to seeing your progress buddy.
  8. I’m after 4 white springs to fit the standard tl01 shocks Not bothered about the hard/softness as the car won’t be run just for display use. let me know what you have laying around your Spares box
  9. Oh yes will do for now fella how much posted? And is that all I would need to fit to my tl01?
  10. Just sold and packed up my m03 Mini
  11. Hi I’m after a tl01b front bumper and fixings to fit it to a tl01. Let me know what you have
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