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  1. Great point. 👌🏼 I never used this procedure because I've actually never raced or had more than two or three other cars around and we always knew what frequencies / channel we were all on. I used to always turn my transmitter on first. I will be adopting your method from now on. Thanks. 😉👍🏼
  2. Yes, you are absolutely right. You should never connect the main battery, especially on a mechanical speed controller until you are ready to run and your transmitter is already on and trimmed (or the wheels are off the ground).
  3. I just noticed there are no AA batteries installed, ie for the receiver. So he probably had no intention of driving it. 😬
  4. That model is in immaculate condition. I envy anyone that can keep a model that old looking that nice. I guess it helps if it is never used. That Futaba remote is quite rare I imagine.
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