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  1. This is the direction I'm gonna go. The Yeah Racing steering set includes/replaces the steering bridge correct? I'm looking at the entire tree Tamiya hop up steering set and it includes the steering bridge. But I'm assuming the Yeah Racing one includes that, just looks different?
  2. Which mm did you end up going with? Looks great. Looking forward to seeing it with the display body.
  3. Ah yes. The Type R kit lacks the high torque servo saver. I'll just have to pick up the entire set in a bit. I'm in a holding pattern right now as some of the parts I ordered have a delivery date of end of February. I have the opportunity to spread some parts out over the next month. Less noticeable that way to the wife.
  4. Came across your build thread and am now following this. Thanks again for all your input on my thread I posted. Being in the United States I have a bit of a wait for a lot of parts that I ordered from overseas. Quick question, the YR steering rack, is is this part number #TT02-042BU? I've been looking at (local shop has in stock) the Tamiya steering upgrade set (#54752), but I'm assuming ALL of those parts in the set aren't necessary and the YR components you added are the most important aspects?
  5. Again @Jonathon Gillham & @TurnipJF, thank you for all of the great info, tips, suggestions etc you've given me so far. Between this info and the reading that I have been doing I am starting to understand things a lot better in this crazy/confusing RC world. My first 2 projects were the Team Losi JR-XT (age 9) and then the first Team Associated RC10T that came out (age 11). I haven't touched this hobby since then....so a lot has changed. I have the TT02 kit built. Servo sitting on my work station. Motor/ESC ordered and waiting for it to be shipped. Carbon top deck and center brace being ordered. Now on to the transmitter and receiver, battery/charger and any lose ends that I'm missing. Very much looking forward to getting this project running and on the track for testing and fun. Thanks again for the help and I look forward to getting more immersed in to the community
  6. Honestly, not really interested in club/stock spec racing right now I'd much rather build something I can tune/tweak and is super fast. I just threw the SKYRC TS120 and the SKYRC Ares Pro V3 13.5T in the cart on RCMart. Will probably get those ordered today. Do I need a programming card (saw this mentioned in comment section) or can I do that another option? Didn't mention much on that on RCMart. Decided to stop by a hobby shop after a customer visit today. Found a Savox SC1258TG for cheaper than I've seen it online...so I picked it up. Getting there thanks to all the help on here. Much appreciated.
  7. Thank you guys for all the great information that you have provided me. I completed the chassis build last night, so now it's time to acquire everything else needed. I have a local shop by me who specializes in Tamiya, actually holds races for Tamiya at his track on site, so I have access to parts etc. I'll probably pick up the servo from there, but not sure about the ESC and motor. They had the Hobbywing XR10 JustStock or the Hobbywing XR10 Pro stock spec as far as an ESC. I don't remember the brand of motor they carried, but I hadn't seen anything online about them. Think it started with an A, but don't remember (I didn't grab a picture). The motor and ESC seemed to be a little over a $100US/each, so wondering if I can get away with something different for a lot cheaper. The motor and the ESC keep throwing me for a loop and I keep going round and round and round and can't determine what to do with. It's looking like around $200 for a legit ESC and motor. Does this sound about right? Side note: I reached out to Fiberlyte and will be ordering that carbon top deck set up they offer. Oh, and I'm TERRIBLE at gluing tires on wheels haha.
  8. Thanks for all this information. I'll definitely make sure nothing is fixed. I love tinkering and adjusting WAY too much. Should I stay within a certain kV range for the motor? Noted on the sensor cable. I'm finding with my kids trucks that having many spares of certain parts is a great idea and saves time and gas having to go back to the shop. I'll actually probably start with a cheaper transmitter for now, just cause I want to put that money in to other parts of the project...unless I see a killer deal on something and can't resist. Maybe a couple months after the project is done and 'out of sight, out of mind', I'll suddenly acquire a better transmitter. Thanks for the info on the bodies.
