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  1. My Dailey driver is a MK3 golf Gti. then I have a MK3 golf project car awaiting a VR6 conversion I have a MK1 golf 3 door tin top that I’ve owned for many years and is still an on going project. and finally last summer me and my father bought a rover p5 for some father son bonding restoration.
  2. Just thought I would post up that as of today for 4 days here in the uk we have the £1 offer that we’ve all be waiting for lol
  3. I’ve used wd40 in the past with good results
  4. Auto paints are good on hard plastic body’s.
  5. I’ve had that with a few of my motor mounts over the years.
  6. Made a start on slowly dismantling the ta03Fs
  7. Top man I’ll start deleting some of the older pictures I’ve posted. any idea how I can reduce the picture size on a iPhone?
  8. Hi I’m wondering why all of a sudden I can’t upload pictures as it’s saying the pictures to big. In the past I’ve not done anything to the picture size other then take the picture and upload it on here. Do I have to delete recent pictures added? When it comes to this sort of thing I haven’t a clue. hoping someone can advise me on what I need to do.
  9. Just sat looking at my unused built m03 mini in its box lol
  10. I’m in the same boat as you mate
  11. Today I received a near mint ta03 grey chassis tub and some tl01 adjustable top arms.
  12. Just bought a chassis off eBay including on off switch so that’s sorted still need parts just let me know what you have
  13. Any ideal how I would tell if my chassis are frp?
  14. I know it’s going to be hard just thought I would ask as someone might have the odd part laying around.
  15. Hi I’ve currently bought a ta03fs and I will be wanting to replace parts with better condition parts then what’s on mine. my chassis is grey so will be wanting grey parts only. first off I can see I will need some uncut body posts. on/off switch (sorted) tamiya manual aerial mount I will update the list once I start to strip it but let me know what you have anyway with a price posted.
  16. I’m wondering if someone could tell me why tamiya use 2 different colour plastics for the chassis. is there any difference in the grey plastic to the black plastic? surely there’s a reason for this.
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