  9. @Jonathon Gillham Thank you so much for all of the detailed information. It is GREATLY appreciated. @TurnipJF Thank you as well for the follow up. Motor - Speed Passion probably isn't around anymore. I did find a combo available online, but I'll ignore that and look at Hobbywing or a SkyRC. The big names I really don't want to pay that price tag right now for what I"m trying to accomplish. Should I look for a combo ESC/Motor or? I couldn't find a combo for the Hobbywing model you mentioned OR for the SkyRC you're running. I'm probably not searching right. I'll keep looking though. Servo - It sounds like Savox is the way to go. I like the sound of " Its overkill for what you want to do but should never let you down." I see a SC-1258TG and a SA-1258TG. Is there a difference? Transmitter - I'll look at the Sanwa and Futaba. I was looking at Sanwa's site and they have High-Middle-Entry Class rating on their transmitters. Is the entry level MX-6/MX-V ones to stay away from? I'm just trying to divert cash to the proper places with this build to maximize it's potential. I'm also assuming that I should get a receiver to match the transmitter? Meaning if I go Sanwa get both transmitter/receiver. If Futaba get both translmitter/receiver? I definitely want one with good model memory. Seems the ones I was browsing through had up to 10. That is more than enough...for now haha. Tires/Wheels/Body - I'll make this decision after I get all the other components in place. Honestly the least of my concerns right now. My wife thoroughly enjoys art, so I enlisted her for the body work. I have my homework, she has her's. Oh one question, are there any particular body types/styles that are common (or used a lot in racing). I'll probably end up picking up a few different styles, as this chassis is pretty adaptable it appears, and just looking for some suggestions for cool looking bodies that are fun to airbrush. Only other questions I have right now are what hop up parts should I be looking at right off the bat? I watched a few build videos on this model and on one of them within the first 10 steps of the build there was a TON of parts upgraded. Hardened plastic deck, metal gears for the rear diff, different spur gear and a few others. With a brushless 13.5T motor (which I think I'm leaning towards after your guy's suggestions) am I going to be tearing up plastic gears? Should I worry about the harder plastic pieces right now as I'm just getting started and probably won't feel any difference performance wise (as I don't know what to expect anyways)? I know the stiffer the chassis the better handling etc, but is that worth it right now? Am I missing anything else? You guys have been awesome and I much appreciate you taking the time out of your days and responding to my questions. As I move along on my build I plan on taking pictures to capture the fun. Thanks again.
  10. I'm just getting back in to the RC world as an adult. We just recently got two of the kids off-road trucks and after having to repair them a few times my tinkering fire was stoked. I have an extreme love for road racing in general, so decided I would get a little project for myself. I picked up a TT02R chassis kit and that is where I am at. I am literally starting from scratch with this. I've been reading/researching and getting great information, but the more I'm doing the farther down the rabbit hole I'm going and finding myself getting a bit more confused. I have a couple questions that I'm hoping can get answered here...or at least start me down the right path that I can follow up on. Motor? I'm pretty sure I want to go brushless, but not sure what size would be too much for this chassis. I would like it to be fast, but I also don't want to have to be constantly replacing parts because the motor is too much for the build. I had come across the Speed Passion Reventon R combo reviews a few places and it appears to be a good combo (based on user reviews). But very much open to recommendations at suggestions. Servo? I honestly haven't done much research on this component yet as I've been stuck on the motor/esc. Transmitter/Receiver? I haven't done much research in to this yet either. Although I keep seeing Futaba mentioned as being good???? Those are the main things that I am honestly stuck on and keep going in circles. Body, tires extras I can probably narrow down, although the choices seem to be very vast. I have a couple of tracks out here, so my main objective with this is to make it as fast as possible, without sacrificing the integrity of the chassis (too much), handle/corner well and enjoy myself while doing it. I'm not really interested in any serious racing, or clubs or anything at the moment. That could possibly be down the road, but right now I want to learn, research, tinker, upgrade, test and get accustomed to this style of RC'n. Thanks in advance for any advice, suggestions or roasts because I'm a newbie with basic questions haha. Looking forward to this build and future Tamiya builds.
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